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Why is it Necessary to Go On Learning of Mankind History? Three Answers on Why

How to prove an existence of antediluvian civilizations?

From a school bench the question didn't give quiescence to me - whether the world is such how it is written about it in textbooks? Really all have opened in it and does not remain any secret? The soul shuddered at a thought about it and life seemed devoid of any sense.
But step by step, reading scientific literature, looking educational films, listening to stories of specialists, I have understood that there remains on the Earth
a lot of mysteries and enigmas, to which it is necessary else to try the clue. And the history of mankind is treated at all not so how it is necessary.
What is it related with -  annoying delusion, grounded on
the belief in infallibility of a scientific theory which has appeared erratic, conscientious ignoring of the facts not to cause  fear at people well living on verge of war and peace, or with something else, was not so important. The main thing - soil for examinations presents itself and as a person in whom, probably, till the birth in This world the spirit of a pioneer (discoverer) lived, I have plunged myself with a head into learning the Unknown. And believe me, dear reader, performing this work, I least thought of what impression it will make on circumjacent people. The main thing was to find out the truth and even if I have not discovered it, at least, I have approached to it though a little.
There is also the other reason why I have apply myself to the work. The spirit of romanticists and dreamers lives in many of us, and all such people simply cannot believe in a fairy tale. And the author of the site is not exclusion. Since childhood I was heard by fairy tales which
my mother often read me, and then began to read them by myself.  Magic imagery of fine fairies, many-headed dragons, sorcerers and magicians often arised before me. And to believe in them is almost the same that to admit the fact of their existence. And I believed, and acknowledged that much bigger hided behind a fairy tale than fiction of makers of legends.
When I became already adult person, my love to fairy tales ha
d outgrown in studying of very ancient legends and myths put in their basis. Become engrossed in reading them, I tried to learn as much as possible about the time when they were compiled, and to discover confirmation of events, described in legends, in life. And sometimes I really discovered them, and from it the belief in a fairy tale became stronger and stronger.
Now, when many years have been over (passed) since I had heard the first fairy tale from my mother, I can tell you with assurance - there is no any magic imagery which didn't exist actually. The last state of elves existed before I millenary BC in Ireland, the last dragon had been slayed after Jesus Christ birth, the last sorcerers and witches had been burnt in the Middle Ages on inquisition fires... All it I wanted, no, ha
d been simply bound to carry (bring) to people who, wish to believe in a fairy tale too.

There is also the reason on which I could not limit myself by listing only positive magic heroes and by the story only about fairy tales with happy ends. All the more so it would be unfair in relation to readers. After all, in any fairy tale not only beatiful princesses, kind magicians and recovering died unicorns happen, but also fire-spitting dragons, terrible monsters and evil sorcerers. And in life not all events have the same happy end, as in fairy tales. Often it happens very much on the contrary.
It was completely confirmed by my examinations. Neither elves, nor  fairies, nor kind magicians could not save the world from that  terrible fate which was outlined (predestinationed) it by malicious demons. If to translate just told on habitual for us language, it will mean: in separate periods of the history of Earth no peace makers could save the world from that terrible fate on which possessed thirst of a profit and authority rulers doomed (predetermined) it. From time to time the world was shaken by the roots, and in opened wide land, fire of flames and surges of deluges almost all population of our planet perished, including the rulers who launched wars.
Therefore I have no doubts if people will know about the destiny of their forerunners and that main role in their
perishing which nuclear and more powerful, just designed by our military specialists, weapons played, they will more persistently and deliberately oppose arms races. And in every way will facilitate (assist) that huge money will  be directed not on destruction so very fragile ozonosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth, and on the solution of the global food problem, search of alternative sources of energy and of raw materials, increasing of breadth  of space investigations and preparation of the project of movement of a part of the earth dwellers on the other manned planet. And then, I am assured, our children, children of our children will have all basis to tell to the fathers, mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers huge human thanks.

The section "How to prove an existence of antediluvian civilizations?"

© A.V. Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this work give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given.

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