Populations of the Earth and World Wars in the Late Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs. The Weapon of Gods and Demons - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Populations of the Earth and World Wars in the Late Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs. The Weapon of Gods and Demons

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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After victory of Indra over Huandi - Hiranyakashipa the world on the Earth was recovered only for a short while. However, it was quite enough that the authority in East China had again returned to adityas. Suizheng (Suyzhen, Suisheng) which descended, according to the Chinese legends, on land from the sky became the nominal governor of Heavenly Empire. He had found the destroyed country populated by savages feeding crude meat. Suizheng had taught them to get fire and to cook food on it.
The real authority in China, apparently, was centred in arms of four helpers of Suizheng: Minyou, Biyue, Chenbo and Yun Tsui or Yunli who had got out from undergound. Most likely, they were snakemen or multiarm beings.
In Egypt Suizheng, probablly, was similar to Shu which had replaced Ra and whom I have compared with Huandi.
Japan was ruled by aditya Ninigi (probablly, he is Suizheng too), but also he had to marry with  daughters of the Master of mountain chains Oho-Yama, Kono-khane and Yaha-Naga, which I  conditionally (on the basis of his title, conformable with a title of the Lord of yakshas Kubera in the Indian legends) has attributed to yakshas.
At Ninigi three sons were born who, according to Japanese legends, were born in the rooms filled with a flame. It as well as possible characterises (speaking in images)
all subsequent history of the Earth which consisted of the numerous wars alternated with periods of peaceful life of different duration.

Larger quantity of wars in  the late Miocene, than during all previous epoch (since the beginning of the Cenozoic era), and their constantly enlarged quantity during the subsequent epoch can be explained by the steadily reducing of life time of a larger unit of the Earth population.

Attention! The above point of view reflects my opinion three years ago. Now I adhere to the periodization of the history of Earth, in accordance not only with the geological time scale and duration of the worlds and world epochs of the Maya, Aztec, Hopi, but also with the duration of the Yugas of the ancient Indians. Each Yuga was resided in a certain life expectancy. The period of 16 - 5.3 million years correspond to the Dvapara Yuga (Bronze Age) during which people lived about 1000 years and life expectancy during this period, if decreased that to a very little degree. It is said in my article "Once Again about Time of Creation of the World and the Biblical (Noachic) Flood. The Amendments Brought by Geology and Folklore " and a number of other materials. The greater number of wars between gods, demons, heroes and ancestors of humans can be explained by diminished to 10 times a lifetime of people after the early-middle Miocene disaster (16 million years ago).

Legends of Hopi indians mention that in the Third world of Kuskurza (Kuss-kurh-zah) (16-5,3 million years ago) reproduction and development of "people" had gone so fast that numerous cities and countries began to appear. And many people began to forget about the real destination – to live in harmony with the Nature - and had got under influence of animal passions.

According to legends of Nahua and Aztecs, after the Sun occurrence in the beginning of the Fifth world epoch gods and "people" waged the wars four times which had led to destruction of the world,. The main characters of these wars were the daitya Tezcatlipoca and the danava Quetzalcoatl who may be was the old serpentine god or aditya or gandharva hidden under this name.

On idea of the Maya, Nahua, Aztecs and other American Indian people, wars were necessary to give the Sun to "get drunk" human blood. The framed people «were to wage regular wars …, [and on] fourteenth [year] after a deluge they had arranged war which lasted two years; and after three years they had again arranged war» («History of Mexicans on their drawings»).
Possibly, in such approach the principle of adjustment of the Earth population had been hidden - after all the previous catastrophic crash and immersion of the Earth into a gloom on whole 7 (?) million years was happened because of overcrowding of our planet.

In "Popol-Vuh" also it is mentioned numerous wars between the main old gods of Tohil (Quetzalcoatl), Avilish and Hakavitz with friendly «new people» of Balam-Quitze, a Balam-Akab, a Mahu Cutah (Mahucutah) and Equebalam (Ek'Balam), from one side, and «old people» (cakchiqueles, Tepeu Yaqui (Tepew Yaki), people from Rabinal, also Tziquinahá, Tuhalhá, Uchabahá, Kibaha, Batena, etc.).

