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Where have Material Remains of the Ancients Disappeared? They Number in Thousands!

Remains of disappeared civilizations
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One of the main "trump maps" of adherents of the theory of creation and evolution of a man from a monkey in the range of 5 - 2 million years ago is considered a lack of remnants of reasonable activity in rocks of more ancient age. Whether it is indeed?
I will give citations from works of scientists with a world name.

"Existence of a man in the Oligocene … gets so strong and exact confirmation
that it will be hardly possibly for someone to find in it though any flaw …
We conflict with a serious problem -
the presence in the Oligocene of beings enough
reasonable to make and use various types of tool".
The saver of the Royal
museum of natural history in Bruxelles A.Rutot "Bulletin de la Societe Beige de
Geologic de Paleontologie et d'Hydrologie" (1907)

"Objections concerning a capability of presence of people  in the Pliocene and
most likely, are related to theoretical conclusions, rather than with
direct observations "
. The professor The Parisian museum of natural history,
the member of the French academy of Sciences Artman De Quatrefages. "Hommes
Fossiles  et Hommes Sauvages "(1884)

"If to admit existence in any kind of people … in the Carboniferous period  it is
necessary to acknowledge geology not as a science, and
as a solid charlatanism
and to force all geologists to re-train for drivers of trucks.… to acknowledge
these footprints are left by a man of  Carboniferous period, means to agree
that twice two is  seven, and ancient Shumerians flied on planes and also listened
Amos's revelations via radio"
. Geologist Albert G. Ingalls "Scientific American"

"An admission (acknowledgement) of belonging of sceletons from Kastenedolo
the Pliocene will put so many questions which do not have answers that we have
not to oscillate in a select
ion between adoption and denial of their authenticity "
The professor R.A.S. Macalister. "Textbook of European Archeology "(1921)

"I would name by some kind of scientific superstition an inclination in force of
theoretical tendentiousness to deny any discoveries on that  basis that they
confirm existence of a man in
the Tertiary (the Paleogene and Neogene) Epochs.
It is necessary to save, at last, natural sciences from such prejudices "
The professor of anatom
y of Roman university G. Sergi. "Intorno al Fuomo
pliocenico in Italia"

As these citations demonstrate, judgements of scientists about finding of remnants of conscientious activity in the Paleogene and Neogene sediments and a possibility of existence of reasonable inhabitants of the Earth in the Cenozoic are essentially differed. If the explorers admitting an opportunity of the existence of reasonable life during the Tertiary period (65,5-1,8 million years ago) give for confirmation of their arguments discoveries of numerous remnants of conscientious activity in rocks of this age, that adherents of an origin of a man from a monkey in the Pliocene epoch simply "close their eyes" and prefer not to notice all these finds. Many of them are possessed by emotions which not allow them to give credit for the given  facts. As consequence of  their position any finds contradicting an evolutionary theory, are considered as counterfeits - most often even without finding time by "fighters" for cleanness of a science to look at them. And if such finds rather come to be into their hands (for example, the skull of a dwarf representative of mankind Homo florensis, having age  about 100 thousand years), they concentrate huge efforts (at the same time and money) on demonstrating that they are any unimaginable freak of nature or abnormality of evolution.

Unfortunately, the same takes place and in astronomy. According to the generally accepted theory of evolution and forming of stars, the Sun, in the course of its evolution, will transform from a yellow dwarf what it is now, into a red giant. It is considered that as a result of this after 1-2 billion years life on  Earth will be impossible; the temperature on it will increase so that water of seas and oceans will evaporate and our planet will transform into lifeless wilderness. The positions of adherents of this theory are so strong that they do not notice (or try not to notice) many facts contradicting it - from notions of ancient people about evolution  of the Solar system to recently obtained data about a composition of Mars and other planets and satellites of the Solar system which speaks that the Sun in the course of its evolution slowly cools down. In process of cooling of our celestial body life moves in the line to the planets, situated all closer and closer to the Sun (read further...)

In the outstanding voluminous works (in my opinion, they should enter long ago in a number of "canonical" ones in geologic colleges or universities) "Forbidden archeology" and "Unknown history of mankind" (nearby 900 and 600 pages each), Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson have shown on the basis of laborious learning of many years of geologic and archaeological records, scientific and popular scientific magazines, works and thesises of scientific conferences, newspapers and other materials from different archives and libraries that eoliths, palaeoliths and neoliths (in various degree treated and polished stones which used in the capacity of axes, knifes, scraper knifes, shovels, missile stones and others instruments) by age from 58 million up to 1,5 million years are discovered almost on all continents - in Europe, the North and the South America, Asia, Africa.
Together with them, in different places of the Earth more perfect articles (products) - bone instruments, holed and punctured bones, shells and spark tooth, carving on bones and shells, folds (paddocks) for  animals, stone axes, knifes, tips of arrows, chisels, awls, grindstones, scrapers, millstones, flints for cutting of fire, mortars, pistils, and other articles have been found out. In some places near to these finds traces of ancient bonfire sites and charing bones of animals in them, human bones and pieces of skulls, partially or completely saved footprints of hominoids and bones with tips of arrows and spears in them have been found out.
The most amazing thing was that the most perfect finds made in gold-bearing sands of California and South Africa (different stone tools, mortars, pistils, bones and pieces of skulls of people or hominoids, similar to them), had been dated  by the Eocene - early  Miocene (55-18 million years ago)! They were investigated by known geologists, they appeared in collections of scientific institutions and museums, and the facts of their discovery had been authenticated by notaries and attached by signatures of people which had found out them, given under oath. And only any time later, under pressure of not wishing to acknowledge these finds a scientific community (or of any other forces about  possible existence of which I have already spoken) these finds completely disappeared, and memory of them was absolutely  obliterated. Thus, on someone's obstinacy or intention (deliberate or iundeliberate, it is not so important) whole pages  were torn out from the Book of history and these major (in million times more important, than tooth of Australopithecus) finds forever disappeared for mankind.
The material testimonies of existence in the past of high developed culture have been discovered in Scotland, England, France, the USA, Southern Africa and other countries. Their age changes in very wide limits - from Pliocene (2 million years ago) to Pre-Cambrian (600-700 million years ago). Such remnants include concrete walls with relief hieroglyphic images and without them, pieces of columns, glazed stone blocks and slabs with images, signs and letters engraved on them and without them, metallic hammers and mineralised (containing quartz and calcite crystals) handles, nails, coins, gold chains, clay statuettes, metallic balls with cuts (notchs), pipes, tankards, vases, footprints and other finds. Their larger part has been made in coal layers of different age.  

