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Pishachas - Dark Demons from Indian legends, Vampires

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In the Old Indian mythology Pishachas are described as spiteful and harmful demons or vampires sending diseases, attacking people, feeding their meat and a blood and devouring corpses. In the late Vedic literature ("Ahtarva Veda") Pishachas appear as one of three classes of dark demons (together with  Rakshasas and asuras), withstand to gods, people and light demons. Sometimes they are identifyed with dyeed in gold yellow colour  Rakshasas and included in the suite of Shiva.
In the "Tibetian book of the Dead" Pishachas are characterized by witches with bird's (of a hawk, raven, owl, etc.) and animal (of a lion, tiger, wolf, etc.) heads and human trunks of dark-violet, deep blue, black, red and light yellow colour.

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The data are reported that
Pishachas inhabited Vindhja mounts and talked in special tongue "pishacha".

The "Maitreya Upanishada"- the part of the "Black Yajur-Veda", names Pishachas by demons-snakes.

The section "Aboriginal inhabitants"

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