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Types of People and Their Ties (relationships) with Previous Inhabitants of the Earth

Origin of gods and men
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Here already several years I studiously (assiduously) sort out  different types of people. After all, you see, and very similar, and absolutely unlike to each other individuals meet among us  - both on an appearance, and on a character. Almost for certain, each of you at least once in your life met two absolutely identical person who never were in relationships with one another.

           The basic distinctions  between people

People differ from each other by many signs - a height, constitution, length and width of arms and legs, a size and form of hands, foots, fingers and toes, a volume and morphology of a skull,  a structure and color of hair, a size and profile of a nose, a size and contours of lips, a size and colour of eyes, a tinge and fabric of skin, a quantity of birthmarks, a volume of a chest, a width of a waist, a weight of bones. Some of them have soft and balanced character, others are hot-tempered and irritable at the slightest pretext. There are vegetarians among people who never use meat; there are also true "predators" for whom meat is the main food. Communications with some people is given easily and simply, inflow of forces is felt. Meetings with other people, to the contrary, spoil mood for a long time.
People also differ among themselves on their mental and creative capacities, temperament, diligence, ratio to life of other creatures and by many other criterions. Meanwhile, it is possible seldom enough to find among them the "extremely left" and the "extremely right" individuals, at whom this or that sign is expressed in the maximum degree. There are much more often as though "middle" people at whom opposite signs are displayed in different degree.
I will illustrate it on examples. It is very difficult to find among us  inherent vegetarians, there are no also and absolute "predators". The majority of people are combined such, apparently,  incompatible qualities as kindness and cruelty, mildness and irascibility, frankness and insidiousness. 

A man - whole, consisting of two opposite halves

Ancient teachings (doctrines) explain it by presence at each person of two opposite halves - one of them bears in itself kind, divine beginning, another - malicious, demonic. Progressing of any human person boils down to (comes to) continious struggle of two these "halves". In one events kind beginning dominates in people, in others - malicious one.
In my opinion, this is absolutely correct in the basis teaching which speaks that God, who created a man,  and Demon, searching way to take possession of him (her), live in each of a person. Nevertheless, it does not explain all diversity of types of people and availability among them a large quantity of individuals, in equal degree  kind and malicious, but having among themselves other differences visible by  naked eyes (for example, colour of skin or of  hair, height, weight, etc.)

my new work on this respect "Thinking about the nature of demonic half (entity) of people. What is  "the devil dwelling inside us"?"

Distinctions between people by zodiacal signs

People differ between themselves and by zodiacal signs. In 70-80 percents of cases it is possible unerring to distinguish on appearance and character Sagittarius (the Archer) from Gemini (the Twins), Aries (the Ram)  from Pisces (the Fishes), Virgo from Libra (the Balance), etc. But this is also not settled diversity of people. People being inside of the twelve zodiacal groupes  aren't always and not in all similar to each other.
Many their features, and absolutely different at that (a height and constitution, a length and form of arms and legs, a volume of a chest and a breadth of hips, a size and form of eyes, predilection for vegetable or meat food, diligence or indolence, predilection to creative or engineering activity, ratio to life of other beings, etc.), cannot be explained only from positions of astrology and presence at each person of two opposite halves. They can not be also and the result of race belongings, because they are equally developed at representatives of different races and people.

Distinctions between people - the result of the Great mixing between different nations, which had started long before appearence of a man

Only after analysis of many ancient texts and legends I have understood that the majority of distinctions between people, most likely, are the result of the Great Mixing between nations(folks), started long before appearence of a man on Earth, and continuing at the beginning of a human era.
I, of course, can make an error or be under impression of recently read literature, but I would like to explain presence on the Earth tall people, under two and more metres,
by availability at them genes of space incomers  - Adityas, Daityas or Danavas. In inherent murderers I see genes of Pishachas and Nirritis. In vegetarians, apparently, genes of inhabitants of the "Golden Age", to which both dragon-people - Nagas, Viyevichs, Uragas, and also Adityas, Gandharvas, Apsaras and other reasonable beings belong,  live till now . To the contrary, people who cannot do without meat even a day, most likely, are carriers of genes of Yakshas, Bhutas, pishachas and related to them nations.
Artistic and cheerful (joyous) girls and young men with blue or green eyes and  gold-reddish hair with constitution of photomodels, in my opinion, have saved in themselves blood of gandharvas and apsaras which I have attributed to elves. Not great quantity of blood o
f gandharvas and apsaras, apparently, flows today and in veins of musicians, poets, artists and scientists. And here distant relatives of ploughers and farmers, most likely, were viyevichs, nagas and Fomorians.
Lovers fascinating by their view and mistresses with snake features and also hypnotists, apparently, have in their line something from nagas. Passionate women with wide hips, large eyes and dark hair can be the distant descendants of
People with mathematical and technical mentality, businessmen, atheists have all preconditions (backgrounds) to be continuers of a kin (family) of daityas and danavas. Having extrasensory capacity and clairvoyance persons, probably, have saved in themselves capacities of
Vidyadharas, Charanas and Siddhs.
An enumeration of similar analogies can be kept on long enough. But and  mentioned examples are quite enough to perceive that in genealogical tree  of a man practically all reasonable beings, having lived on the Earth found their "niches". Whether they played an appreciable role in formation of human races? Most likely yes, only indirectly as I have told about it in the beginning. They have rendered much more powerful influence on types of people, regardless of their race.

The beginning of the section/Modern examples confirming my hypotheses of origin of the human races and types of people

© A.Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this work, give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given

This work reflects my views in 2008-2009. Since then, I have studied legends of many other peoples: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Nahua, Aztec, Inca, etc. and learned a lot about other groups of disappeared Earth inhabitants. All of them also had a significant impact both on the racial composition of the population, and on the types of people. I suggest you to read my new work on the heritage of different ancestors and their impact on modern types of people

Read my works "On the formation of Europeoid, Negroid, Mongoloid and other races. A view (sight) after two years", as well as my work on the "old" people from legends of Maya, who lived on the earth before the creation of the "new" people,  "Born in the dark. The "old" and "new" "people" of the Fifth epoch" (and here) and "Ica stones - the messages from the underground settlement of ancient inhabitants of America of Tulan-Chimostok of 17 million years age"
Read my works about one of the most numerous groups of former population of the Earth "Snakemen - amphibians - space aggressors, destroyers of the world and the teachers of people" and about different types of people amphibians. According to the legends of different nations, they - these reasonable beings, epecially often intermarried with human-like white-skinned and dark-skinned gods and demons and defined diversity of modern races and types of people

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