Adityas, Daityas, Danavas - Space Aggressors from Indian Legends, White and Black Gods, Forefathers of Mankind - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Adityas, Daityas, Danavas - Space Aggressors from Indian Legends, White and Black Gods, Forefathers of Mankind

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Adityas, Daityas and Danavas - white and black gods and demons, sons of goddesses Adity, Dity and Danu

According to reference books and encyclopaedic dictionaries, Adityas - the celestial gods descending from the goddess of light, justice and charity Adity.  Daityas and Danavas - the demons which were born from Adity sister - Dity and Danu. They scarcely differ from each other on their appearance and capacities  (there was different only their relation to the Harmony and Divine order), therefore I portray them together.

Adityas, Daityas and Danavas looked like people

In spite of constant mentions about Adityas, Daityas and Danavas in the Old Indian literature, the Veda, puranas  and epos  contain very few descriptons of their appearance. However, in the most cases (except the "Rig Veda") it is implied they were similar to people.
I will give a fragment from the "Bhagavata Purana":
"The battle field [between Adityas and Daityas or their descendants] has been literally covered by cutted off heads of the  heroes. Their eyes remained opened, and lips - bitten in a rage gust. Around earrings and helmets have been scattered. Here and there clipped arms compressing the various weapon, legs and hips resembling trunks of elephants were scattered.
Around the clipped legs, hips and necks of warriors and their torn flags, broken bows, broken weapons and dressings were scattered."

Adityas, Daityas and Dana
vas - giant with human appearance

The impression is springed up (appeared) that at the description of this event makers of legends can't   sharpen their attentions to nothing (after all they featured people - though and not quite usual), except as on huge legs and hips of victims that should mean there were before us not simply people - but  giants. But the epos right speaks about it  many times.  So, Adityas, Daityas and Danavas most likely, were close to us on external appearance beings, differing from moderm men by a giant constitution.  Literally all the Indian legends narrate about a mighty constitution and powerful force of gods or demigods and demons. They also speak that their children - heroes in the first generations - differed by a huge growth and unusual force.

Adityas and Daityas - beautiful light-haired white gods and demons

The "Mahabharata" speaks that  Daityas and Danavas were very beautiful, their faces - "perfect as the moon", and their women - perfectly formed with a slender waist. Women of Adityas also had "teeth of dazzling whiteness and indescribably perfect appearance", and men were white gods or demigods with a light and light-brown hair -  what to speak still about? The leader of adityas Indra had a wide cheekbones, a light-red hair, whiskers and a beard.
The existing images, bas-reliefs and statues of separate Adityas, Daityas and Danavas,  created during an era of the Christianities, as if confirm the suggestion made above, adding gods or demigods and demons such details as a curly hair, whiskers and beards which make them looking alike by the heroes of the Celtic and Scandinavian myths (the statue, bas-reliefs and images of Indra, Vishvakarman, Mitra, Varuna, Surya, Maya Danava, Hiranyakashipu, etc.), and exchanging a light and gold yellow  hair by black, which do them similar with persians or indians (the images of Surya, Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu, Prahlada, etc.).  

See my photos of bas-reliefs and statues of Adityas and Daytyas made in Angkor Temples, Cambodia (Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth in the sculpture and painting of Thailand and Cambodia)  
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                                 Black-skinned Danava-Kalakaeyas

The son of Daitya or Danava Vadzhranga, Taraka who has the other name Kalanbha, is usually described by black-skinned. It is highly possible that offsprings of danava Vaishvanara, Kalakaeyas, the name of which can be translated from Sanskrit as "black" or "black-dark blue" people were black-skinned too.              

Daityas and Danavas lived more 100 thousand years. Adityas were immortal

Daityas and Danavas were not immortal, but  their life in comparison with human life prolonged (lasted) unusual long (hundred thousand years). According to the "Bhagavata Purana", the pregnancy of Dity lasted about hundred years, and it (as well as pregnancy of all other Daityas and Danavas) had been completely deprived of birth pangs. If to compare it to a duration of pregnancy of a modern women it is received that Daityas and Danavas  could live 5 000 - 10 000 years!

Daityas and Danavas had one, sometimes two, more seldom three and quite seldom  four or more childs. Thus, birthrate for them was approximately the same, as for the modern people.

According to the "Matsya Purana", the pregnancy of Varanga, the mother of  Daitya or Danava Taraka,  prolonged (lasted) one thousand years. Therefore, Daityas or Danavas could live even in 10 times more - 50 000 - 100 000 years.
This guess seems to be confirmed by the following fragment of the "Vishny Purana" in which the leader of daityas Hiranyakashipu speaks to his son Prahlada:
"I, on thy, am silly? I worshipped 60 000 years, almost all life, I am more than 100 000 years old. You that, think, I only and did all my life, that mowed hay?"

