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Self-Moving Celestial City (a fragment of the "Mahabharata")

Myths and legends

In the fragment presented below, the description of the flying city of Danavas - Kalakeys of Hiranyapura or (according B.L.Smirnov's translation) the Golden city, resembling space orbital station from fantastic films of the serial "Star wars", space stations of the future or... space vehicles of far past, is given. Read, you will not regret.

(the fragment of chapter 173 (Aranjakaparva) of the Third book of the " Mahabharata", called "Vana Parva" or "Silvan")

Arjuna has told:

1. After return extremely great I managed to see:
Self moving marvellous city, by brilliance similar
To fire or the sun;

2. There different sweet-voiced birds, trees from semi-precious stones,

There descendants of Pauloma and Kalaka perpetually abide in pleasure.

3. (Surrounded with walls), with tower-shaped gate, four
intrances, city difficult of access,
Complete of marvellous treasures, for a look similar to a miracle,

4. Rich with trees with fruits, flowers, all in semi-precious stones,
Rich light-winged, marvellous (birds),
Delighting heart.

5. There permanently asuras are awake, armed with spears,
clubs, swords, bows, arrows, quivers, decorated entirely by wreaths.

6. Rajah, having seen that city of daityas, bewitching looks,
I have asked Matali: "What miracle is created?".

Matali has told:

The daughter of Danu, by name of Pauloma and great Asura Kalaka
One thousand divine years created the most severe killing of flesh.

8. When both have terminated the exploit, the Most High gift
Has given to them: Both have accepted in gift a health descendants,

9. Its unvulnerability for suras, rakshasas, belly-walking (snake-people or nagas),
The lord of rajahs,
And a city floating, pleasant, bright, oh,  the lord of rajahs,

10. Rich with different semi-precious stones, difficult reachable
even for Immortals,
for great rishis, yakshas, gandharvas, rakshasas, snakes, asuras.

11. All desired properties complete, from grief,
Diseases free,
For descendants of Kalaka it has been made by Brahma,
Excellent Bharata.

12. This marvellous air city without gods exists,
It is populated by descendants of Pauloma and Kalaka - daughters of Danu, the hero!

13. "Hiranyapura" ("the Golden city") - so that great city is called;

It is protected by descendants of Kalaka and Pauloma, great asuras.

14. Joy, invulnerable for all gods, oh,  rajah,
They there live, the lord of rajahs, without cares, without an alert.

15. "A man will ruin them!", - so has determined in former times Brahma -
Accelerate the loss of these difficult reachable descendants of Kalaka,
In fight strike high-yields by the weapon of vajra, son Prithi!

Arjuna has told:

16. Having learnt that they are invulnerable for sures and asuras, the lord of the people,
Joyously I have told Matali: "Drive me in that city!

17. By the marvellous weapon I will ruin enemies (of Sakra),
Lords of the Thirty! Let will perish spiteful foes of gods, I should
To destroy them!

18. To Hiranyapura Matali quikly has deliver me
On that harnessed by duns the marvellous chariot.

19. Having seen me, daityas, wearing different (precious) attires,
Having jumped up on very fast chariots, have flied up.
20. With tridents, darts, spears, swords;
In anger they attacked me, nonmeasurably brave
Lords of danavas.

21. By shower of numberless arrows I has met this powerful flow
Of weapon, withstanding (to enemies) by force of knowledge, rajah!

22. I have confused all of them with paths (my) chariot in battle.
And confused danavas began to attack against each other.

23. To all of them, slewed, attacking against each other.
I have cut heads by flaming arrows: on one hundred in a pile.

24. Covered with wounds daityas have returned again in that city.
And with the city having flied up to firmament, have resorted
to danavian charms.

25. Then by great rain of arrows, o, pleasure of Kauravas,
I have closed road to (escaped) daityas, (have stopped)
Their movenment.

26. This flying city shining like the sun.
Guided at will,
Owing to received by daityas gift successfully opposed.

27. That it went through the bowels of the earth, that it in the skies rushed,
That it aslant quikly rushed, that it dipped in water.

28. That great city flying at will was like to Amaravati.
By varied weapons to take it, I tried,
Enemies displacer.

29. By flows of arrows - the marvellous, bewitched weapon -
I struggled with daityas, the aurochs-person, for this city.

30. At last, it was broken by my iron, sharp, accurately striking arrows
And crashed down the city of asuras, oh, rajah on land in ruins!

The section "Myths and legends"

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