The Scenario of the Events Which Have Occurred During Catastrophe at Change of the Old and New Worlds. Reconstruction According to Legends of the Different People - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The Scenario of the Events Which Have Occurred During Catastrophe at Change of the Old and New Worlds. Reconstruction According to Legends of the Different People

Great catastrophes
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Reference point – emergence of the Moon

Let's try reconstruct now sequence of the events occurring during considered catastrophe – change of the Fourth and Fifth or Third and Fourth world eras of Aztecs, change of the Third and Fourth world of the Maya, change of the Second and Third world of Indians Hopi, change of the old and new worlds of ancient Slavs, Scandinavians, Iranians etc. As the events accompanying this accident, was enough, we will choose at first the general for all legends a reference point – emergence of the Moon in the sky, and then, as far as possible, we will group round it the events occurring before emergence of the Moon and after its emergence. I speak "as far as possible" because the majority of legends doesn't give strict relative sequence of events (not to mention absolute), and is only ascertaining of these or those events. And by comparison of legends of the different people and even different legends of the same people in which it is told about falling to Earth of fiery bodies, fires, earthquakes, floods doesn't contain data on emergence of the moon, often in general it is impossible to understand, whether there were considered events to or after its emergence.

Before-moon history. The events which have occurred before emergence of the Moon

So, what events preceded emergence of the Moon? ***
It were storming on all surface of Earth the fires connected by that the Sun or any other heavenly body or bodies scorched our planet. Most likely, during this period from the sky went a rain of fire (according to legends of Aztecs), on the earth fiery streams of dense pitch fell and «the face of the earth darkened, and the black rain started to fall; heavy rain in the afternoon and heavy rain at night» ("Popol-Vukh"). During this period the uncontrollable chariot of god of the Sun of Helios set fire and dried up the earth and was brought down by the Thunderer Zeus. Rebels-svarozhichi burned by Simargl were strewed to this period from the sky. During this period over China there were ten suns which have been brought down by the divine shooter Ee.
Falling on the earth of fiery bodies was accompanied by the strongest earthquakes: «after that on all surface of Earth the most severe earthquakes» ("Popol-Vukh") and volcanic eruptions swept: «fire came on a silver platter in the form of lightnings. Volcanoes opened the craters, and fire devoured the earth. Sand and the heated stones» («History and Mezoamerika's mythology» by A.N.Fantalov) was on a silver platter. As a result of all this the terrestrial surface was covered with corpses of animals and people. And temperatures on a surface and in Earth atmosphere, most likely, reached present temperatures on Venus. The legend of Indians- hopi testifies to it  according to which the terrestrial surface before life revival on it very long cooled down.
Most likely, during this period  or directly following it (when Earth was shipped in a gloom) there was an eruption of volcanoes, mountain building and folding described in "Popol-Vukh" in an episode with Kabrakan and Sipakna.
After Earth was flashed by the Sun or any other heavenly body or bodies and falling of "rain of fire" on it , the water and steam cover was broken and from the sky rushed never-ending water flows. Almost at the same time with it (maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later) our planet plunged into darkness. Earth immersion in a gloom, apparently, was connected in the beginning with emission in the atmosphere of a large quantity of a volcanic ash, a dust and soot from fires.
Not stopping rains led to the Flood which has reached tops of the highest mountains. According to legends of Indians of South America and the found traces of a flood in Mexico and Bolivia, the height of water reached 4-5 km! The flood washed away practically all traces of civilizations existing before, having left only ruins of megalithic constructions, constructed by giants who lived to a flood.
But it was just the prelude of a real crash. As a result of collision with a heavenly body or bodies or any other events Earth changed orientation of the axis in space approximately on 90 ° and, possibly, descended from the former orbit. It, apparently, also strongly slowed down speed of rotation round an axis. As a result one its half approximately coinciding with the South and North America, was shipped in darkness, and another – all other world, on the contrary, appeared in light zone. Having simulated such arrangement of light and dark half of Earth, I assumed in the book «Earth immortal, magicians and sorcerers. When on Earth there was "Golden Age"?» that the terrestrial axis settled down then almost vertically, and speed of rotation of a planet round it equaled speeds of its address round the Sun – the similar situation is now observed on the Moon, the satellite of Saturn the Titan and almost same – on Venus.
After I found in legends of the different people of the instruction that the sun rose earlier (or was) in the north, the model offered by me, possibly, it is necessary to reconsider. After all in that case the North Pole should settle down in the West (remember the legend from "Ramayana" about penetrating cold western wind in Central India). In the West, and in a gloom zone! And it could mean that the terrestrial axis then settled down almost horizontally, as on Uranium. In that case the South Pole turned to the Sun, should be in a zone of day.
However, modeling of such situation on the globe doesn't pass – and Uranium to that confirmation. At Earth address round the Sun at a horizontal axis in a zone of a gloom there should be alternately that northern, southern poles. And, judging by legends, it wasn't. That the similar situation passed, any powerful source of turn of a terrestrial axis was necessary at its movement round the Sun, for example, other satellite of Earth (after all the Moon then weren't), or any other planet located nearby. Probably, it was Venus? After all in legends of the Maya and Aztecs it is told, the message between Earth and Venus in those days was carried out, and Ketsalkoatl came from Venus.
But how the terrestrial axis – vertically or horizontally settled down, conditions on Earth strikingly differed in those days from the modern. A dark half of Earth was almost unsuitable for life, and the most part of her inhabitants lived in the underground settlement Tulan-Chimostok. On a light half of Earth of a condition at first, apparently, there were quite suitable for life about what the legend, for example, testifies to the rabbit who has revived vegetation, and also Indian, Chinese, Sumer, American and other legends that on a light half of Earth gods and demons continued to live and work.

