Outcome of White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island. Part 1. The Paleocene-Eocene. Disembarkation of white gods to the Earth and their life on Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa) - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Outcome of White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island. Part 1. The Paleocene-Eocene. Disembarkation of white gods to the Earth and their life on Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa)

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  There is a strange thing - destiny. Sometimes it slowly and truly conducts us on the wide blazed road, sometimes it compels us to turn off to hardly appreciable paths that often leads to absolutely unexpected results. One year ago I have finished my third book about the disappeared continents and civilizations in which I has carried out the joint analysis of the folklore and geological data and I have produced next evidence that the mankind history begins, at least, in the end of the Mesozoic era, and, most likely, since much earlier times. Then iridescent mirages of the near future loomed before me in a bright sunlight. I saw my books being sold in bookshops, and I imagined that I give  interview for newspapers, radio and TV, and scientific institutes invites me to take part in conferences. I also planned to write the fourth, fifth books …
But it turned out not so, as I would like, as I planned in the beginning. My first book «Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth» has been let out by scanty circulation in 3 thousand copies and, according to publishers, about one year it was “scattered” on counters of bookshops though it was absent after two months of issue in any shop I came. My readers from Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia wrote me about the same. They looked for the book everywhere and could not buy it. However that may be, be that as it may - whether it was on sale, whether lay in  warehouse at sellers indifferent to its destiny it has become the reason of more than one year delay of my second and third book’s publication. Having realized the difficulties of books selling and distress of Russian book market, I began to do the author's site http://www.dopotopa.com which, due to Divine help, has expanded to 600 pages after 9 months.  
The site has given the chance to involve much bigger quantity of people (about 1000 readers from every corner of the globe at the moment of writing the article and about 2000 readers in the end of 2012). I have placed in the site only third of all materials written two years ago. They have made a basis of two books «Battles of ancient gods» (published in 2011) and «Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves» (published in 2013). They contain the most valuable comparison of the folklore and geological data and on its basis I have reconstructed chronology of the events stated in ancient legends. This all could become a fierce debate subject at different levels - from popular mass-media to leading scientific institutes and conferences.
I have taken a great volume of researches to proof existence of disappeared northern continent Hyperborea. I have reconstructed geography, climate and structure of the population of different continents during different geological epoch. I have established the reasons and the time of destruction of the worlds existed before according to legends of the different people of the world. I have adhered them up to the time of the global catastrophes, known due to the geological data. I have made much - many other things and now I have to wait, when will publishers deign to publish, at last, my books, when my researches drawn conclusions will hopelessly become outdated … Or, without waiting it, should I begin to put my books on my site?    
I do not know the answer. Therefore, not to waste time further, I will start to put the most interesting themes. One of such themes to which I wanted to devote the fourth book and to which I promised to touch upon in the works  «Gandharvas - the teachers who have told about secrets of the Earth and the sky » and «Elves in Ancient Ireland.  Elves civilization - a historical reality!» is Outcome of "white gods» from the mythological native land - Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa from the Indian legends, Blue Svargа from Slavic legends). In this review I will try to answer the following questions: when had «white gods» come to Hyperborea? Who were these people? When had their outcome begun from the Northern continent and how long it was? Where have been they disappeared, and whether have disappeared at all, and also on many other questions. So!

Disembarkation of white gods to the Earth in the end of the Mesozoic era and of white and black "demons" in the end of the Oligocene

Time of life of white gods on our planet was incomprehensibly long. They were eye-witnesses of many global catastrophes, and from the moment of formation up to decline of their civilization outline of continents and oceans were transformed beyond recognition.

According to Indian and Slavic legends, during the times fabulously far from us when continents looked absolutely in another way, and the north settled down not there where it is now, on the Earth there was a great fight of white gods under leadership of Indrà or Svarog and many-headed and winged demons-dragons - "dragons fierce, many-headed" under leadership of Vritrà or Chernobog. During this fight "the earth" has been split and "all earth has been mixed with blood", the first world was destroyed in which there were no people, a victory was gained by white gods, and the escaped demons-snakes were thrown down under the earth.
In my work "Great battle of white gods and demon-snakes (dragons) for Earth. A new look at the cause of the Cretaceous-Paleogene catastrophe" I have shown that the fight of gods and demons-dragons could take place in an unique episode in the history of Earth - the time of destruction of dinosaurs and other reptiles which is dated as the boundary between  the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras (66 million years ago). In the same work I suggested that during this war aircraft, nuclear and other weapon were used. (see also "Mineral oil (petroleum) and coals with heightened contents of uranium, vanadium, nickel, iridium and other metals - the sediments of epochs of "nuclear wars").  