In spite of so large longevity, daityas and danavas were not happy with it and tried to reach immortality. Some their  leaders (brothers Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu, etc.) had received blessing from the main god Brahma according to which "not one alive being from 8 400 000 forms of life in this space reality … neither in water, nor on land, neither in air could not slay them ... nor in one elements, neither by what weapon, nor in a day,  at a night". That is they practically became immortal.
Adityas, taken possession of an immortality beverage - amrita, according to the Old Indian epos, lived almost perpetually (though the Veda and the epos permanently speak that anything in the Universe is not perpetually - even life of the Creator of the All Real, Brahma lasted 311 040 000 000 000 "human" years).

                      Superhuman capacities of Daityas and Danavas

Besides unusual longevity of Daityas and Danavas they possessed by many "superhuman" capacities.  All Indian legends speak they were wise, artful and knew secrets of magic - maya, could take various shape and forms - that to be "people", that to occur "in frightening appearances of enraged elephants, and also lions and tigers" (look like Rakshasas) and to become invisible (look like Nagas). Their descendants possessed by magic art too.
The son of the skilful artist and architect Maya Danava, Bala possessed by 96 kinds of mystic forces.
The sovereign of daityas Hiranyakashipa thanks to the gift to become invisible to any beings had seized the throne of Indra and had brought a devastation to the ownerships of gods. Using his  mystical capacities (siddhs, siddhies), he could destroy all the Universe. The main priest and guru of Daityas Ushanas together with his beloved Dzhanti remained invisible to outside eyes within hundred years.

Daityas and Danavas used magic in battles

The Indian legends are complete of mentions that Daityas and   Danavas used magic in battles. I will give two examples in this respect from the "Mahabharata" and the  "Bhagavata Purana":

"In this battle demons [Daityas and Danavas] were  beaten and, to escape (save themselves) from death, they took advantage of magic and with its help had slayed a great number of the soldiers combating on the party of demigods [Fdityas]. Demigods, without seeing another escape, had again given up themself to the Sovereign Person of God Vishnu which, coming, counteracted against the illusions created by tricks of demons" .
"Then in the sky there were the terrible clouds driven by violent winds. Peals of thunder rattled and the shower of heated coals had poured down on land .
The gigantic fire organized by daitya Maharadzha Bali, incinerated the troops of demigods. This fire attended by  frantic gusts, was as well awful  as Samvartaka fire which are originated in the cycle of destruction of the Universe.
Everywhere there were swirls and gigantic sea waves, foamed by furious gusts, and in the face of all the deluge has started.
When the invisible demons possessing skill of making of look-alike illusive mirages, have transformed the battle field into such fantastic chaos, demigods have become despondent ".

Everyday life of Daityas and Danavas

The "Vishnu Purana" speaks that children of Daityas and Danavas trained (studied) in something like schools. The "Mahabharata" narrates there were scientific people (earth tsar Abhiru), poets (Daityas  Vaishvanara) and noble tsars (earth tsars Brihat, Ashoka, Samudrasena) among  Daityas and Danavas , which thought about prosperity and universal welfare.
However, there is quite another information in this poem. For example, sons of Dity, brothers Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, after practicing great austerity and mortifications by them, lasting hundred or of thousand years had returned in the city of Daityas and had indulged in all earth enjoyings, feastings and pleasures. Their subjects (homagers, people) become to follow such example, and soon enough all the country was plunged in decay, gloom and devastation. Whether were these events in different  places simultaneously or they had been divided by millenaries, it is possibly to guess only.

Superhuman capacities of Adityas

Whether Adityas had all the numbered "superhuman" capacities? There is no direct indications on this point in the Indian epos and puranas.
Inspite of it, some reducible details allow to consider that Adityas as well had the gift of werewolfness, could turned into various animals (for example, once taken possession of authority (power, rule) over the world Daityas and Danavas had allowed them to walk on the surface of the Earth only in the appearance of monkeys), become invisible and perfectly possessed by maya (capacities to create illusions). And that legends do not reckon them among magicians, sorcerers and wizards, it is possible to explain the desire of makers of legends to "whitewash" gods or demigods, to attach them human features and to oppose them to all that from time immemorial was considered "black" and demonic.

Flying vehicles of Daityas and Danavas

One of the main  features of Adityas, Daityas and Danavas, distinguishing them from the majority of other inhabitants of the Earth - both previous, and following them, was mastering of the open space and use of orbital space stantions and flight vehicles. There were very much of such stantions and vehicles, and they executed very different functions - from intergalactic flies to flights in the Earth atmosphere.
The Indian legends have informed us of the names of two outstanding designers of orbital space stantions. The skilful artist and architect of danavas (under other versions, of daityas) Maya Danava and the architect of gods (devas, Adityas) Vishvakarman were by them. Maya Danava was considered by the acharya (teacher) of all mayavi which were capable to call magical forces. The main creation of Maya Danava was ordinary and flying cities.  

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