Once Again about Time of Creation of the World and the Biblical (Noachic) Flood. The Amendments Brought by Geology and Folklore - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Once Again about Time of Creation of the World and the Biblical (Noachic) Flood. The Amendments Brought by Geology and Folklore

Great catastrophes
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In my work «5 184 000 - 12 500 years ago - lifetime of modern mankind from Creation of the world to the Flood. Once again about comparison of mythological history to the geochronological scale» I have voiced another point of view for the period of creation of the world and biblical or Noachic deluge according to the Old Testament. I have noted that this question demands additional examinations. Now, after the "baring" of large bed of new legends and paleoclimatic  data and their comparison I am declined to return to my hypothesis voiced in my books «Battles of ancient gods» and «Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves» and in my works «Legends and hypotheses about a lunar rabbit, churning of the ocean, spinning up of the firmament (vault of heaven), origin of the Moon and connection of the Moon with death and immortality - the description of catastrophes at the boundaries of  the Third and Fourth and the Fourth and Fifth world epochs, acquisition of modern appearance by Earth and emergence of the modern person - Homo Sapiens» and «The Most important catastrophe in the history of Earth during which  mankind appeared. When it happened?». According to my hypothesis the catastrophe which had marked a change of the worlds and creation of the new world was two-stage and matched to geologic catastrophes on the Paleogene-Neogene boundary (23 million years ago) and the early-middle Miocene (16 million years ago).

At the same time, the study of trend of climate fluctuation in the Paleogene and Neogene, noted in my works «Change of orientation of the Earth's axis and climate in the Oligocene», «Catastrophes and alterations of climate in the Miocene», «Catastrophe at the Miocene-Pliocene boundary (5,3 million years ago)», «Catastrophes and alteration of climate in the Pliocene», allows me to take some corrective amendments in my studies and to say that the destruction of water-steam cover was not abrupt as I considered in the beginning, but the long-term process. The thick water-steam shell covered Earth in the Paleoсene and Eocene (65,5-34 million years ago) which I have referred to the Golden Age, and it started to collapse during          the catastrophe at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary (34 million years ago). Then it continued to decrease during all the Oligocene called by  me the Small Golden Age. As a result mid-annual temperatures in this season had fallen on 10°С and was 9-12°С in the end of the Oligocene, climatic zonality and seasons of year appeared, and in the extreme South (in Antarctica) and in the North (in the Arctic region) even ices were formed. Nevertheless, the climate over Earth was still warm enough and damp though mid-annual temperatures of air in polar regions were nearby 5°С in the late Oligocene

In time of the Paleogene-Neogen catastrophe (23 million years ago) there was further destruction of the water-steam cover which began to poured out on earth's surface by the continuous rains. As a result of the catastrophe, the Earth's axis was transferred almost on 90 ° and Earth began to consist of light and dark halves. Nevertheless, though being also strongly thin the water-steam cover was still saved and life lasted both on light and dark halves of Earth and there were rains, hailstones and snow.
    Probablly, ample sediments had cooled hot surface and atmosphere of Earth and vegetation had revived on its light half. And the saved greenhouse effect had not allowed to dark half of the Earth to cool down strongly.
    During the following catastrophe on
the boundary of early-middle Miocene (15,9 million years ago) the bulk of remaining water-steam cover had been destroyed and appearance of the blue sky is the testimony of it. It also poured out on earth's surface by continuous rains and the new world - the world of people had been created. Nevertheless, some part of water-steam cover was still saved in a form of dense cloud, water vapour or ice chips kept in aerosphere. Therefore in the beginning of the new season (Indian Dvapara-yuga) lifespan of people “fixed” at a level of 1000 years (it was 10 000 years before). Possibly, the water-steam cover had been substituted by ozonosphere which was much more dense in the Miocene than today.
    During the middle and late Miocene (15,9 million years - 5,3 million years ago) the thickness of remainders of water-steam cover, concentration of water in aerosphere
in the form of vapour or chips of ice  or density of ozonosphere were decreased, that was accompanied by even temperature fall. Despite it, life of people during that epoch was saved at level of 1000 years, and possibly, it inappreciably decreased after some time (biblical forefathers Adam lived 930 years, Seth - 912 years, Enos (Enosh) - 905 years, Cainan - 910 years, Mahaleel - 895 years, Jared - 962 years, Enoch - 365 years, Methuselah - 969 years, Lamech - 753 years, Noah - 950 years).

