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Scientific projects, grants

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Below is the content of materials available in this section. Black font - translated into English, grayish-green font - not translated into English yet. If you translate any work (or correct mistakes in available translations), send it, please, to me for placement on the website. If a link in the work leads to a work in Russian, necessarily check up the contents of the section for shure, because probably, this work has been already translated into English

This section provides reports on grants and research projects that need financial support

Archeoacoustics of ancient buildings and its use for comfortable living and healing people (project for a grant)

A person lives in the cavity of an electromagnetic space resonator of Earth-ionosphere, in which standing waves (resonance) of Schumann exist. The fundamental frequency of the Schumann resonance is determined by the perimeter of  Earth, the speed of its rotation around the Sun and its axis and a number of other parameters. After numerous studies and recheckings, the fundamental frequency was determined - 7.83 Hz and the harmonics - 14.1 Hz, 20.3 Hz, 26.4 Hz, 32.4 Hz, 39 ..., 43.2 Hz of the Schumann resonance.... As a result of numerous experiments it was established that the Schumann waves affect the biocurrents of the human brain, which controls breathing, circulation, digestion, internal secretion and other processes. In 1952 the German physicist V. Schuman made the discovery that the Schumann waves with frequencies of 7.8; 14.1; 20.3 and 24.6 Hz almost coincide (resonate) with the frequencies of alpha and beta rhythms of brain. They are vital for synchronizing of biological rhythms. The German physician G. Koenig confirmed in 1979 that the fundamental resonance frequency of Schumann resonates with the border frequency of theta and alpha rhythms (electric oscillations) of brain - 7.83 Hz, and the second frequency from the Schumann resonance harmonic (14, 1 Hz) - with the border frequency of alpha and beta rhythms (electrical vibrations) of brain. Later, these values ​​were confirmed by numerous studies (read more...)

Report on the work on the project "Paleogeography, the climate and the states of Eurasia in the Pleistocene" by A.V. Koltypin, S.N. Golubchikov, P.M. Oleksenko and V.Shevchenko with financial support (within the framework of the grant) S.A. Kozlovsky from September 2015 to May 2016 (2 pages)

В течение отчетного периода была проведена большая работа по подбору и анализу статей, монографий, диссертаций, отчетов и атласов по а) геологии, стратиграфии, палеогеографии, климату, тектитам, кратерам плейстоцена и голоцена, б) древним стоянкам, поселениям, мегалитическим и циклопическим сооружениям Европы и Азии, историко-археологическим и генетическим исследованиям древних миграций народов Евразии, а также выполнен в) качественный физический анализ и моделирование различных процессов (столкновение астероида и кометы с Землей, смена магнитных полюсов, широкомасштабная ядерная война и др.) и базовых факторов, которые могли привести к потопу планетарного масштаба, изменению уровня мирового океана, площади ледниковых покровов, исчезновения плейстоценовой фауны и переселению народов в конце валдайского оледенения. Были составлены а) карто-схемы и схемы расположения древних береговых линий, границ оледенений, многолетней мерзлоты, климатических и географических зон для поздневалдайского (осташковского, сартанского, висконсинского), ранневалдайского (тверского, зырянского, висконсинского) и днепровского (самаровского, иллинойского) оледенений (read more...)

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