Planetary Paleogene Greenhouse - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Planetary Paleogene Greenhouse

World in the Palaeogene. Prosperity of Hyperborea
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The evidence for a warm, humid climate of the Paleocene and Eocene epochs (66-44mya until probably 34 million years ago) across the planet has caused many researchers to conclude that during this interval of Earth's history there was a warm greenhouse-like atmosphere with high concentrations of water vapor, carbon dioxide and possibly other greenhouse gases. *** The content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, according to O. Ivashchenko, was about five times higher than at present.

According to Appy Sluijs and his colleagues from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), the Earth's atmosphere back then consisted of two membranes – an atmosphere similar to the modern, and a second water canopy consisting of frozen water vapor in the lower stratosphere (10-50 km) which is currently preserved. The tiny ice crystals caught and did not miss a part of the solar radiation that Earth reflects back into the atmosphere, and thus contributed to the greenhouse effect.
Expert in the field of atmospheric physics, Dr. J. Dillow in the book "Water from the Top" explains the mathematical evaluation of how much water vapor could consistently be above the atmosphere. He showed that it was equivalent to an almost 12 meter thick layer of liquid water and causes additional pressure of the atmosphere near p = 1.18 bar (see also the comments on this work by U.Chaschihina: "A Biblical Model Steam Dome above the Atmosphere of Earth").

A similar structure of Earth's atmosphere in ancient times is described in the Indian Vedas, in which the sky is divided into two tiers: the upper plate with water reserves "Svah" and behind it the air space "Bhuvah", below which is the Earth "Bhuh."
The same structure of the antediluvian atmosphere has been suggested by many modern theologians based on text analysis of the book "Genesis" of the Old Testament. According to them, the shell over the air ("firmament") is a second, water-steam jacket ("waters which were above the firmament"). It created a huge planetary greenhouse, below which was lodged all the first world:
"... For the Lord God did not cause it to rain upon the earth, and there was no man to till the ground, but a mist came up from the earth and watered the whole face of the earth."
The water and steam shell also protected the earth from cosmic radiation.

A two-layer model of the pre-flood atmosphere is a good explanation of why the mention of a rainbow in the Bible refers only to the time after the flood. It is known a rainbow occurs only when the sun shines thru a curtain or mist of rain, and is seen on the opposite side of the sky from the sun (relative to the observer).  This explains the refraction, reflection and diffraction of sunlight caused by drops of rain. Before the flood, sunlight apparently was completely diffracted in every direction and could not produce a clear direction of the rays. (This means the ground and plants were watered by a persistent, heavy, uncondensed moisture (mist, fog) in the air instead of actual rainfall. – Laura's commentings)

This water/steam jacket apparently created a high atmospheric pressure. This is supported by findings of amber with bubbles, the pressure inside of which is much higher than the present-day atmospheric pressure. According to the hypothesis of Eugene Belshesova, the pressure and density of the atmosphere at the end of the Mesozoic era, and probably the beginning of the Cenozoic were approximately 6.5 times higher than they are now.

The next catastrophe on Earth, the Great Flood (see here also), coincided with the creation of the present world and the collapse of the atmospheric water-steam casing  the whole mass of atmospheric water to catastrophically spill upon the ground. Genesis 7:11 describes the beginning of the great flood thus: "and on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." (This implies some of the flood waters came from underground also. – Laura's commentings)

Read a more complete version of this subject at "The Paleocene-Eocene – The "Golden Age"of Humanity" and my work "Description of the catastrophe which had led to change of the old and new worlds and appearance of the modern mankind (humans), in legends of different people: the loss of water-steam cover (envelop), the flood and glaciation  (L Fitzpatrick's title "The Loss of Earth’s Water-Vapor Envelope causing Global Flooding and Ice")  

The section "World in the Palaeogene. Prosperity of Hyperborea"/Fauna of the Paleogene

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my work on the destruction of the water-vapor envelope and creation of a new world "The most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which mankind appeared. When it happened?", "Legends and hypotheses about a lunar rabbit, churning of the ocean, spinning up of the firmament (vault of heaven), origin of the Moon and connection of the Moon with death and immortality - the description of catastrophes at the boundaries between the Third and Fourth and the Fourth and Fifth world epochs, acquisition of modern appearance by Earth and emergence of the modern person - Homo Sapiens " и "Once again about the time of creation of the world and the biblical (Noachic) Flood. The amendments brought by geology and folklore"

See also my works: "Catastrophe at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary (34 million years ago)", Катастрофа на рубеже эоцена и олигоцена", "Catastrophes and alteration of climate in the Miocene" and "Earth in the Early Paleogene and the planet Uranus - twins,  brothers?  To what unexpected conclusions it is possible to come on a joint of astronomy, geology and folklore"    (L Fitzpatrick's title "Earth in the early Paleogene and the Planet Uranus - Twin Brothers? Unexpected Conclusions based upon the Correlation of Astronomy, Geology and Folklore"

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