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Maruts, Rudras - Winged Manyarmed Dragon-People from Indian Legends

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Maruts - the most ancient and incomprehensible gods from armed force of Rudra or Indra

According to the "Vaju Purana", Maruts were the most ancient and incomprehensible gods. The Vedas name their father (by) Rudra or Indra. "Rigveda" more often characterized them as crowd of perfect young men in luxurious  vestments, with glittering spears, gold adornments on a neck and a chest, rushing at full speed on the heaven on battle (sometimes gold) chariots harnessed by speckled horses or antelopes.
Maruts compound an armed force of Rudra or Indra and, like him, are armed by perouns. In the hymn "To Maruts" ("Rigveda") they are called by "sovereigns of Heaven". Sometimes they are called by "the sons of Heaven and Earth". Hymns attribute to Maruts a possession by secrets of medicinal herbs and drugs. People  often asked them to bring remedies for treatment of people resting on a river bed of Sindhu, and also in seas and on tops of mounts.
In the epos and puranas Maruts as though merge (join) in a single whole with other sons of Rudra - Rudras (marut-rudras).

Rudra - Shiva - multiarm three-eyed horned god

Multiarm three-eyed Rudra - the god of wind and thunderstorm - is described as a  red-skinned, blue-necked, with bluish-black hair tied in a bundle, warrior dressed in skins of beasts. According to the "Kaushitaki-brahmana", he was born as a thousand-eyed and thousand-legged deity. In the epos and puranas he was commenced to identify with the ancient not Aryan god of flocks, agriculture and fertility Shiva. Some explorers see the prototype of Rudra in the images of horned deities on the seales discovered at excavations of the most ancient cities of the valley of Indus (III - II thousand BC).

Rudras -snake-like beings with sixteen arms

Rudras were very malicious and blood-thirsty snake-like beings with sixteen arms, a dark blue neck, yellowish eyes and a matted auburn hair. They possessed by unlimited force and swept past above the ground with a howl and fizz, inflicting thus an enormous loss to people.  

          Twofaceness of maruts and  rudras. Winged maruts - rudras - predecessors of dragons?

In the description of Maruts and Rudras given above is displayed their duplicity. On the one hand, they are imaged by perfect young men rushing on celestial chariots, look like Gandharvas. On the other hand - appear in the form of rushing above the ground snake-like demonic beings with sixteen arms. In the most cases Marut-Rudras associate with multiarm and multilegged Rudra - Shiva and are considered as allies of the humanoid god - the leader of Adityas Indra. Most likely, they belonged to the most ancient aboriginal beings - winged Marut-Rudras wich were similar to dragons.

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