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Vanaras - Semipeople-Semimonkeys from Indian Legends, Leaded by Hanuman

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Vanaras represented a race of semipeople-semimonkeys. The Seventh book of the "Ramayana" relates they earlier lived on downslopes of the Meru mountain. One of the leaders of the monkey's tribe (nation) by name of Kessari was married on beatiful Apsara Andzhana. She  gave birth a son from the god of wind Vaju who should "have a wonderful capacity  to ascend to heaven by one jump, prompt aloft as his father". The boy name was Hanuman.  He became the great leader of Vanaras.

According to the descriptions given in the "Ramayana" and "The Story about the Lord Rama", Vanaras had a little smaller, than people, growth, a human face and an apelike trunk covered with a dense wool of brown or red colour. Vanaras were brave, strong, active, curious, are a little irritable.
Here is how they are featured in the "Ramayana": "Intellect (wit) of vanaras by the nature is changeable. They jumped and danced, trying though for a moment to see the Mother Sita. Having received her darshan [secret knowledge], their hearts were filled by joy".
Vanaras were very devoted and honest. Devotion and obedience of their leader Hanuman to the teacher Rama even became a legend among Hindus. And he has become famous for the great wisdom and courage among monkeys, people and celestial beings (Gods).
Kessari, Sugriva and Vibhishan were the other known and honoured leaders of Vanaras.

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Vanaras as Satyrs and Silens apparently belonged to the "old" people. Read my work about the people who could contribute to the formation of "new people" "Elves in Ancient Ireland. Secret of the Tribe of the Goddess Danu (the Danu people)" and "Elves in mythology and history. The great civilization of elves"

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