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Rivers on Venus!?

Collection of inexplicable things and facts
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Look closely at this photo of the surface of Venus (image resolution 120 m), received by the radar with American orbiter "Magellan" on March, 13th, 1996. It covers an area 460 x 460 km in size on 49 degree of northern latitude and 165 degree of south latitude. The most intriguing detail of this image - a sinuous (winding) line about 600 km in length which is a fragment of the longest "channel" on Venus, found out still by Soviet automatic interplanetary stations "Venus-15" and "Venus-16". Its length amounts (reaches) more than 7000 km, and breadth - about 1,8 km. It is some hundreds kilometres longer than the river Nile - the most stretched river on the Earth; in addition, it is the longest "channel" in all Solar system. Both terminations of the canal are not visible, so its full length is not determined till now.
Similar channel-like structures are rather characteristic for the surface of Venus. According to supposition of scientists, they have been formed by hot lava which smelted or thermally eroded narrow sinuous passages on a flat  surface.

However, such hypothesis does not explain the reason of creation stretching out on thousand kilometres cracks, splits, disruptions or narrow (non-comparable narrow in comparison with their length) sags in venusian crust inside of which lava selectively flowed.
The most part of venusian "channels" has breadth from 1 to 3 km. In some respects (meandering, cutoff meanders, etc.) they look like Earth's rivers. However "channels" of Venus are not such sinuous, as the river valleys. "Channels" are  partly overlapped by lava flows and intercepted by fractures and folded rises. Besides, "channels" extend both downwards and upwards of slopes. According to scientists it means they have experienced local rises and descents in the result of tectonic processes on Venus after their forming.
And may be, these are real beds of ancient venusian rivers or  sections of ancient roads abandoned by for a long time ago perished unknown venusian civilizations? Legends of many people living on  Earth as if confirm it.

Read about Venus and its comparison with the Earth, and the prospects for the development of life on this planet in my article "Phaeton, Mars, the Earth - the following Venus. Venus - the future home of earthlings"

The section "Collection of inexplicable things and facts"

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