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Symbols of Sun gods in Church of the Sacred Tomb in Jerusalem

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The symbol of the sun on the floor of the Church of the Holy Tomb in Jerusalem near Golgotha ​​(in the background)
Sun symbol on the floor of Church of the Sacred Tomb in Jerusalem near to Golgotha - Calvary(on a background)

I was a great deal surprised when discovered in the Church (Temple) of the Sacred Tomb in Jerusalem characteristic symbols of sun gods - a sun disk with divergent beams and a two-headed eagle. An analogous sun disk was widely presented in "pagan" culture of the South American Indians and is a constituent of banners of Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. The eagle is known from "pagan" times too in culture of very different nations (Slavs, Egyptians, Aztecs etc.) and is one of the most characteristic symbols of the Sun or of sun gods - an ardent opponent of snakes. A two-headed eagle - the National Emblem of Russia, inherited to it from ancient Slavs.
The genesisis of all these symbols, as well as a cross (many historians believe that a cross is the image of a bird) is lost in a heart of centuries on far northern continent of Hyperborea on which white gods of light day lived. Worship to them had initiated further a cult of sun gods. Leaders of the sun gods at various times and at different people were Varuna, Indra, Mitra, Svarog, Ahura-Mazda, Enlil, Amon-Hnum, Zeus, Inti, etc. In the book "Battles of ancient gods" I have suggested that Jesus Christ, who could be the earth incarnation of Indra or Zeus,or both of them (if they were the same god), most likely, was one of them (sun gods). The presence at the most important Sacred Place of Christendom the symbols of sun gods inherited from a far antiquity, as well as the fact of availability of a cross, to which different people worshipped in ancient "pagan" times  (long before Christianity occurrence) confirms this guess.    

Sun symbol close-up
Two-headed eagle on the floor of Church of the Sacred Tomb in Jerusalem

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