Data containing in the Aztec legend that at vegetation revival agricultural tools worked in itself can testify to a high level of development of a civilization of that time. 

Gradually living conditions of gods, demons and ancestors of people (according to one legends, they were, on others they yet weren't) on a light half of Earth worsened, and they started to hunger, cold and to wage continuous wars. All this time on a planet was an overpopulation.
In addition to all described difficulties life expectancy of predecessors of people (it made at the beginning of the period about 10 000 years) began to decrease that, most likely, was connected with loss by Earth of a considerable part of a water and steam cover as a result of dropping out of it to Earth of plentiful rains and a hail which at first led to a Flood, and then - by a constant precipitation, at least, in a dark half of Earth.
The motive of destruction of a water and steam cover and attempt of its "repair" by gods is traced in the Chinese legends about patching up by Nuva of the leaked heavenly arch, the Akkadian-Babylon legends about a prop Marduk of headwaters a trunk half Tiamat and, probably, the Scandinavian legends about creation by gods experts of the heavenly arch from the head of Frost giant (Hrimthur) of Imir. During this culmination moment of history of Earth mass creation of assistants to gods – people began, which should be similar in everything to gods, but not know immortality. The creation of people is noted in the Chinese, Egyptian, Sumer, Babylon, Scandinavian, central and South American and many other legends. In my opinion, it is the certificate of that conditions on Earth changed so strongly that immortal gods and demons long-livers couldn't live on it any more.

