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N.Roerich. Myth about Lemuria

Myths and legends
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I call your attention to one of the legends written by N.K.Roerich regarding materials of his expeditions in India, Tibet and Mongolia. Roerich’s myth of Lemuria tells us about the mysterious mainland of Lemuria which, according to legends of people living in India, Indochina, Sri Lanka and the islands of Polynesia, was formerly situated in the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. This Lemurian myth also speaks about ancient races of pre-human beings which populated this mainland, and about the origin of mankind. It also describes the the geography of the primeval Earth, the appearance of the people who inhabited it, and  the chronology of the major events from the first appearance of reasonable beings with solid corporal capsules (frames) up to destruction of Lemuria.
The meaning of this legend is very significant. It has rendered a great influence on the followers of the teachings of N.K.Roerich and on people who consider themselves psychics (person with extrasensory perception) and clairvoyants. A lot of information written in this myth has been about Lemuria conceived by these psychics without  any correction required for works of such kind. First of all, this information concerns the chronology of the events described in the legend. So, N.K.Roerich dated the lifetime of the people of the Third Race to 18 million years BC and the destruction of Lemuria to "700 thousand years before the beginning of what nowadays is called the Tertiary period (Eocene)".
In my opinion,
the numbers given by N.K. Roerich cannot be taken literally. Most probably, he hid from the uninitiated the true time of events viewed in the legend, perhars not to frighten them by their incredible antiquity. But he did give in the myth about Lemuria quite a number of hints which allowed people to determine what that time might be.  So, during the time of the Third Race on Earth, reptiles, "dragons of the depths, flying snakes, gigantic fish-birds and snakes with testaceous heads" lived. These animals all oviposited.  Most likely, N.K. Roerich meant the time time when dinosaurs dominated. But most of them, as everybody now knows, died out at the boundary of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras, about 66 million years ago. This means the age given by scientists as “18 million years ago” was really as far back as 66 million years ago.
The beginning of
the Tertiary period coincides with the beginning of the Cenozoic era, i.e. it is dated as 66 million years ago. Even if we limit the Tertiary period to  only the Eocene and Oligocene, which is what N.K.Roerich hinted, then Lemuria should have perished before 58,5 million years ago. And such a time of destruction for the Southern continent is in good agreement with geologic data as, however, anyone trying to rejuvenate ideas about Lemuria is in conflict with them.
Such dating of the events described in the Lemuria
n myth allows us to look at the age of mankind in an absolutely new fashion. After all, the Sons of Wisdom, from whom people in the long run originated, descended to the Earth at the beginning of the Third race, i.e. when dinosaurs dominated on the Earth, and, perhaps, earlier. This descension happened, according to N.K. Roerich, "in the Mesozoic period, when gigantic monsters dominated".
At the beginning of the human race, which is called the "Golden Age", gods walked on land together with mortals. ) It was only when mankind became involved in "sinful coitus" with animals, giving rise to wildness and barbarity, and the first frosts had made earlier fruitful land unusable (in the Miocene, 16 million years ago) that the Sons of Wisdom became invisible …
In a word,
read Roerich’s work on Lemuria. You will not regret it.

My translation with the corrections of L.Fitzpatrick (the USA)

Sorry, I couldn't find a translation of N Roerich's "Myth about Lemuria". Read the Russian text

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