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Nivatakavachs - People-Amphibians from Indian Legends, the Great Antediluvian Civilization

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Nivatakavachs - that whose armour is impenetrable

It is known not much about the heroes of Indian myths of Nivatakavachs. They are mentioned in the "Vishnu Purana", the "Mahabharata" and  some other Old Indian books. The name of Nivatakavachs (nivatakavah) is translated from Sanskrit as "that whose armour is impenetrable" (B.L. Smirnov, 1962), or as "dressed in impenetrable shells or armour" (J.V. Vasilkova and S.L. Nevelova, 1987).

Description of Nivatakavachs in the "Mahabharata"

This is what speaks about them in the Third book of the "Mahabharata" in J.V. Vasilkova and S.L. Nevelova"s (1987) transfer (and me from it):
"When I [Arjuna] have taken possession (celestial) weapon and have earned [inhabitants of heaven's] confidencede , [Indra] … have told: …" In all three worlds there is now nothing beyond your strength. In a fortress in the depths of the ocean my enemies - danavas that are called "dressed in impenetrable shells" have taken refuge.
Their number is three hundred million, they resemble each other both an appearance, and power, and greatness. Conquer them, oh Kaunteja! ". Then he has given me the wondrously blazing chariot steered by Matali …
... Having overcomed stormy [ocean], the greatest saver of waters [teeming by tjameengils, tymy(teemi)tjameengils and makaras] (read about them in detail) I have seen stright before myself the city of daityas, teeming danavas. Here Matali has lowered onshore  quikly and made our way toward this city, filling neighbourhoods by the chariot clatter. Having heard that noise, similar to the celestial thunder, danavas … have locked the gate in a stew, have standed guard over the city , and noboby have become visible.
Here I have taken the thunder-like shall Devadatta and, having guided it towards the city of demons, have slightly blown in it. This sound has filled all the vault of heaven and has given rise to an echo,
giantsin horror have hidden. Then thousand sons of Dity, differently armed [demons] "in impenetrable shells" have appeared from everywhere. There were  in arms of  them …  various weapon …
In the meantime danadas have assembled the infinite troops quikly, their faces and voices were awful. There was such crash that (on a surface) of ocean floated hundred thousand dead fishes similar to rocks...
... And then they [nivatakavachs] have decided to resort to the help of magical charms …
When their [sorcery] has not achieved the object, danavas … have resorted … different miracles simultaneously. By a mighty, inducing horror, avalanche the awesome weapon has rushed, [ejecting] a flame, a wind and rocks. This shower called by secret forces has exhausted me in a run of the battle absolutely, when  suddenly  the terrible deep darkness was spreaded around …
... [Arjuna] have resorted to magic of the weapon inducing horror on foes, and little by little dispelled all magical charms. Then strongest of the demons, nonmeasurably mighty, have again started many miracles. It became light, then again [light] was captured by darkness, the world became invisible, and was then submerged in water … And suddenly in a height of a combat, disastrous for [the demons] "in impenetrable shells",
all danavas became invisible, having hidden thanks to magic...
... Struk down by vadzhra, vanavas as if mounts, were felled on land, carrying away one other … Killed [the demons] "in impenetrable shalls" as if debris of rocks, lied in the field of the combat by piles.
I and Matali have driven to the city, frightening by a rattle of the chariot to wives [of the demons] "in impenetrable shells" … Wives od daityas, frightened, have taken shelter in gilded housings decorated with different  jewels. Looking through perfect, unusual in appearance a city,  exceeding by its beaty to the capital of gods … ".

Nivatakavachs - highly-developed civilization of reptiles leading a semiaquatic-semiterrestrial lifestyle. Magic capacities of Nivatakavachs

It follows from the fragment of the"Mahabharata cited above :
- Nivatakavachs lived underwater and overland, their city was on an ocean coast. Apparently they spent a considerable part of time under water which was for them more customary environment, and their children grew and were brought up ashore. That is, on their lifestyle nivatakavachs resembled some modern aqueous mammalians (penguins and seals), reptiles (turtles and alligators) or amphibious (frogs);
- Nivatakavachs were highly-developed people: lived in a wonderful city on an ocean coast, the beauty of which exceeded the buity of the capital of gods - Amaravati, had submarine fortified cities, possessed destructive weapon and showed self-discipline inherent to the most foremost society;
- Nivatakavachs  were "nonmeasurably mighty" giants, like all remaining antediluvian inhabitants of the Earth. Their name "that whose armour is impenetrable"or "dressed in impenetrable shells or armour" in some measure give evidence concerning appearance of Nivatakavachs. It is diffiult to believe they were named so for wearing armour  - at least, I can hardly fancy three hundred million demons in equal equipment. Most likely, such their name has been award to them for a certain physiological singularity - Nitakavachs were covered by hard shells, like a shell of turtles. That is, on this criterion they, apparently, belonged to the class of reptiles;
- Nivatakavachs, like other former inhabitants of the Earth, perfectly possessed by maya - they were great sorcerers and magicians, could create various illusions and call a panic among enemies, and also had capacity to become invisible;
- Nivatakavachs lived on the Earth simultaneously with tjameengils, tymy(teemi)tjameengils and makaras, that is almost for certain before the last Flood which took place approximately 12,5 thousand years ago.
How much of Nivatakavachs did exist on the Earth then? The numeral given in the "Mahabharata" eloquently tells about it - "three hundred millions". But it touches only the one concrete place. Means, the total number of nivatakavachs could be much bigger!

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