Revived fantasy world. Ruins of elves and dwarves towns in Central Turkey - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Revived fantasy world. Ruins of elves and dwarves towns in Central Turkey

Remains of disappeared civilizations
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In my previous works (Film "Avatar" - fantasy or an event from mankind history?,  Communism and Capitalism: A 25 million year ago space confrontation. Reform of environmental education – is inevitable) and messages on the forum (Fantasy movies - a true reflection of the history?, Film "Stargate" - description of the events of the past days, Dinotopia - the real world of the "golden age"?) , I expressed the view that many of the fantasy films (Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Middle-earth, The Chronicles of Narnia, Dinotopia, Conan et al.) are a reflection of our true history – the history such as it really was, and not the one imposed on us in schools and colleges as a historical myth. As proof of this I alleged legends of different peoples, materials of terrestrial and underwater archaeological expeditions in different parts of the globe and the results of my researches in Russia, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria and Sri Lanka. On the basis of all these data I give numerous arguments in favor of the large areas of the Earth is composed of (submarine) underground-terrestrial megalithic complex, which dates from the Neogene (Miotsen- Pliocene) time.

This complex includes a multilevel underground cities with the depth at least up to 85 m, bell 'caves' and underground pyramid with height up to 20 m, and the ruins of various buildings from well-shaped megalithic blocks weighing from several tons to 1,000 tons. It keeps tracks of impact on it the strongest tectonomagmatic processes, raged on the Earth's surface and in underground cavities fire, and filled it
water of floods. All these indicates that underground-terrestrial megalithic complex existed before a global catastrophe which destroyed the previous world.  Included in this complex formations were severely damaged, scattered in the form of stone blocks on the slopes and at the foot of mountains, covered with thick crusts of soot and secondary- altered minerals (oxides, hydroxides and salts of calcium, silicon, iron, manganese, copper, and iridium), and exposed to severe erosion and weathering.

Detailed areal study of rocks of underground-terrestrial megalithic complex has allowed me to hypothesize that it was a completely different type of architectural ensembles compared with those that are created in our time (Towns in the form of landscaped gardens and parks - the legacy of ancient civilizations that lived in harmony with nature ). Underground and aboveground megalithic structures that make up this complex, were built in harmony with nature and only slightly supplemented and improved natural forms.

This assumption was brilliantly confirmed during our studies in May 2014 in Hattushash (capital of the Hittite Empire) and Phrygian Valley (area Phrygian kingdom) in Turkey. We have discovered and studied the remains of numerous  megalithic structures , which I have called "the Elven towns "or "the towns of elves" (and here and here) on the grounds that they were copies of the elven towns shown in the fantasy films (especially “the Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”).
They represented erected on the tops of impregnable mountains and rocks (of) fortresses, built of megalithic blocks weighing up to 100 tons or more. The surfaces of rocks and the rocks themselves were processed for housing and other economic and cultural goals. As a rule, one carved in rock  and well camouflaged staircase led to each such fortress. Significant surface of mountains and rocks was leveled, they were "cut" (by) square, rectangular and round holes and shafts, statues of various animals and something like stone thrones.
Long sloping tunnels rectangular or trapezoidal shape with stone staircases led deep into the mountains, and the mountains themselves were excised in the numerous halls, rooms and corridors. Many of these halls and rooms had a dome-shaped form. Magnificent in performance (in the best antique style) columns, archways, windows with a wall thickness of about 1 meter and bas-reliefs of the cross and other sun symbols were made in them. Different in thickness (from traces up to several meters) lithified (hardened) calcareous sediments with traces of wave-cut activity were on the floor of almost all of these underground rooms, and on the walls and ceilings there were thick incrustation and crusts and soot. All this pointed to the fact that they have been flooded by waters of a flood and engulfed in flames of huge fires. If we add to this the fact that only small fragments of the walls remained from the megalithic towns, and most of them were in the form of blocks scattered on slopes and foothills, often found in inverted occurrence, we can understand that underground-terrestrial megalithic complex survived a terrible catastrophe (could be not one).
And even in spite of this, we can see in some places of Sri Lanka (Sigiriya) and Turkey (Phrygian Valley) that "the elven city" often was given the form of various giant animals (lions, dragons and others). This means that ancient architects made some incredible man-made landscapes (like mini landscapes in some modern parks), which can be admired from a distance or from the air.

my detailed report on the expedition to Hatushash and Phrygian Valley in May 2014

"Remains of disappeared civilizations" section

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©  N Lowrence, 2014 (translation)

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