Rat-tat. The Sun has Ascended! Rat-tat. It is Time to Leave from Under Land! The Life Revival on the Earth in the Middle Miocene - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Rat-tat. The Sun has Ascended! Rat-tat. It is Time to Leave from Under Land! The Life Revival on the Earth in the Middle Miocene

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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Before to talk about history from the Middle Miocene to the Nativity, give we will look what had happened on Earth at the beginning of the Middle Miocene.
According to legends of Incas, Yuncas, Mochica, Qhichwa (Quechua), Aimaras and other people of region of Andes in South America after a great deluge under the name Unu-Pachakuti («Aquatic change of epoch») which proceeded «60 days» and had annihilated all traces of abiding on the Earth past (antecedent) mankind, and an accompanying the epoch of darkness (and here) of Chamak-Pacha white bearded god Vira Kocha and other white "people" of huge growth appeared near to city of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) already existed in those days:
«Indians say that all first people had sunk during deluge, and then Vira Kocha appeared from great lake Titicaca
who stayed down in Tiwanaku where then it could see ruins of ancient and very strange buildings …» (José de Akosta «Natural history of Incas and their customs», 1590).

In hymns for Vira Kocha recorded by the Bolivian historian and poet Juan de Santa Cruz Pachakuti Yamki Sallqamaywa, the term "anankocha" is used  and translated as "the sea above". It, apparently, means that deluge sources again were above, and as it follows from "Popol-Vuh", " Chronicles of Cakchiquels people" (Annals of the Cakchiquels),  the Codex of Chimalpopoca, "Legends of Mexicans on their drawings" and other texts of Aztecs and Nahua, at the boundary between the Early and Middle Miocene breaking down of water-steam shell (layer) proceeded which had begun at the boundary between the Oligocene and Miocene:
"Within many days there was a rain, and the land was flooded. Water had carried away plants, animals and people …" (A.N.Fantalov. "Stories and mythologies of Mesoamerika", 2004);
"From the sky water was poured in such large quantity and in such excess that heavens had fallen, and waters had carried away all living masegualis and … so masegualis (people - A.K.) had ceased to exist and the sky had ceased to exist, because it had fallen to the ground" ("Legends of Mexicans on their drawings");
"The sky had approached land and in one day all had perished. Even mounts were hid underwater …" (Codex of Chimalpopoca)
The deluge this time can be compared with the Great biblical deluge.

Thus, the time proceeding under biblical legends "forty days and forty nights", probablly, "fixed" in the range of 23-16 million years ago. It is not expelled that in any section of this period Noah with his family ploughed spaciousness of world ocean. However, as it will be visible from the further material, such dating of the Biblical deluge is not agreed with lives of Biblical forefathers. If they really lived thousand years, the Biblical deluge should happen at the boundary between the Pliocene and Pleistocene (1,75 million years ago).

Attention! The data presented above reflect my opinion almost three years ago. To trace the evolution of my views in the last 3 years, I suggest to read my works "5 184 000 - 12 500 years ago - lifetime of modern mankind from Creation of the world to the Flood. Once again about comparison of mythological history to the geochronological scale", "The most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which mankind appeared. When it happened? ", and "Once again about the time of creation of the world and the biblical (Noachic) Flood. The amendments brought by geology and folklore "

Vira Kocha and his "people" whom I have attributed to gandharvas or adityas, had come at the time of a gloom, and after their appearence in South America the Sun and the Moon had ascended in the sky. They "had made people from a stone on their similitude" which were giants, and then they walked on all country, giving titles to things and causing "people" to come from under land (pakarin), the rivers, lakes and caves. Having settled the land by them and having taught them to build dwellings and temples, to grow a potato, to write, to calculate, to watch stars and to heal, they had left on the West.

The colour drawing of Vira Kocha on the vase discovered in ruins of Tiahuanaco can confirm that Vira Kocha and his "people" had come on American continent during darkness or right after it. Each eye of Vira Kocha is represented in the form of the terrestrial globe parted vertically on a dark and light hemisphere. On one side from the sun which shines over each ball, the bird's flank is drawn, and on another - a snake.

