Mineral Oil (petroleum) and Gas - the Altered Remnants of Perished during Catastrophes Plants, Animals and People - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Mineral Oil (petroleum) and Gas - the Altered Remnants of Perished during Catastrophes Plants, Animals and People

Remains of disappeared civilizations
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Where have material remains (remnants) of ancients, washed away by gigantic surges of deluges (floods), disappeared?

They collected at continental feet and in troughs and depressions of Earth's crust

Where have all material remains (remnants) of ancients, washed away by gigantic surges of deluges (floods), for all this disappeared? After all, they could not dissolve in water or become invisible. That, about what I will tell you now, for certain, will become revelation for many geologists and geophysicists, archeologists and historians, and all remaining readers.
The major portion of dead plants, animals, people and other reasonable beings, techniques and all remaining material remnants of civilizations existing before, washed  away by gigantic surges of deluges (floods), collected in deep troughs (depressions)  on continents, at continental feet (feet of continents) and in gaping troughs of the crust of Earth - ancient if we speak about catastrophes of remote past, and modern if we speak about catastrophes of last several tens million years.

Precipitation of remnants (remains) of disappeared civilizations

All is simple, as clear as twice two. Precipitation (settling-out) of the bulk of solid suspension, carried by water, take place at sharp differences of depths and  sharp bends of water flows at some barriers. Any gold miner knows about it. During deluges (floods), spreading (covering) a considerable part of the terrestrial globe, conservation of remnants of alive beings and subjects of their conscientious activity occured, apparently, in deep troughs (depressions), continental feet (feet of continents) and expanding cracks of Earth's crust. Rushing along continents with a great speed ocean surges of deluges (floods) slowed over them their movement. Directed towards walls of troughs, bottoms of depressions  or continental slopes deep-water counter-current flows (reverse flows) were created inside them, which catched up the bulk of remaints carried by surges, and stored them close by (near to) continental slopes and feet, at walls or on bottom of troughs and depressions (depending on their size and depth). Here the main part of argillaceous  and sandy materials, suspended in water, deposited, which represented continental deposits and a cultural layer eroded by water.

And their treatment (reprocessing) in mineral oil and gas. A.V.Koltypin's hypothesis

A considerable  part of remains (remnants) of alive beings and subjects of their conscientious activity, apparently, deposited near to centres of civilizations existing before - urban agglomerates of the antediluvian past. Their other part was carried at great distances along channels of large rivers in which surges of deluges (floods) had been rushing  from all directions. They deposited in mouths of rivers, lakes, bays (gulfs) and lagoons.
A time passed, surges of deluge (floods) receded, continents and oceans returned to their former boundaries and  rivers, as usually, carried again great quantities of argillaceous and detrital materials to the mouths which deposited and accumulated in lakes, bays (gulfs), lagoons, on continental slopes, at continental feet and in other troughs and depressions  of Earth's crust. Year after year, millenary behind millenary this material overlapped by powerful sedimentary prisms (to) sediments, comprising in itself the bulk of material remains (remnants) of civilisations existing before, and deprived access of oxygen to them. In created thus   reducing conditions buried organic material consisting of dead plants, animal, people, other reasonable beings and products of their life activity, were not undergone to decay (oxidising), and transformed … to mineral oil an gas!

Relationships between epochs of evolution of petroleum (formation of mineral oil deposits) and catastrophes. Step 1. Assumption

Unusual hypothesis, isn't so?! It has been stated earlier in the works of some creationists (Trevor Major, David Mak-Kvin, etc.), however, it concerned only the last Great flood. I consider that epochs of evolution of petroleum (formation of mineral oil deposits) were related to all catastrophes occuring on our planet (and here) in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic.

The hypothesis of evolution of petroleum and gas (formation of mineral oil and gas deposits) from organic residues (remainders) and products of life activity of existing before civilizations explains very well a  mechanism of collecting of dispersed hydrocarbons in larger agglomerations which is one of the most poor places of any other "organic" theory of their genesisis.