    In the first book of "Mahabharata" ("Adiparva" or "Beginning") it is said that during age-old times two big groups of space newcomers settled down on Earth - Adityas who had subordinated the Universe to themselves and their "impious" enemies Daityas and Danavas who had the aim to increase on the Earth in number and to inflict shattering defeat to Adityas. In the Indian legends Adityas are white humanoid gods or demigods, but Daityas and Danavas are white and, presumably, black humanoid demons. Their such division is based on the different relation to Harmony and a divine order. Àdityas and also living (landed to the Earth?) together with them Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Charanas, Siddhas were considered as vegetarians living in harmony with the nature , and Daityas and Danavas - atheists non-vegetarians "trampling" on world harmony (but not all).

   The most ancient Indian book "Adiparva" in detail depicts the episode of Daityas and Danavas coming to mother Earth:
"During former time divine adityas, taking controls on the Universe, battled to the impious relatives daityas and had won them. Having lost high position and the power, daityas and danavas had started to be born on this planet, carefully having calculated that they will easily become gods of the Earth, having subordinated it to their demonic power. Here so … also had occurred that among various beings and communities of asuras had started to appear on the Earth. [With amazing accuracy carrying out the carefully planned invasion to the Earth, daityas disappeared under different appearances.] … Demons were born in such quantity that the Earth Bhumi hardly could take out so heavy burden. Having lost the former position on high planets, sons of Diti and Danu came in this world as powerful tsars in other appearances. They were courageous and haughty and have literally captivated itself the earth surrounded with ocean, ready to crush all who will dare it to oppose …."
   According to "Adiparva", Adityas have appeared on mother Earth after Daityas:
"Begging about the help, goddess Bhumi in the presence of governors of all planets of the Universe, has told to Lord Brahma about the distress … Mighty Lord Brahma … applied to Earth Mother : I know, why did you come to me, but your position  is so heavy that for the help I should call all celestials ….
   Having talked to the Supreme Person of God Narayana (Vishnu), Lord Indra and other demigods had decided to go down to the Earth, in partial transformation … Celestials by continuous train had started to go down to the Earth to destroy the enemies and to rescue all the worlds … Celestials began to kill impious danavas, cannibals-Rakshasas, cruel spirits, magicians in a snake appearance and various other creations which  devoured alive people … ".

   The further studying of the Old Indian literature, legends of other people and their comparison to the geological data helped me in the book "Battles of ancient gods" to divide disembarkation time of space newcomers first group for mother Earth - Adityas - to the end of the Mesozoic period (before 65,5 million years ago) and the second group - Daityas and Danavas to the end of the Oligocene era of the Paleogene epoch (not later than 24-23 million years ago).
   Many arguments in favour of such time are present in the book "Battles of ancient gods" and supported by the analysis of the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Sumer-Babylon, Egyptian, central-American and South American legends and their comparison to the geological data, mentioned in my third book "Earth before the flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves". About the same time (the end of the Mesozoic era - "in a century of domination of huge monsters of the Mesozoic period" when on the Earth there lived reptiles, "dragons of the sea depths, flying snakes, huge fish-birds and snakes with armour-clad heads" which laid eggs) of occurrences of Sons of Wisdom on the Earth it is said in N.K.Roerich's "Lemuria". According to Roerich, they have arrived to the Earth from Space and, thus, likely most of them were divine Adityas/Svarozhichi (though, may be the first group of space newcomers consisted of wise men - mystics Vidyadharas, Charanas, Siddhas).
   Daityas and Danavas came to the Earth and met different snakemen which were descendants of demons-dragons and partly of snakemen-amphibians (Enki, Osiris, Isida, Shennun, Gungun, Chalchiuhtlicue and others).
   Also, in the Oligocene multiarmed and many-headed intelligent beings (Rakshasas, Nairitas, Hecatoncheires, etc.) came to our planet. As Adityas in the end of the Mesozoic era, the same Daityas and Danavas in the end of the Oligocene had to struggle against these beings. The part from them, according to the "Mahabharata", Puranas, Book of Enoch, Book of giants (the fallen angels) all of them were werewolves and could take the form of the human person. Some of them entered marriages with aboriginals of the Earth and formation of races of giants was such mixture result.

Ability snakemen and multiarmed beings to get the human shape, noted in many Indian and Indochina and other legends, confirm the fact that humanoids lived on the Earth at that time.

