When will be Possible to Buy the Books of the "Book of Lost Knowledges" Series by A.Koltypin in English or other languages - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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When will be Possible to Buy the Books of the "Book of Lost Knowledges" Series by A.Koltypin in English or other languages

“Book of Lost Knowledge" series by A.Koltypin
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I suggest free downloading of the electronic applications of my books with the extension apk. for any android-devices (smartphones, tablets, e-books, smartbooks, TVs, etc.). For those who use e-books and smartphones / tablets / smartbooks Apple, books are prepared in the formats epub and mobi. Books in the epub format are already on sale (see links below). Books in the mobi format are blocked by Amazon.com due to the fact that this service allegedly does not support the Russian language. Print versions of all 3 books (print on demand) will soon be available on the basis of full versions of books in epub format, which can be purchased on Amazon.com. The full versions of the books have never been replicated or sold before. You will be the first to acquire them.
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Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth (original name "Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth. What would the census 10 million years ago tell us about ?")

Summary of the books: Millions of years ago, when dragons, gnomes and elves lived on Earth, the ancestors of people waged nuclear wars and flew to other Galaxies

Collection of secrets and mysteries, 2011: (original name "Battle of Ancient Gods")

Country of immortals, magicians and sorcerers

Battle of Ancient Gods

Lost World

Immortals near us

Summary of the books: Millions of years ago, when continents and oceans were located in other way on Earth were long periods of peaceful and carefree life of "gods" and "demons" and destructive wars for domination over the world
Collection of mysteries and  mysteries: 2013 (the original name "Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves")

Gods and demons of China, Korea and Japan

Gods and demons of Central and North America

Gods and demons of South America

Gods and demons of Ancient Egypt and Sumer

Summary of the books: Millions of years ago, as now, there were powerful states on Earth, in which snakemen, people-amphibians, people-insects, black and light-skinned "gods" and "demons" similar to us lived . All of them were great magicians and werewolves

I perceive not each visitor of the site can read my books in Russian, therefore I suggest to wait, while they will finish to be translated and published in English and other languages, and now to read the available translations of my works into English

My proposal on this page, is rather - to publishing houses and publishers

I have placed the short announcements and contents of three my books on the site, and also have given some important fragments of them. I consider it is quite enough to make a decision about practicability of publication of the books in different countries. I am sure (such assurance is founded on my personal experience of many years in publishing of different books about the Unknown, the unique, the only one of its kind, contents of the books, and interesting and readily written text for reading) that all three my books will be called-for (asked-for) by readers. Therefore I suggest to consider an opportunity of their complete or partial translation and publication outside of Russia and the CIS countries, or of publishing a collection on the basis of already existing translations. I hope my renewed site will successfully contribute in increasing of their popularity and sales.

See also the page "Perspective projects for publishing"

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