Lunar history. The events preceding emergence of the Moon

However, they didn't want to reconcile to it and made desperate attempt to make a condition on Earth more or less suitable for life. Gods and demons united and carried out that in the Indian legends is called as "Churning of the ocean», and at the Maya, Aztecs and in Japanese myths – promotion of the heavenly arch round a terrestrial axis. I already wrote earlier that as it, most likely, was understood Earth promotion round its pivot-center. In work «Legends and hypotheses about a lunar rabbit, churning of the ocean, spinning up of the firmament (vault of heaven), origin of the Moon and connection of the Moon with death and immortality - the description of catastrophe at the boundary between the Third and Fourth and the Fourth and Fifth world eras, acquisitions of modern appearence by Earth and emegence of the modern person - Homo Sapiens» I considered some possible scenarios of this event – from a separation from Earth of a huge piece which became subsequently the Moon, before flight near it (it is probable, with sliding collision) any big heavenly body.
But what it was, the purpose was reached. Though at the price of improbable efforts, deprivations and victims. From the sky big hot pieces or Earth thrown out from a subsoil and the magma which have not stiffened yet, or the heated heavenly body which has flown by near Earth again began to be strewed. Earth was captured again by a flame of fires, its surface was shaken by earthquakes terrifying on force which ripped up a cloak, from being formed huge cracks never-ending streams of a hot lava streamed, mountains grew, the seas were closed. In air the huge amount of poisonous volcanic gases was thrown out, and water of oceans, the seas and the rivers was poisoned and boiled. Earth, apparently, and was covered this time by mountains of corpses. At last, the water and steam cover, so before considerably "leaky", didn't sustain and again began a never-ending stream to stream on a terrestrial surface in the form of rains, a hail and snow. It filled in the burning earth with a huge flood, but not stopping to be thrown up volcanoes all the same reached a water surface, and the porous lava thrown out by them boiled on its surface. As a result of it the considerable part of sea beings too was lost.
The listed catastrophe most well are reflected in the Chinese myth about Nyva:
«During very old times four columns [on four countries of light] were overthrown, nine areas [the manned world] broke up into parts. Heavens didn't cover all [World], and Earth didn't support completely [Heavens]. Fire stormed — and anybody didn't extinguish it, waters spread - and anybody didn't constrain them. Fierce animals devoured people, birds of prey tormented old and weak with the claws».
To all these disasters it is necessary to add that, according to legends of Indians hopi, «the terrestrial axis was provided to itself, Earth began to rotate at reckless speed, to be shaken and, having twice turned over, descended from the former orbit round the Sun». During this moment there was a cock-a-hoop to parts of the world. Gods in America (allegedly, in Southern) which was before on a dark half of Earth, stood in indecision, without knowing, from what party there should ascend the sun. At last, it appeared in the east, having scorched Earth the bright and hot beams. Then, to surprise of gods there was the second sun – almost same bright and hot Moon.

Postlunar history. The events which have occurred after emergence of the Moon. Formation of the new modern world

At first both the sun and the moon were motionless. Only any following event which in Aztec legends  is called «Quetzalcoatl's whiff", forced the sun to move from the East to the West. Same, or any other event which is called «as throwing by gods of a rabbit» more often, led to reduction of brightness of the moon. As the period between emergence of the sun and the moon and the beginning of their modern movement in a firmament was long, it is necessary to guess only.
The sun start of motion from the East to the West is the culmination moment described in legends of the majority of people of the world of change of the old and new worlds. Formation of the new world began with «lifting of the heavenly arch which has fallen upon the earth» which most brightly and is figuratively represented in the Chinese myth about Pangu. When Pangu grew and removed the sky from the earth, he died. Pangu's breath became a wind and clouds, a voice - a thunder and a lightning, the left eye - the sun, and right - the moon. Hands, feet and a trunk formed four parts of the world and mountains, from blood and veins there were rivers and roads.
About lifting of the heavenly arch (by means of props and other ways), emergence of the sun, the moon, clouds, rains and formation of four parts of the world and (or) four winds also it is told in the Egyptian, Aztec, Scandinavian, Greek and other legends. So, in the Scandinavian myth about murder of a giant of Imir it is reported that in each of four corners of the created heavenly arch gods experts planted downwind – northern, southern, western and east, and in the sky there were clouds. Similar motives I met in the Indian and Sumer legends.

Emergence after the catastrophe dividing the old and new world, four parts of the world and winds of four directions confirms the assumption come out in my books earlier – at existence over the earth of water and steam cover – that our planet represented a huge greenhouse and neither winds, nor clouds, rains on it weren't. Apparently, wasn't on it also the sun, moving on the sky, that proves to be true the statement in the "Avesta", "Yoga sutra" and "Vyasa Bhashya" that the sun motionlessly was above the polar region of Earth earlier.

Thus, after catastrophe the Earth with four parts of the world, winds and clouds, thunder-storms and rains (with a rainbow), the sun and the moon was created new, modern. As it was shown above at interpretation extracted by gods at charning of the ocean of treasures and in legends about a lunar rabbit, in the new world also there was the blue sky which was before white, and even earlier – pink, and also climatic zonality and change of seasons with four seasons. At last, according to Slavic, Scandinavian and Iranian legends, the considerable part of subpolar areas was covered with glaciers.
In books «Battles of ancient gods» and «Earth before the flood – the world of sorcerers and werewolves» I showed on the basis of comparison of legends with geological data that appeared at change of the old and new worlds climatic zonality was close to the modern. On the basis of it it is possible to assume that all subsequent time shifts of the terrestrial axis already never were so considerable (didn't exceed 15-30 °) and the North always was in the polar region of Earth.