According to the Indian legends, in the Miocene there were five wars between gods and "people" (15 or 13 million years ago, according to different stratigraphic schemes – the war had come to the end by victory of daityas under leadership of Hiranjakashipu, 12 million years ago - it was completed by victory of adityas led by Indra, 10, 9 and 8 million years ago - alternate ownership of the world by daityas under leadership of Prahlad (Prahalad) and Indra).
One war of adityas with daityas and danavas led by Bali was happened on the Miocene and Pliocene boundary (5,3 million years ago), and one more war between them (most likely, this was another Bali) - in the Pliocene (about 2,8 million years ago). After these wars the authority at first had transferred to daityas and danavas and then to adityas.

According to the Indian legends the first war of adityas with Bali was happened in the Treta-yuga when "people" lived 10 000 years. Hence, the Miocene – Pliocene or as I have assumed earlier, the early-middle Miocene or Oligocene - Miocene catastrophe can really represent a change boundary of life duration of the Earth population from 100 000 to 10 000 years. Though, more probably, it was the long-term process which begun 24 million years ago and had completed 5,5 million years ago. Most likely, it was resulted from non-reversible break down (destruction) of water-steam cover.

Attention! The above point of view, again, reflects my opinion three years ago, when I still did not conduct synchronization of the geochronological scale and duration of the worlds and world epochs of the Maya, Aztec and Hopi Indian with the duration of the Indian Yugas. The assignment the time of the first war of Adityas with Bali to the Treta Yuga, which ended 15.9 million years ago, can indicate either an inaccurate of the dating (of) some wars of gods and demons, carried out by me, and they occurred much earlier, or an erroneous attribution of this war to the Treta Yuga in the Indian tradition.
In "The most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which mankind appeared. When it happened?" and "Once again about the time of creation of the world ..." I have shown that the destruction of the water-vapor cover (envelope) began during the Eocene-Oligocene catastrophe (34 million years ago) and nearly completed at the turn of the Early and Middle Miocene (16 million years ago).

At the Pliocene and Pleistocene boundary (approximately 1,75 million years ago) there was one more grandiose battle resulted with authority of daityas, this time led by Taraka. In the beginning of Pleistocene epoch (about 1,5 million years ago) multiarm Skanda the son of Shiva had gained the victory over Taraka.
On my counts in the Pleistocene, the Earth had been shocked by eleven catastrophes which had happened approximately 900, 800, 730, 530, 480, 420, 110, 70, 55, 24, 12 thousand years ago. Except them, there were, at least, also two periods (670-620, 390-250 thousand years ago) when catastrophic changes happened much more often on our planet. The majority of these catastrophes, most likely, also were resulted of world wars in which heroes and people of modern phylum took part along with gods and demons (each time they became ever less).

The end of the Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene were characterised by an exit on historical (more correctly, mythological) arena of generation of heroes - sons of gods from mortal women. They had an athletic build similar to gods, but they had been deprived immortality. Gods often looked at battles from flight vehicles. It bears that conditions on the Earth became less and less eligible to life of immortal and long-livers.

In wars between gods, demons, heroes and people they used space stations and flight vehicles and «weapon terrifying all three worlds» comparable on power with nuclear and laser weapon, and also weather, geophysical and geomagnetic weapon which our military specialists devises. They were in the inventory, at least, of adityas, gandharvas, apsaras, daityas, danavas, rakshasas and yakshas.
According to legends of Hopi indians, in the same time they began to build magic gears intended for war. The Luka clan (Maya Danava of daityas and danavas and Vishvakarma of adityas) flying machines patuvvota, in the form of boards and supplied by vital energy of people. Soon very many "people" had learnt to plot patuvvota and battled on them among themselves, along with flight vehicles and space stations of adityas and daityas with danavas.
The ravages of wars, apparently, were enormous. Especially strong they were in the end of the Third world of Hopi when it has been blasted by the deluge. According to convictions of these Indians,
the residuals of the Third world lie till now under a depth of oceans (it’s many million years age confirms this fact!).
Only one catastrophe happened after 16 million years ago, could lead to similar aftereffects. It is the catastrophe at the Miocene and Pliocene boundary (5,3 million years ago), escorted by an orogenesis, eruption of burning mountains and Flood and it is known to geologists of the whole world as the «Messina event». Apparently, it had marked the end of the Third world of Hopi.

The beginning of the theme/White maculas" of the Pliocene - Pleistocene mythology of Indians in both Americas and their possible causes

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