Read my works "Iron hammer of 140 million years old!?",  "Imprint of the “Wheel” in the Carboniferous Sandstones in a Coalmine, Donetsk (Rostov Region)"

Over the nineteenth century and in the beginning of the twentieth century scientists repeatedly found in the Pleistocene and Pliocene sediments (from 110 thousand to 4 million years ago) of Europe (England, France and Italy) and America (Argentina, Brazil, the USA) skeleton remnants of hominoids with modern anatomic constitution - fully or partly saved sceletons, hips, ridges, other bones or splinters, pieces of skulls, jawsl and tooth. And from gold-bearing gravels of California and clay of Switzerland there were supposedly even pulled some sceletons, skulls and bones or hominoids almost not differing from the modern people the age of which was determined from 9 to 55 million years. And they were in the beds in which  perfect stone tools had been discovered too!

I recomend you to read in more details about all numbered above and many other finds in the M. Cremo and R. Thompson's mentione books, and also to visit M. Cremo site http://www.mcremo.com/

The other weighty argument of opponents of existence of reasonable life in the Cenozoic and more earlier time - in particular with accounting of my reconstructions according to which there were numerous highly-developed civilizations on Earth in that time which built cities and roads, ploughed oceans, flied in air... - for certain, will be about the following one: "Well, let us assume, we are ready to admit trustworthiness of separate finds which could be and brought on the Earth by accidental aliens, but where in this case are ruins of ancient cities, abandoned technics, sceletons of people and all remaining beings which lived on the primitive Earth"
I suggest to read
you my works:
"Great catastrophes in the history of Earth",
"Why did so few remnants of highly developed civilizations save?
Mineral oil (petroleum) and gas - the altered remnants of perished during catastrophes plants, animals and people".
And also the results of my explorations:
Who and when had built underground-terrestrial megalithic complex of Israel?,
Who also When had Constructed the Underground and Rocky Cities of Cappadocia (Turkey)? and
When megalithic structures were built?

In these works you will discover the comprehensive answer on these questions.

One more important argument of opponents of the existence of reasonable life in the Cenozoic and more earlier time can become the question: "If there existed highly-developed civilizations on Earth why they have not exploited till now all minerals resources and did not use all resources of mineral oil and gas? Why we have not found out till now mine workings of the previous epoch?".  
I admit fairly, the first question tormented also and me for a long enought time while I have not studied numerous legends which
unambiguously speak that former "people" used an alternative energy which, if to speak very rough language or to do extremely careless transfer, they drawn from air. Even used by former inhabitants of Earth nuclear weaponwas not quite usual nuclear weapon because it was put in action by singing of hymns or reading of mantras, and the most trained warriors could stop its activity by means of the same method. On the same principle sorcery and magic were based, which were everyday occurrences in the antediluvian society, and in the beginning (during the "Golden Age") were used for the purposes of blessing of society, and then - for its destruction. And only gold, silver and jewels, judging by the same legends, were mined for a long time before Adam. Perhaps, for this reason they remains in a small quantities.

Read my works "Extraction and refining of oil and gas — the blessing or the largest error of history? Why did ancient civilizations not use oil and gas?" and "Industry, wars and ecology of antediluvian Earth"

On the second question you will find the answer in the already mentioned work
"Why did so few remnants of highly developed civilizations save?"

There are also material, geologic, evidences of all just told. You can familiarize with them on the page "Drilling of ice confirms the existence of antediluvian civilizations"

In  conclusion I would like to focus
an attention of the scientific public and, first of all, geologists on the very  important problem - necessity of innovation in practice of geological investigations of the new methodology which should allow to confirm (or, to the contrary, to refute) the existence of antediluvian civilizations. It should consist approximately in the following:
"How to confirm the existence of antediluvian civilisations? New research methods"

The section "Remains of disappeared civilizations"/Continuation "Fossil footprints of people and other reasonable beings in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments"

© A.V. Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this work give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given.

Read my works, placed in the sections "How to Prove the Existence of Antediluvian Civilizations?", "Collection of Inexplicable Things and Facts", "Miracles Around Us", "History of Amazing Discoveries", "Intravital Portraits of the Ancients"
Read also my works "History repeats itself in 150 million years. About equivalence of Aztec and Maya's world epochs and Indian Yugas and about existence of reasonable life in the Carboniferous, Ordovician and other periods", "The earliest maps of Earth (Piri Reis, Oronce Fine, Gerardus Mercator, Philippe Bauche and other cartographers) were charted in the Palaeogene" and "Ica stones - the messages from the underground settlement of ancient inhabitants of America of Tulan-Chimostok of 17 million years age"

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