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Origin of Humans (People)

Origin of gods and men
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Main characteristics of origin of a man according to sacred texts and cosmogonic myths

The question about origin of a man is considered in many canonical (sacred) and apocryphal (not canonical) writings. This subject is not evaded by any cosmogonic legend.
In all holy scriptures and the majority of cosmogonic myths God is the creator of a man. In the "Mahabharata" and the Puranas the father of all people is Brahma, in the epos of maya "Popol-Vuh" - Tepeu and Kukumats, in the "East history" (history of Toltecs) by F. Ishtlilshochitl (XVII century) - Tloke Naguake. In the "Old testament" people were created by Jahveh,  in the "Koran" - by Allah.
In "Vishnu-purana" people appeared during the seventh creation, in "Popol-Vuh"- the third creation, in "East history "- the fourth creation. In ancient Aztec/Toltec written sources  the  "Code of Vatikanus ", the "Code of Rios ", the "Code of Telleriano-Remensis " formation of people took place at the third or the fourth stages of creation, in the "Old testament " and the "Koran "- at the first stage of creation. However, they also speak about new creation from destroyed remnants of the former world.
In spite of the peculiarities inherent in each ancient text and myth, common features are inherent to them also. In the beginning God creates the sky and Earth, then light, then continents and oceans, then plants and animals and only at a culminating phase of creation - people. And at once there appears people of habitual for us appearance and constitution, and they are constructed just like God, being simultaneously both the Creator, and the Father, and in some legends, and Mother:
"And God has created a man in his image and likeness, in image and likeness of God he has created him: he has created them - a man and a woman".

Main characteristics of origin of a man with my commentings

I will not view here all existing legends about the origin of a man. I will stint (restrict) only by utterance of my own understanding of it.
People have been created rather recently -
not until the boundary between the Fourth and Fifth world epochs . The fact is that all legends which concerns more earlier time don't mention about people at all (Old Indian literature), or they speak that in that time  there were no true people yet  (slavonic legends of Svarog' cycle,  epos and codes of the Maya, Toltecs and Aztecs). Judging by the chronology of life of "chaldaic" tsars, given by Beros, the time of appearence of the first people can be approximately dated by 434 millenary BC х  12 = 5 184 000 years ago, which corresponds to the global catastrophe at the Miocene and Pliocene boundary. Perhaps, even more likely, the first people appeared even earlier - about 16 million years ago (and here).
People have been constructed just like God - their Creator and Father. Such Father or more correctly Fathers could be Adityas, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Charanas, and Siddhs. All of them had humanoid appearance though, apparently, and differed from people more higher height (up to 2,5-3 metres), strong constitution, considerably larger longevity calculated in tens - hundreds thousand years, and many superhuman capacities, allowing to consider them as  gods.
I am going to suggest to you three possible versions of an origin of a man.

Origin of a man. Version 1

The first and most probable version of an origin of a man - cloning of people just like gods - adityas, gandharvas, vidyadharas, charanas, and or of demons -  daityas and danavas. Who was our forefathers, to determine is not simply. Though if to take legends literally, the most suitable father or fathers were divine adityas. Enormous knowledge of these incomers allows to consider that the cloning of people, animals or chimaera did not present for them big  labour (toil).
Taking into consideration that by the time of creation of a man there remained on the Earth snake-like, multiarm and other beings-giants with unusual  appearance for people, adityas, daityas, danavas, gandharvas, vidyadharas, charanas or siddhs  lodged (settled) the first people in specially designed for saving of cleanness of a race the Edenic garden or Paradise (under the biblical version). But, in spite of it,  indigenous (native) inhabitants of the Earth in some Snake had managed to penetrate into it all the same.
You, of course, know very well further history. The first people had been driven  away from the Edenic garden by their Creator or creators and had quickly enough colonized the Earth - apparently, with feasible help of other inhabitants of our planet (different "monsters").

Sacred and apocryphal texts and legends do not give data about quantity and specific differences of the remaining population of the Earth in the time of creation of a man. Nevertheless, their comprehensive analysis allows to conclude that in that far time the population of the Earth was not numerous, and besides people there were disconnected groups of different species of "monsters". Perhaps, quantity of such groups was insufficient for saving of genus and they were compelled to espouse (to get  married) with one another and a man. 

Questions on the first version of origin of a man and my answers to them

By viewing of this version of origin of a man some questions appear. Why  Adityas, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Charanas or Siddhs  have not created people at the very beginning of the abiding on the Earth (beginning with  66 million years ago) - to fill up their army with clones, for example? Why they have created only two human being? For what purpose people were to them?
I do not have convincing answers to these questions. There is only supposition that after some catastrophe (it occured16 million years ago, and less likely to 5.3 million years ago) which had shaken the world to its foundation,  conditions for life on our planet were changed so hardly that space incomers and native inhabitants of the Earth could not live more on it. They had been doomed to perish and more progressive in technologies adityas, daityas, danavas, gandharvas, vidyadharas, charanas or siddhs  decided to create people just like they - gods.
People should not be too much - incomers could calculate that for hundred thousand years - the time intended for their own life - two persons was quite enough to colonize all the Earth. They could also foresee that sooner or later  people would escaped limits of the Edenic garden and would meet on their path  lived nearby some native inhabitants, even in spite of the fact that there remains a little of them.
As I repeatedly note in the section "Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth", all native inhabitants of the Earth were werewolves. They were capable to receive human appearance and to enter intimate linkage with people and to give progeny. Means, the more would be created people, the more would be mixed marriages. The more would be  probability of "pollution" of cleanness of the race created by gods or demons just like they.

Origin of a man. Version 2

The second version of origin of a man  suppose sexual intercourses (intimacies, marriages) between   Adityas, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Charanas or Siddhs  and some group of shortish beings, for example, people-monkeys  vanaras (the vivid example to that is the leader of people-monkeys Hanuman, the son of a monkey or a vanara Caesar and apsara Anjana). In this case Ch. Darwin could be right and people really, in any sense, could originated from monkeys

Origin of a man. Version 3

At last, the third version of origin of a man suppose that at alteration of the conditions on Earth (velocity of its rotation,  gravitation,  atmospheric composition, cosmic radiation, etc.) Adityas, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Charanas or Siddhs  became less high, and their life became much shorter. That is they in the course of evolution turned into customary people.
This version is contradicted by residing  in Ireland at II millenary BC the People of Danu. Men and women of this nation differed by unusual for people longevity (some thousand years) and possessed practically all capacities, which  legends assign to semigods of Gandharvas.

The beginning of the section/Continuation "Great mixing and formation of human races"

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