Distribution of mineral oil and gas fields

Distribution prospected oil and gas fields (petroleum deposits) on the Earth  is very well agreeed with the hypothesis stated above. Almost all oil and gas fields (petroleum deposits) are situated at continental margins, in rift zones, submontane and  intermountain troughs  and depressions of existing earlier continental seas. And, oil and gas fields (petroleum deposits) are distributed on continental margins not uniformly at that. Their main mass (including all largest oil fields) is confined to the mouths of large and long existing rivers, filled by sediments deep rift troughs, bays (gulfs) and lagoons. The last, on the one hand, could serve by natural reservoirs for fall of remains (remnants) carried by surges of deluges (floods)  and rivers, and on the other hand, could represent the most suitable places for development of ancient civilizations, for example, of protocivilizations of Mesopotamia (the oil fields of Persian gulf) or of protocivilizations of Hyperborea (the oil fields of Arctic shelf).

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Relationships between epochs of evolution of petroleum (formation of mineral oil deposits) and catastrophes. Step 2. Arguments

To confirm universal character of just stated hypothesis, it remains to do very little - to look, whether the main epochs of evolution of petroleum (formation of mineral oil deposits) coincides with catastrophes. However,  it was the most difficult to do. After all mineral oil (petroleum) and natural gas usually migrate from source beds in porous rocks-collectors (sandstones, gravellites, conglomerates, dolomites, limestones) and collect in any snares (traps) - anticline folders, solt domes, underthrust zones, zones of fractures and fracturing rocks, karst-cavernous hollows, reef limestones, etc. - at a distance of tens and hundreds kilometres from places of their formation. They can move further away and above along faults and zones of fracturing of rocks at tectonic movements during following catastrophes. Their penetration into nearby and overlying stratas is restrained only by clay, gypsum and other impermeable rocks, and also different tectonic and structural discordances, acting the part of covers. And age of sedimentary stratas containing mineral oil (petroleum) and gas not always matches to age of source sediments and can differ from it in million years! Sometimes in tens and even hundred million years! And that is the most surprising, source beds can be not only more ancient, but also more younger than rocks-collectors!

Nevertheless, uniform confinedness of oil and gas fields to the Cenozoic (from 25 to 55 %, according different estimates), Mesozoic (from 15 to 55 %), Paleozoic (from 20 to 30 %) sediments, presence in many troughs of oil-and-gas contenting layers of different age (from the Devonian to Cretaceous, from the Jurassic to Neogene, etc.) and given statistics of distribution of oil and gas fields of different age on Earth give all reasons to believe that the main epochs of  oil and gas formation could coincide with the times of catastrophes taking place on Earth. At least, nothing contradicts it and does not demonstrate the opposite.
Relationships of epochs of evolution of petroleum (formation of mineral oil deposits) with catastrophes, in some measure, is confirmed that from all extracted mineral oil from the Cenozoic sediments, according to Vikipedia, about 78 % have been received from the Neogene sediments, about 14 % from the Oligocene sediments and only 8 % from the Eocene sediments.  For what purpoces do I speake about it? To remember you that there was the "Golden Age" on Earth in the Eocene  and there was no catastrophe. There was only one catastrophe in  the Oligocene (at that at the Eocene and Oligocene boundary). But there were a lot of them in the Neogene.

The section "Remains of disappeared civilizations"/Continuation "Mineral oil (petroleum) and coals with heightened contents of uranium, vanadium, nickel, iridium and other metals - the sediments of epochs of "nuclear wars"

© A. Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this work give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given.

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A few more words to the question of formation of the oil

"In my childhood I (ridiculous of course) the oil itself "invented." I held for five years at my grandmother in the yard of a private house closed jar with a herring. How many were disturbances when Grandma discovered and thrown in the trash my"works"..."Three years "marinated ", then almost two years weighed all for and against, is it worth to open or let it stand up a little more, what if it is not ready yet? Ten times measured out ... and, ultimately, the question "resolved" by itself ... ".
"Oh, herring ... I still takes a shame! At that time on television is often questioned: How did the oil originate? Where to take it when it end? Where, where is - roll up under the lid a kilo of herring in the salt water and "forget "on the street. Three years later on the surface of decomposed mass actually forms a small layer of black oily liquid that leaves a brownish streaks on the glass. And here is how it burns, I have not had time to check out! The experiment was interrupted in the most interesting place!
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