On the other side of the terrestrial globe - in East China in Middle Miocene (16-15 million years ago) "the yellow emperor" Huandi and his "people" called "sons of the sky" in the Chinese historical deeds and chronicles had landed. I have attributed them to daityas. There is no saying, whether Huandi was white-skinned, black or yellow-skinned as legends say (to the most widespread version the nickname of the emperor had happened from colour of loessial soils videspreaded in China). But it, probably, is not so important.
Much more important is another. The time of Huandi's rule covering the whole epoch (16 - 12 million years ago) was one of the most light in the history of China - if to look at doubtless achievements of far ancestors of the Chinese nation.
Having found the country exhausted, Huandi and his "people" had recovered conventional handicrafts (animal industries, husbandry, etc.) and organised new aspects of activity - manufacture of bricky dwellings, building of carriages and boats, smelting of iron instruments etc. They had ploughed up hillsides, had constructed roads and had planted fields with miscellaneous cereals, had framed a calendar, had implemented music in life of ancient Chineses, have taught theim doctoring and medicine, had built observatories for observation over stars and had strenghtened the statehood bases, having framed laws, moral codes and strong army.
"People" of Huandi had put things in order in all four parts of the world, having defeated four gods: east, western, southern and northern ones and also they had created a great empire. By other words, space aggressors (namely so it is necessary to call "sons of the sky") had overwhelmed snakemen (dragons) given repulse to them and, probablly, multiarm beings which lived in terrain of East China and in other areas of the Earth. Snakemen had to be subordinate to them what is confirmed by episode when Huandi had punished the governor of the south - previous the lord of China Shandong for not coming with tribute.
During his governing Huandi stifled mutiny of nation of semipeople-semidogs of Miao ruled by
multiarmed and multileged giant Chi Yu landed from the sky. The spirit of wind Fenbo and the overlord of rain Yuishi (Yuichi) helped Chi Yu. Fenbo was as a dog with a human face or associated with the mythical being of Fei Lian reminding a deer with the bird's head and a snake tail. Yuishi was as Xuanming, the son of Gungun (that is, as well as Shandong, he was one of "new" snakemen of semiaquatic-semiearth life) or he was considered as a godhood of constellation of Bee. In comments to "Shanhai Jing" it is said that Yuishi had appearance of a pupa of a hexapod.
On the side of Huandi there was a demoness of drought Ba which was presented as "a being by growth in two-three chi [less then metre]", with a naked body and eyes on a vertex. In this mutiny many innocent people had perished.
Huandi had been forced to dispatch celestial troops on land to protect survived people. Chi Yu had been executed and people Miao were broken in. So few "people remained on the Earth that they could not even be united in nations.
I have compared the battle of Huandi with Chi Yu with presented in the Indian epos the war of daityas and danavas under leadership of Hiranyakashipa with adityas led by Indra on which side gandharvas, apsaras, snakemen, multiarm beings, yakshas and various chimeras acted. Victory in that war was got by daityas and danavas, and Hiranyakashipa had established the domination over all three worlds (the sky, the land and the underground world). It is quite possibly that he and Huandi were the same person. And if it was so, Vira Kocha who came on the Southern-American continent after deluge too quite could concern to daityas, instead of adityas. As well as Vira Kocha, Huandi possessed high growth and a strong constitution.
According to the Indian legends, at the boundary between the Middle and Late Miocene (approximately 12 million years ago) there was one more great war between daityas - danavas and joint troops of adityas, gandharvas, nagas, marutas-rudras, rakshasas, yakshas, kinnaras and other beings. Victory in it was got by adityas both their allies, and the authority over three worlds had returned to them. Indra had became the sovereign of the world.

Chinese legends say that after defeat in this war (if to compare the Chinese and Indian myths) Huandi had returned to the sky. He "had returned on his star". From the Earth he was carried away by "dragon" who " covers myriad versts in one day ".

The Egyptian myth about renunciation of Ra from throne has something in common with the Chinese legends. When Ra escaped people and ascended into heaven, the goddess Maat has established a new world order. Henceforth and forever the earth world from different directions was environed by a chain of high mounts maintaining the celestial river on which gods led by Ra began to transport the Sun from the East to the West.
At first sight, last episode indicates that ascension of Ra on heavens had happened before "ascension" of Huandi - at the boundary between the early and middle Miocene (16 million years ago). However, ancient ancestors of Egyptians could notice only the fact that after the leaving Ra (Sun) from Egypt the Sun continued to shift from the East to the West (instead of how was before). Though, possibly, I have made an error with determination of a time of Huandi's rulling and "yellow sovereign" ruled China not from 16-15 million years ago, but from 23 million years ago.
According to Japanese myths, after victory of celestial gods (adityas?) Take-Mino and a Tori-Bune over the earth "spirits" taken place, apparently, in the end of the Early Miocene or in the beginning of the Middle Miocene Ninigi with numberless multitude of gods began to disembark to the Earth. They met giant godhood with blazing eyes - god of Earth Proselka and prince Saruta. This  godhood could be a multiarm rakshas, rudra or any else native person of the Earth. God of Earth admitted loyalty to sun gods and a wedlock between him and the fine sun goddess (apsara?) Udzume had been concluded. This episode presenting formation of strategic military alliance of adityas with native inhabitants of the Earth, most likely, says that in the Early Miocene or its any unit there was the state controlled by adityas in East Asia to the north from empire of Huandi. Though, it is impossible to expel that Take-Mino and Tori-Bune landed and met Proselka in the late Miocene (12 million years ago) when the authority over three worlds again was in hands of adityas. In that case Ninigi will match as well as possible to the governor of China Suizheng.

The presented episodes of battles between daityas - danavas and adityas in which multiarm giants shared, building of giants by Vira Kocha, and also meeteng of Ninigi with Proselka allow to assume that after run-up (untwist) of the Earth in Middle Miocene on our planet there was much more smaller gravitation and giants could live there again. Apparently, from this time there was beginning of bloom of civilizations of rakshasas and yakshas under leadership of Ravana and Kubera presented in Indian the "Mahabharata", the "Ramayana" and Puranas and Greek hecatoncheires (Gekata was one of the brightest representatives) and also multiarm beings as Japanese goddess Kannon in other regions.

The beginning of the theme/Populations of the Earth and world wars in the late Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs. Weapon of gods and demons

© A. Koltypin, 2010
©  P. Oleksenko, 2012 (translation)

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