Why Tara Brooch Represents the Pinnacle of Celtic Art

The Tara Brooch Epitomizes the Height of Celtic Art

The Tara Brooch is a prime example of early medieval Irish craftsmanship and Celtic art. Made from cast and gilt silver, its detailed design showcases the advanced metalworking skills of its creators. Found in Bettystown, County Meath, in 1850, and later misattributed to the Hill of Tara to enhance its value, the brooch is a … Read more

Why Do Some Researchers Believe Ireland Is Atlantis?

Why Do Some Researchers Think Ireland Could Be Atlantis

A team of researchers from Sweden claims that Ireland is the lost land of Atlantis, proposing that the myths of the ancient civilization might be grounded in the green isle we know today. Ireland’s connection to Atlantis isn’t a notion pulled from thin air. Some scientists and historians argue that similarities in ancient folklore and … Read more

Nagas – Multiheaded Dragons-People from Indian Legends

Nagas Serpentine Beings of Indian Legend

Nagas – semidivine demons or demigods with a snake trunk and one or several human heads. The most ancient Indian legends mention that the civilization of Nagas was powerful at the dawn of mankind; they inhabited under┬áthe mythical Mount Meru. In the first book of the “Mahabharata” (“Adi Parva” or “The Beginning”) they are described … Read more

Fomorians – the Most Ancient Inhabitants of Ireland


Fomorians are considered the most ancient, native inhabitants of Ireland. As legends narrate, all invaders invariably met them on the island (up to 1700-700 BC). They gave to know about themselves at the time of Partolon who settled down in Ireland together with his companions after the Great Flood (about 12 thousand years ago). From … Read more