The Purpose of This Site - Preparation of a Platform for Education Reform in the Field of Natural Science (Earth Science) - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The Purpose of This Site - Preparation of a Platform for Education Reform in the Field of Natural Science (Earth Science)

About the author and his project

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Have you ever thought about what do you want most of all? For the sake of what do you live in this world? And what do you need to make that progeny don't forget you?  
It seems to me the majority of people will answer these questions negatively. And not because they aimlessly spend time, and because  life with its sweeping whirl of events suck down in the depths so that few have time to think about the real destination. Especially it concerns  those who are young and see before themselves the "sea" of temptations, or permanently think about prosperity of the household. The time of overvalue of the acts and knowledge of the true meaning of life comes more often in the age of maturity .
For ones it is forty, for others - fifty, for thirds - sixty years etc., though, of course, there are also exclusions. This time many of us often want to make something important and useful not only for him(her)self, the friends and relatives, but also for the rest of  people living on our planet. They want to carry out some work which retain after itself  a bright track in the  society in which they as the fates decree lived the bulk of their mortal life.
I wrote in my articles and books that I have such purpose too. Searching of many years of answers to  different questions in the field of natural sciences (astronomy, geophysics, geology, archeology, history etc.) has led me to conviction that the
sharp necessity of the reform in natural sciences has matured today more than ever earlier.
It is necessary to find courage in him(her)self to acknowledge that a lot of  textbooks for schoolboys and students  and lectures in colleges and universities are inaccurate. It is necessary to collect a collective of young (by soul; eighty-year-old "old men" can belong to such persons too), creatively tuned and progressively thinking specialists and to overwrite textbooks on a number of disciplines. There are no secret for anybody now - in that, the age of reasonable mankind doesn't surpass 200 thousand years and our grandparents originated from a monkey believe only authors of hopelessly outdated textbooks and conservative-minded teachers, lecturing on them.
In mythology of the majority of people living on the Earth and geological beds, many evidences
accumulated which didn't allow to doubt that reasonable beings similar and not similar to the modern people had lived on Earth untill, at least, 66 million years ago. And they had much bigger knowledge of the world, than we, had flight vehicles and space stations,
flighted to other planets and other Galactics, possessed just designed by our military specialists weather, geophysical and incomprehensible for us magic weapon (and here).
They, these reasonable beings which legends name gods and demons, have rendered the most direct influence on all the history of our planet during the Cenozoic period. And not to recognise or hide (that is even worse) this fact is inhumanly. After all, without knowing of the true history of our grandparents we easily can repeat a lot of  mistakes made by them which not once before resulted in destroying of the previous mankind.
I hope my work, the results of which are presented in three my books of  the "Book of Lost Knowledge" series: "Disappeared Inhabitants of the Earth ", "Battles of Ancient Gods " and "Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves" and on this site, will accelerate an appearance  of new textbooks, manuals and courses of lectures on natural sciences. Even in spite of the fact it will be met in"spits" by many conservative-minded scientists and any kind of fighters with"pseudoscience". Even in spite of the fact that it, for certain, comprises a great number of inexactnesses and uncertainties  and requires reviewing of variety of facts. Believe me, I made all depending of me to collect together all accessible on the period of writing my works facts  and to build the harmonous and consistent scientific concept of the history of Earth and mankind. And if somebody names it pseudoscientific one it will be a lie because my work is exclusively based on  the facts though poor enough. How do you think, what I would like most of all today? Knowledge! Therefore I will be grateful to all of us who will tell me about I do not know yet , will point to my mistakes, will give me the opportunity to look at the facts hidden from the majority of people. I would like very much to meet the last inhabitants of our planet who lived on it hundred thousands and millions years ago (they were long-livers and immortal). I cannot speak with certainty about it, but for some reason it seems to me the part of them lives on the 
Earth till now in a human appearance, 

proceeding to commit inconceivable for people miracles.
Other part is concealed in underground, submarine shelters and subterranean chambers on the dark  side of Moon. Who knows, may be the gods are  among them whom legends name Indra, Zeus and the Christ (when he was in a human appearance). I wrote in my book  "Battles of the ancient gods" that gods could not live on the surface of  Earth after loss of the  former atmosphere by it  and on variety of other reasons.
The history informed us  only about  some events of rapture to heaven of alive people  (the biblical patriarch Enoch, the Palestinian rabbi Ishmael,   Mohammed- prophet, Elijah-prophet etc. ). But they nevertheless occured in the past and "descended from heavens" received from the gods enormous knowledge, which the gods appealed to save from unworthies. Certainly, I have no a small part of virtues of these people, but...
"Mysterious are the ways of the Lord!". As they say, hope springs eternal.

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