Nazca Drawings had been Made From Air by Pilots of Celestial Chariots of Gandharvas - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Nazca Drawings had been Made From Air by Pilots of Celestial Chariots of Gandharvas


One of testimonies of existence on the Earth of ancient highly-developed civilizations is gigantic rock figures on Nazco plateau in Peru which are a part of South American land figures, stretched on 1500 km from Chilean province of Antafogasta to the river of Sanya in the north of Peru. Their exact age is unknown. But opinions of different explorers of this phenomenon coincide - they are ancient enough. Though, an age is not so important in comparison with the information which these drawings bear.
A. Belokon in her work "Frozen mathematics on Nazca plate" has shown that Nazcanian geoglyphs had been made … from the air as a result of movement of an object which operated on the ground by a flow of directed energy of unknown nature. The evidence of it is lack of drawings with close contours on the plateau. Everywhere there are only zigzags and spirals, and many outlines are marked out by a compound motion of "a drawing beam" - vibrational, rotatory and progressive.
The doctor in Physics and Mathematics from the Institute of Space Investigations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Ksanfomaliti has come to the analogous conclusion: "I think, such could take place only under the influence of a radial instrument of a high technological level. Something like the future high-power laser. And for "artists" the lack of energy was not" - he has told at the recent scientific conference "Horizons of astronomy: search of extraterrestrial civilizations" which was in the Special astrophysical observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences. L. Ksanfomaliti has calculated: the laser has been established in the altitude about 40 km above the ground.

Whom was this mysterious civilisation which has left after itself the immortal creation, stirring minds of scientists throughout last century?
And when did it exist? Read my works "
Vira Cocha - the leader of Gandharvas - elves who made drawings in Nazca desert" and "Outcome of white gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island", which can clarify these. The authors of drawings of Nazca plateau (desert) were "white gods" led by "Quetzalcoatl", "Kukulkan", "Bochika", "Vira Kocha" who "have walked" along all American continent in a vain attempt to train Indians of life in Harmony with the Nature, to inure them to vegetarianism and to forbid  human sacrifices. The greatest in history of the Earth pilots of celestial chariots Gandharvas from Hyperborea (they also the People of Danu, the Danu people and Tuatha de Danann from Ireland, they also elves, whose intravital portraits are immortalized in statues of Easter island) were the authors of Nazcanian figures (drawings).

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