The Underground Cavity (cave) Detected on the Moon by Japanese Sonde of "Kague" can already be Colonized by the Ancients - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The Underground Cavity (cave) Detected on the Moon by Japanese Sonde of "Kague" can already be Colonized by the Ancients


Junichi Haruyama from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has reported in the "Geophysical Research Letters" that the cavity (cave) about 65 m in diameter and stretching to the depth about 80 m was revealed (detected) on several pictures of the Moon surface, passed by the Japanese sonde of "Kague". Scientists suppose it is an entrance into a tunnel, the length of which can reach 370 m.

This discovery confirmed the theory that tunnels of volcanic origin exists on the Moon. Anybody can take shelter in them from fatal solar radiation, attacking a surface of the Moon and even to maintain  (keep up) constant temperature, optimal for a human body. Such tunnels are considered by scientists as potential shelters for future colonizers from Earth.
Americans are going to aim their sonde "Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter" (LRO) to the cavity in the nearest time, to receive pictures with  more higher resolution (in 10 times), and to update characteristics of the pass. The further purpose - to understand, whether it is possible to make the way there.

My commenting: Discovery of such tunnels on the Moon is not surprisingly, because in the early sixties of the XX-th century American astronomer Charles Sagan and the director of the Main observatory of the USSR in Pulkovo Alexander Deitch reported about huge caves up to 100 km3 in volume found out under a lunar surface. Besides, observations of light phenomenas, occuring (happening) on the Moon, were regularly taken place for some centuries  (a mass of such data is stored in the Library of the Royal Astonomical society in London) - bright flashs of yellow light, flickering blue light, reddish scintillations, starlike points, oscillations, "luminous fountains", etc. in the craters of Sabine, Grimaldi, Pikar, Platon,  Aristarch, Eratosthenes, Biela, Posidony, Gerodot, etc. Their sources, according to the majority of explorers, are under a lunar surface. Based on it, in the late sixties of the XX-th century the hypothesis was stated by M.Vasin and A. Scherbakov that the Moon represents an artificial object. There is a huge inhabited cavity with suitable for habitation atmosphere, technical systems, etc. about 50 km in altitude inside it.
How would this hypothesis fantastically sounded, it is possible to distinguish on some photos of the Moon surface something like piles of rocks, leaving into depth of craters gigantic stairs, and strange formations at their bottom, similar to shutters (sliding doors).
The given supposition is confirmed by the results of the press conference which took place in October, 30th, 2007 in Washington, on which the former high-ranking employee of NASA Ken Johnston, administered the photoarchive of the lunar laboratory, and the former consultant of NASA Richard C. Hoagland officially stated that  tracks of very ancient - and evidently extraterrestrial - civilizations had been found out on the Moon.
Thus, found out by the sonde  of "Kague" tunnels on the Moon which are now seriously considered as possible places for construction of future lunar bases for settlers from Earth, can appear (and, most likely, will appear) already occupied. And instead of planning of such their usage, it is better to aim (direct) the main efforts on preparation of meeting between earthmen and representatives of a lunar civilization, apparently, consisting of earlier lived on the Earth long-livers and immortal which we considers as our gods. Read in more details about the lunar civilization in my book "Battle of ancient gods", and also in the works "Mysterious objects and appearances on Moon" and "UFO, USO, ULO - flight vehicles of ancients. Whether the meeting with gods will take place?"

By word of Johnson, the Americans, having visited the Moon, had found out unknown earlier technology of control of gravitation. But it was well-known to the ancients (read about this in my book "Disappeared  inhabitants of the Earth" or in the work  "Attack of gods. Flying vehicles and nuclear weapon in Ancient India"), and also to the explorer-single V. Grebennikov.

Who can tell definitely, whether this long sinuous hollows on this photo from the site are rivers back to front - industrial outflows of a living there civilization, following from subterranean cavities - which are  lost  among endless lunar regolith, like rivers disappearing among earth sands?

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