 Waiting through consequences of the Cretaceous and Palaeogene catastrophe underground and in Space

The earliest episodes of white gods life on the Earth are reconstructed due to the Old Indian literature (Rig-Veda, a Mahabharata, Puranas), Buddhist texts (…), the Mongol-Tibetan and Slavic legends, theosophy texts of E.Blavatskaya, N.K.Roerich's works and their comparison to the geological data. The war between Adityas, Svarozhichi and snakemen had led to destructive catastrophe. During this time "huge gaping splits" of the earth crust were formed. If to compare this event with the Cretaceous-Palaeogene catastrophe, formation of splits should be accompanied by the strongest earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods (a tsunami and "outpouring of heavens"), acid rains and the long period of gloom and cold. Factually, it was extremely difficult to survive in such conditions. Therefore escaped snakemen together with dinosaurs had taken cover in underground refuges, and space newcomers adityas had to search a haven in Space (the part from them, apparently, remained there till Daityas and Danavas arrival to Earth).
   After few centuries or millenaries when the gloom has dissipated, and conditions for photosynthesis were restored on the Earth, snakemen came out from underground, and some Adityas (may be together with Gandharvas, Apsaras, Vidyadharas, Charanas, Siddhas) had gone down on Earth.  Apparently, there were no anymore war zones on Earth because of not many those and others.

Paleocene-Eocene - the mankind Golden Age. Life of white gods in Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa), located in a tropical climate

The following after the fight of white gods and demons-dragons episode which is often mentioned in legends is life of Adityas together with Gandharvas in Svarga (Blue Svarga - Jambudvipa), which capital was the divine city of Amaravati. The analysis of ancient texts and the modeling of living conditions of giants (snakemen and multiarmed beings reached 10-15 m of height) shows that snakemen lived in tropical equatorial regions, continents and were engaged mainly in agriculture.
   At that period there were unique conditions on the Earth. The axis of its rotation was almost vertically, the planet rotated quickly and duration of days was only 8-9 hours) which defined natural border of living areas of white gods and snakemen. On Hyperborea and Antarctica the influence of centrifugal force was weak and gravity was close to modern, Adityas/Svarozhichi lived there. But in tropical and equatorial areas the gravity due to a big centrifugal force connected with fast rotation of Earth, was much less of modern, so snakemen- giants lived here.
   According to colorful descriptions of Amaravati in Mahabharata, Puranas and other Indian and Buddhist ancient texts the capital of Svarga, Jambudvipa was in a tropical climate. Amaravati settled down on the Meru mount (Hara in Avesta) in the area of northern pole. Results of deep-water drilling in Arctic region and geological researches of the Arctic and Antarctic coasts allow to limit the time-period of existence of tropical climate in the northern continent (from North America, Northern Europe up to Tibet) and Antarctica 65,5 - 55 million years. The warm conditions in the central part of Arctic regions remained up to the end of the Eocene (40-34 million years ago) and at this time there grapes still grew (read about it in my book "Battles of ancient gods").
   In the early Eocene the northern continent submerged and the Greenland, Norwegian depression and Lofontensky hollow appeared in the North Sea.
   In the first part named "the Country of immortal, magicians and wizards. When was the "Golden Age" on Earth?" of my book "Battles of ancient gods" I have determined the Paleocene-Eocene as the "Golden Age". During 32 million years, there weren't wars on the Earth and all its population (white gods - Adityas together with Gandharvas, Apsaras, Vidyadharas, Charanas, Siddhas and snakemen) lived in peace.

Part 2. The Oligocene-Pleistocene. Revival of mankind and moving white gods on all world

© A. Koltypin, 2010
©  P. Oleksenko, 2011 (translation)
(with abbreviations, the complete version of the article in Russian is here)

We, A. Koltypin the authors of this work, and P.Oleksenko the translator of this work, give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given.

Read my works "Paleocene-Eocene - the Golden Age of (Humanity) Mankind", "Catastrophe at the Cretaceous-Palaeogene boundary (66-65 million years ago)", "Great battle of white gods and demon-snakes (dragons) for Earth. A new look at the cause of the Cretaceous-Paleogene catastrophe",  "Industry, wars and ecology of antediluvian Earth. Part 1. From life in harmony with Nature to development of mining and processing industry", "Emancipated female society: a view from time immemorial (remote ages).  About a leading role of women in the development of human civilization and the existence of states and nations, leaded by women"
Read also my work "Earth in the Early Paleogene and the planet Uranus - twins,  brothers?  To what unexpected conclusions it is possible to come on a joint of astronomy, geology and folklore"


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