The most ancient representatives of a human race - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The most ancient representatives of a human race

Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth > Great prediluvian civilizations

In different places of the Earth (India, Indochina, China, Sumer, Egypt, Africa, America, Russia etc.) numerous images of dragon-people or snake-people (snakemen) with a head of a man and a body of a snake - and on the contrary - are found out. Legends about the first snakes (dragons), snake-people (dragon-people), demon-snakes have practically all people living on the Earth. Almost everywhere it is underlined (emphasized) in them, all these beings were strong, powerful, venomous, but at the same time unusually clever and wise. They possessed by various and truly fantastic capacities.
All legends without exception attribute dragon-people to the most ancient representatives of a "human" genus. Legends speaks that Earth herself was their mother and they were also gods of the earth. Almost everywhere it is indicated that all life of dragon-people had somehow or other been bound to the earth. Nagas, viyevichs and also, perhaps, their far descendants - fomorians, were skilful farmers and tillers. They ploughed (tilled) land, sowed corn (or that at that time was instead of it) and cultivated domestic animals (for certain, the same representatives of the world of reptiles).
When did they live? How much types of them did exist? Whether did Rakshasas, Nirrities, Pishachies, Yakshas, Bhutas and other beings belong to a dragon-people and if yes, why did their appearance so hardly change? Or did they belong to gigantic reasonable insects and mammals? Why had they perished and whether had they perished?
Read answers to this and many other questions in my books "Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth", and in the section of the site with the same title "
Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth".

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