Why did so Few Remnants of Highly Developed Civilizations Save? - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Why did so Few Remnants of Highly Developed Civilizations Save?

Remains of disappeared civilizations
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I set forth at your judgement my hypothesis, why was saved so few of remnants of highly-developed civilizations existed on the Earth before. After all,  there were tens of them before us, and, it would seem, we should find not only remained by miracle subjects of conscientious activity, footprints of alive beings walking formerly on the ground, and separate parts of their sceletons, but also good saved (preserved) ruins of numerous buildings and structures (and here), different techniques preserved in beds of sedimentary rocks, at last, burials of people and other humanoids.

What did became with them? Where did they disappear?

For the first time I pronounced my opion on this point in 1991 in the work"We are not the first!?". Then I developed it in my work "Great catastrophes in the history of Earth" and the book "Battles of ancient gods".

My hypothesis consists in the following.

History of the Earth - the history of catastrophes

The scenario of catastrophes and destiny of remnants of perished civili

History of the Earth is the history of catastrophes. Catastrophes occured in the moments when there were powerful civilizations on our planet attaining the highest level of scientific and technological advance and having nuclear, laser, geomagnetical, weather and other incomprehensible for us weapon. The Earth was overpopulated and in a pursuit for new territories, resources and food one groups of reasonable beings living on Earth launched wars against other groups of the same reasonable beings(and here). During wars in which the majority of population of Earth were embroiled and which became World, all arsenal of weapon, having at belligerent parties, used, and Earth was shaken to the roots. From superpower nuclear strikes, which belligerent parties with  frantic zeal struck to each other, and from aftereffects (consequences) of the use of some other weapon there was Earth's axis displacement (shift). It resulted in  a change (alteration) of a shape of Earth's geoid, formation of disruptions (cleavages, splits) of the Earth's crust and upper mantle, thousand kilometres in extent,  strongest earthquakes and intensive volcanic activity.
Large quantity of dust, ashes and soots from fires was ejected into atmosphere and it became hardly permeable or completely not permeable for the sun rays (depending on catastrophe scale). Earth was covered with dense gloom (darkness) and sharp fall of temperature happened on it. The gloom and the cold became the reason of mass dying of plants and diminution of content of oxygen in atmosphere, in which toxic gases from volcanic eruptions arrived. In the result of all these a quantity of living on Earth animasl and reasonable beings also sharply decreased.
But consequences of catastrophes were not exhausted on this.
Alterations of incline (tilt) of Earth's axis was accompanied by formation of huge sea waves (during the last catastrophe 12 thousand years ago maximal height of such "surge", under geologic data, was 4-5 km) which  several times rounded (went roud) the terrestrial globe. They carried out terrible devastation, razing to the ground, as if matchboxes, all built buildings and structures, wiping on the path (off the face of the earth) all left techniques, crumbling and taking away with itself all trees and other remains of vegetation, all bodies of perished animals and people, and also all subjects of their conscientious activity. After that there was a dead lifeless wilderness from which everything, made for many long years of activity of people, had been washed away. The upper cultural layers, deposited in periods of scientific and technological advance, were also completely eroded. And there was nothing surprising in it. You see,  its width hardly exceeded 1-2 m.

Sometimes, when I go in an electric train and look at numerous boxes of multystoried panel apartment houses, I have a terrible vision as a surge in altitude much more larger, than these buildings, bring down on them all its furious power. And they, a minute ago, appear, such durable (strong), fly away (break into) to multitude of panels  which in a split second swirl around, and then are sped away with a huge velocity by this surge.

Awful show, isn't so? But we should know that such is possible, while there were nuclear and like to it  weapon on Earth. And the more of it - the more high probability of that my vision some day will be repeated in life. So that, how it is sung in one known Russian song, "think yourselves, decide yourselves - to have or not to have?"

Mine workings of ancients? Where are they?

But there should remain, at least, careers, mines, pits from mining operations? After all developed civilizations of all times (at least as we, people, fancy them) should provide themselves by raw materials, and in big quantities at that. Such question is quite logical both from opponents, and from adherents of the hypothesis stated by me.
It has the solution too.
At first, the main centers of existed earlier civili
zations were in places which are underwater (Arctic regions) or sealed up by kilometres stratas of ice (Antarctica and Greenland).
Secondly, all large and deep depressions on the ground, depending on their form and size, accepted to attributed or to ancient meteoritic craters, or to results of washing out of
the surface by water. Anybody did not think seriously of that they can be ancient mine workings, having undergone to strong erosion and flattening at first by deluge waters, and then, during many millenaries, by various kinds of erosion.
Thirdly, we know about huge lengthy underground tunnels in different regions of the terrestrial globe (
South America, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Mongolia, Ponape island, Eastern island, etc.). Judging by stories of the people which have visited them, it is whole mazes, subterranean cities, which nobody can not even approximately value  their sizes and determine, where are entrances in them, and were  are exits. Besides, there is a great number of lengthy caves which is considered to be natural formations. But nobody can guarantee that a part of them has not been formed on-site of ancient mine workings which  later have been eroded by penetrating in them deluge waters.

The section "Remains of disappeared civilizations"/Continuation "Mineral oil (petroleum) and gas - the altered remnants of perished during catastrophes plants, animals and people"

© A.V. Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this work give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given.


This article reflects my views of more than 3 years ago. Since that time I have visited quite a lot of ruins of the ancient megalithic structures, underground-terrestrial megalithic complexes and underground cities. The age of most of them is certainly more than 12,000 years, ie since the last flood. It can amount to both tens to hundreds of thousands of years, and millions or rather tens of millions of years. More likely, the second. The remains of the ancient megalithic structures are quite common on land. There are even more of them in the sea, where, according to the legend of Hopi Indians, lie the remains of the previous world, preceded to ours.
Read the results of my explorations of megalithic structures, underground and ground megalithic complexes and underground cities:

Megalithic blocks on the Temple mount in Jerusalem (in 2 parts)

Megalithic blocks of Nimrod fortress (Israel)

Underground-terrestrial megalithic complex of Israel
(in 11  parts)

Underground and rock cities of Cappadocia (Turkey) (in 11  parts)

Ruins of buildings and items from iron and ceramics of the Paleolithic period in Antalya

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