Creation of modern people from flesh and soul

Along with cardinal reorganization of the world, the most important result of the catastrophe at a boundary of the old and new worlds there was a loss by former inhabitants of Earth of immortality and longevity (in the section "Periodization of history of Earth in cosmology of Hinduism. Yugas" of works "History repeats itself through 150 million years. About equivalence of Atztec and Maya' s world epochs and Indian Yugas and about existence of reasonable life in the Carboniferous, Ordovician and other periods" it is shown that life expectancy of ancestors of people very rapidly decreased till 1000). This motive also is traced in legends practically all people of the world. In compensation for immortality or longevity loss before the uniform body was divided into two components – a mortal flesh and immortal soul (see the legend about Charning of the ocean and interpretation of the extracted treasures). From now on for a reproduction it was necessary to give birth to children, at women menstrual cycles began, and the birth of children began to pass tormently. Besides, people ceased to be vegetarians and started to consume meat food.
Sharp reduction of life expectancy, most likely, was connected with destruction of the water and steam cover therefore ultra-violet beams earlier constrained by it began to reach Earth surface. And they as I repeatedly wrote in the books, were the main source of aging of an organism. Besides, atmospheric pressure essentially fell (according to D. Dillou, it was more than 2 atm, and according to E.Belshesov - about 6 atm earlier). As a result of it all vital processes were reconstructed, and people got a requirement to consume more high-calorie food – fish and meat. Besides, earlier wine didn't render exciting effect (it was similar to kvass therefore gods drank it much and often), and after the catastrophe it became what is now.
Immortality somehow began to associate with the Moon (a rabbit preparing on the Moon drink of immortality). With what it is connected, I do not know. Probably, there (under the Moon surface) after the catastrophe the immortal gods moved.

Reduction of life expectancy of ancestors of people from 10 000 to 1000 well explains, why descriptions of the following behind change of the old and new worlds of events remained far not at all people. They are known, mainly, in the Indian, Chinese, fragmentary Japanese, Korean mythologies and in legends of Indians hopi and, apparently, proceeded from continuing to live still any time on Earth together with people of gods.

Vegetation and life revival on Earth

In conclusion of the catastrophe characteristic at change of the worlds it is necessary to add only that after outpouring on the terrestrial surface of the water and steam cover and «lifting of the heavenly arch» that, apparently, meant creation of the new atmosphere, on Earth the vegetation – at first on any limited site (according to the legend about Charning of the ocean, near the mountain of Meru), and then and on all other earth - revived. Our planet was occupied again by people who began to leave underground shelters. From now on they were obliged to sacrifice each other that the Fifth sun didn't go out (according to legends of the Maya, Naua and Aztecs) or to wage continuous wars (according to Slavic and Iranian legends). Most likely, it was connected with big "fertility" of people - these installations of gods should regulate population.
Though earlier, according to legends of the different people (Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, the Maya, Aztecs and others) on Earth it was noted an overpopulation, and it was considered as the main source of all troubles and shocks.
What is the time passed between the flood and life revival on Earth – some thousands, tens of thousands, hundred thousands or millions years - and what were a surface and Earth atmosphere – hot and acid as on Venus or more or less suitable for life - I do not know. But almost definitely I can tell that until when Earth began to somersault and be untwisted "without restraint", judging by sun motionlessly hanging over it and the moon, it didn't rotate almost. Possibly, because of it (huge gravity) old giant gods and other giants «turned into stones».

Beginning/ Continuation "When there was an accident which has marked change of the old and new worlds. Comparison of legends and geological data"

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Strongly recommend you to read my work "Legends and hypothesis about a lunar rabbit, churning of the ocean, spinning up of the firmament (vault of heaven), origin of the Moon and connection of the Moon with death and immortality - the description of catastrophes at the boundaries between the Third and Fourth and the Fourth and Fifth world epochs, acquisition of modern appearance by  Earth and emergence of the modern person - Homo Sapiens", which complements the study, and also a series of my works  "Epochs of development of mankinds (humankinds) in mythologies of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs" in the section "Five world epochs and mankinds (humankinds) of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs"
Read also my work about the time of existence above land of water-vapor cover (envelope) "Paleocene-Eocene - the Golden Age of Mankind (Humanity)" Translated into English and "Why did inhabitants of the "Golden Age" live  a hundred thousand years?"

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