Phaeton, Mars, Earth, the following - Venus! - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Phaeton, Mars, Earth, the following - Venus!

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A. Koltypin's work "Phaeton, Mars, Earth - the following Venus!" consists of three parts. In the first part characteristic features of planet of Venus are described - its position in the Solar system, the character of orbital motion of Venus, and its rotation around the axis, the atmosphere, climate, relief of Venusian surface, volcanic and tectonic activity, rocks and inner structure of Venus. In the second part the structure, composition and development of Earth in pre-Archean and the Early Archean (4,5 - 3,4 billion years ago) is described, and arguments in favour of that atmosphere, climate, relief, rocks of Venus and volcanic and tectonic processes on it surprisingly resemble those on Earth in pre-Archean and Early Archean (4,0-3,8 billion years ago) are put forward. The conclusion is done that events on Venus characterize the stage of evolution of Earth before the first great catastrophe 3,9 billion years ago, and sharp temperature and pressure fall of Earth's atmosphere which had changed appearance and all further path of development of our planet, the culmination of which was life. In the third, final part of  the work, the basic differences between Earth and Venus, the main of which is slow rotation of Venus about the axis, are considered. The conclusion is done that if an asteroid will collide with Venus or the future Earth civilization will strike to it precisely calculated blow from some superpower weapon that, with a high probability, there will be a life on it. Venus is considered as the reserve planet for life of the earth dwellers. Its future geography with display of approximate boundaries of the oceans and continents is given.

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