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Sirtjas, Screlingers, Zwergs and Other Wise Dwarfs

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Sirtjas (sirtyas), Zettes, Chaklis, Zwergs, Screlingers (skrelinger, screling, skrelings), Bitsents, Iebans, Manehuns, gnomes, black alves - wise dwarfs, usually with a large head, according to Nenets, Norwegian, Sami, Lappish, Iceland, Germano-Scandinavian, Caucasian, African (dogons), Polynesian and other mythologies, living underground and standing guards over treasures hidden there.

They were afraid of light which was ruinous for them. As a rule, they mined a copper and iron ore, were skilful  metallurgists, blacksmiths and jewellers, had magic knowledge and learned secrets of wizardry. According to the "Younger Edda" and other information sources, they had manufactured the treasures of gods-asses (aesirs) - the necklace of Brisingamen for goddess Freya, a gold hair for  goddess Siv, the magic ship of Skidbladnir and the wild boar with the gold bristle of Gullinbursti for Freyr, the spear of Gungnir and the gold ring of Draupnir for Odin, the hammer of Mellnir for Thor (Donar), the treasure of Nibelungs, etc.
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The section "Aboriginal inhabitants"

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