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19.03.2017 - Added a new translation by A Semenov, Great Britain: Crimean petrified wheel tracks - the Neogen roads

10.09.2016 - Added a new translation by I Dotsenko, Russia: Humanitarian mission in the Neogene – heroes who saved victims of flood who had taken refuge underground (continuation of the article “Automobile roads (cart ruts) of the Neogene time in Central Turkey”)

23.02.2016 - Added a new translation by P Zhurko, Belarus: Middle Earth - the real country of the Neogene period

07.01.2016 - Added a new translation by P Zhurko, Belarus: Automobile roads (cart ruts) of the Neogene time in Central Turkey

Interesting materials on study of the Unknown (with my commentings):

- Extinction of species on Cretaceous and Paleogene boundary was more mass in the Northern hemisphere. What is it related with - fall of an asteroid or the first war between gods and demons, shock Hyperborea? (in detail...)

- Nazca drawings had been made from air by pilots of celestial chariots gandharvas (in detail...)

- Biosphere of the Earth experience the sixth in the history extinction of animals and plants (in detail...)

- Except global warming the Earth is threatened with global darkening (black-out) (in detail...)

- Investigations of the scientists from Institute of polar investigations in Ohio have shown that 14 thousand years ago air has been polluted much more strongly than now (in detail...)

- The South African and Dutch scientists Meyer and Vestrenen have put forward a hypothesis according to which Moon was created because of nuclear explosion on the Earth. The given hypothesisis confirmed by legends of many people living on the Earth (in detail...)

- American military specialists have put into practice for the first time a fighting laser and have destroyed a missile by it. The principle of operation of the laser is analogous to a principle of operation of "the dart (javelin) of Indra" used by Ardzhuna in the battle with kauravas (not less than 12 thousand years ago) (in detail...)

Genetics and marine biologists actively learn medusa Turritopsis Nutricula which is considered now the only immortal being on the Earth (in detail...)

- The Japanese sonde "Kaguya" ( SELENE) of the Japanese space agency (JAXA) has found out on the Moon a hole in diameter about 65 m and depth about 80 m (in detail...)


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