Water-steam cover remainders had ultimately disappeared (or density of ozonosphere was sharply diminished) during the enormous Miocene-Pliocene catastrophe (5,3 million years ago) which had marked the beginning of the Kali-yuga. After this it had sharply become cold, and in the end of Pliocene the temperature had reached modern values (2-4°С), glaciers had expanded in Antarctica and the Arctic regions, stable subzero temperatures there were already registered in the end of Pliocene and life of people was quickly shortened till 120 years (biblical forefathers Noah lived 950 years, Shem - 600 years, Cainan - 460 years, Selah - 460 years, Heber-504 years, Peleg-339 years, Reu (Ragau) - 339 years, Serug - 330 years, Nahor - 208 years, Terah (Terach) - 275 years, Abraham - 175 years). Apparently, life of people continued to shorten up to the last catastrophe at the Pleistocene-Holocen boundary (12 thousand years ago) and after that it was about 70-80 years.

    At such periodization of history of the Earth and mankind the biblical (Noachic) deluge should be at the time of the Messina catastrophe (5,3 million years ago), and creation of the world should coincide with the catastrophe on the boundary of early-middle Miocene (16 million years ago).

The Book of Genesis narrates that during Noah's time the God had become angry with people for their unrighteous behaviour and had enacted that the human century will be restricted henceforth to 120 years - «let their days be hundred twenty years».

 Means, the life time of the biblical forefathers before the Flood (deluge) is equal to the life time in the Indian Dwapara-yuga and in the Third World of Indians Hopi, in the Fourth World of the Maya and the Fifth world epoch of Aztecs. The modern mankind (after ) lives in the Kali-yuga or in the Fourth World of Indians Hopi. According to Maya mankind prolongs to live in the Fourth World, and according to Aztecs - during the Fifth World epoch.

There were 4 more or 5 catastrophes during the Miocene and 2 catastrophes in the Pliocene. As I wrote in my book «Battles of ancient gods» they, most likely, had been linked with wars of gods, demons and ancestors of people and had brought the contribution to thedestruction of water-steam cover or «the narrowing» of ozonosphere.

Well, perhaps, the point is delivered in one of the most difficult and discordant questions of the history - duration of some periods of mankind existence. I do not doubt, that the chronological scheme offered by me will provoke at the beginning the sharp criticism from scientists who consider that modern person has appeared 200 000 years ago and from religious figures who consider that the world has been created about 6000 years ago. But I believe that sooner or later many researchers will recognise it (may be with considerable correction) – We cannot get out of the facts. Neither 200 thousand-year age of mankind, nor 6-thousand-year age of Earth is not confirmed neither geologic data, nor folklore.
    The offered periodization of epochs confirms my earlier voiced and unvoiced estimates that the Greek mythology and many national fairy tales present the
descriptions of events happened in the Dwapara-yuga or in the Third World of Indians Hopi when gods, multiarm giants, cyclopes, dragons and descendants of gods and mortal women - heroes and people lived on the Earth. Therefore they also seem to be a fantasy of primeval authors for many people. We can say the same about any other mythology.

Well, at last. So long-term breaking down (destruction) of water-steam cover testifies about it’s improbable high power and density in the Paleocene and Eocene. Therefore my hypothesis that Uranium and other planets-giants remind the Earth in the Paleocene and the Eocene has «the second wind».

Beginning/The work supplementing these and previous articles "The first chapter of Genesis - the story about creation of the new heaven, earth and men. What does the new translation of the Bible speak about?"

©  A Koltypin, 2012
©  P Oleksenko, 2012 (translation)

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