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"White Maculas" of the Pliocene - Pleistocene Mythology of Indians in Both Americas and Their Possible Causes

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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After the Miocene - Pliocene catastrophe in mythology of Hopi Indians the gap was lasting approximately prior to the beginning of the Quaternary (about 2 million years ago) which can be explained by too strong destructions on our planet, or too fast rates of development of mankind, or that and another together. Even more long «white maculae» are available in mythology of North American and South American Indians. Described in "Popol-Vuh", «Annals of the cakchiqueles», numerous Codes of the Maya and Aztecs events come to the end in late Miocene - from 12 to 9, probably, 5,3 million years ago.
(And maybe earlier if the first war of Adityas with Daityas led by Bali was 16 million years ago).
The annalistic history of these people is going only during «our time» - for some millenaries B.C.
Possibly, it is connected with destruction on
the boundary of the Miocene and Pliocene of all former loci of the American civilizations and "isolation" of both Americas from other world during all subsequent time. Probably also, described by former inhabitants the Pliocene - Pleistocene history of America has burnt down on numerous chocks of auto-da-fe of the Spanish inquisition. After all for anybody the fact of ruthless destruction at the time of Conquista of many thousand ancient manuscripts of the Maya, Aztecs and other American people lived in Central America and Mexico long before Columbus is not a secret. It is similar to the fact when the grandfather and father of Peter the Great (Michael Fedorovich Romanov and Alexey Mihajlovich Romanov) had burnt almost remaining old church slavonic books. At the time of Conquista Incas had no writings at all which, apparently, was during earlier time.
And can be, extraordinary high knowledge of the Maya and other people of Mesoamerica was due to white gods who had come there in I millenary BC - the middle of II millenary AD. Though hardly - their history and culture have very specific traits torn off from history of adityas, daityas and danavas.

The beginning of the theme/Creation of mutant generation in the end of the Miocene

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