Management the (Free) masons from Agartha and Shambhala. The secret government of the Earth - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Management the (Free) masons from Agartha and Shambhala. The secret government of the Earth

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Now, let me reiterate something with which I began this section. Masonic symbolism is the symbolism of sun gods, and reflects monotheism. It embodies the Higher Mind (as an ideology of solar gods).
In the book "Battles of ancient gods" and work "Exodus White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island”, I have shown that after the Eocene- Oligocene disaster (34 million years ago), the world was completely changed and the contours of continents and oceans became reshaped, there were White (sun or celestial) Gods that substantiated a "high Gobi civilization" in the White island. "High Gobi civilization" was established for the elite Immortals and held the knowledge center and repository of knowledge, (" time capsule”), in an artificial cave system on the White Isle. Subsequently, the direct descendants of the "sun dynasty" became the ancestors of all people living in this era.

Sun Dynasty (Sûrya-vanca = Suryavansha), is the semi-mythical Indian dynasty from which have their origin in some modern Indian princely families. The founder of the dynasty was Ikhshvaku (Ikhshw â ku), who reigned in the fabulous times (at the beginning of the Treta Yuga) in Ayodhya (in the "Ramayana" it is compared to Amaravati). Ikhshvaku was the son of Manu Vivasvat, whose father was the sun itself, Vivasvat. 100 sons of Ikhshvaku senior Vikuksi founded the Sun dynasty of Ayodhya, and another son, the Sun dynasty Mithila. "Vishnu Purana" gives a complete list of rulers belonging to these two branches of the solar dynasty. The first of them (the branches of Ayodhya), belonged to the famous Indian hero Rama, the earthly incarnation of the god Vishnu (The Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary 1890 - 1916)

According to Sergei Volkov, rich folklore material gathered during his travels in Mongolia and China, White Island for a long time, remained in complete isolation and loneliness, and fought for survival and humanity on this planet. Over time, they split into two communities who have chosen different ways of further development. These communities are founded two different kingdoms: the kingdom of Shambhala ground (the left-hand path - material development, control of elements and humanity) and underground Agartha country (the right hand path - meditation, spiritual development and non-interference in the affairs of mankind).
You must have already guessed where I'm going with this. In many works devoted to Freemasonry, written in both Masonic and anti-Masonic or neutral to the authors of this Orde, says that it is based on the ideology of the Freemasons secret teachings of mystics and magicians, Shambhala, Agartha or the White Brotherhood. A control is carried out from the Masons or Agartha Shambhala, in which live the superior beings, dedicated to the highest secrets of this Order. Perhaps everything is exactly as written in the book by Ferdinand Ossendovsky, "And animals, humans and gods" (chapter "The Mystery of mysteries - the king of the world").


According to this work, the Altai and Mongolia, before you could get into the underworld Agartha, who manages the King of Peace.

«Gelun Lama, favorite Prince Chultun Bailey gave me a general idea of the underworld.
This mortal world, said Gelun, is continuously changing everything (people, science, religion, laws and customs). How many great empires have sunk into oblivion, what crops are extinguished! Only Evil (an instrument of evil spirits), remains unchanged.... In the underworld visited by many ... But now no one knows where this kingdom is located. Who says - in Afghanistan, who - in India. People there do not know evil and in the realm of crime does not happen. There, they peacefully develop science, and nothing threatens destruction. Underground people have reached extraordinary heights of knowledge.  It is now is a great kingdom with many millions of people who wisely manages the King of Peace. He knows all the hidden springs of the universe, he understands the soul of every human being and reading a great book destinies.
He secretly controls the behavior of eight hundred million people on earth, they do his will"
(F. Ossendowski book was first published in 1922, when the world’s population was of 800 million people. Over the past 88 years, the world population has grown more than 8 times).
"To tell the Prince Chultun Bailey added from itself:  It is called the kingdom of Agartha. It stretches underground across the globe. I myself heard, as an enlightened lama told Chinese Bogdohanu, that in the caves of America, ancient people live who had taken refuge in their time underground. And now on the ground reveal traces of their former existence among us. The rulers of these nations now obey the King of the World, who is the lord of all underground spaces. Nothing unusual here. It is known that in place of two great oceans, east and west were placed before the two continents. They fell into the water, but people managed to escape the underworld. In deep caves there is a special glow, allowing the growth of vegetables and cereals, people live there for a long time and do not know the disease. In the underworld inhabited by many different peoples and tribes. ...
Agartha surround the capital settlement of clerics and scholars, it is somewhat reminiscent of Lhasa, where the Potala, Palace of the Dalai Lama, stands on the hill, built monasteries and temples.  King of the World Throne exalted over millions embodied Gods holy Pandit. His palace is in the center ring of the palaces of the guru, commands all the visible and invisible forces on earth, in heaven and in hell, life and death of a person, completely in their power.  If even unleashed against humanity underground inhabitant’s war, those can easily blow up the earth's crust, turning the planet into a desert. They are able to drain the sea to flood the land and erect the mountains of the desert sands. At the request of the Guru, grow trees, herbs and shrubs, feeble people and patients become young and strong, and the dead rise from his deathbed. Unknown to us, chariots (craft) rush underground inhabitants through the narrow crevices inside the planet….
There, in the palaces of wondrous crystal, live the invisible rulers of all pious people, King of the World or Brahitma, leading conversations with God himself just like I'm talking to you, and his two assistants - Mahatma, who knows the future goals and Mahan-ha commanding causes of the events ...

All of the above could be considered a beautiful fairy tale , though in different areas of the world (South America, Egypt, Central Asia, India , Fr. Easter , etc.) did exist giant mazes very ancient underground galleries (some of them I date the early Miocene , 23-16 million years ago ) with a length of many thousands of kilometers . In the book "Battles of ancient gods", I brought a lot of stories about visiting the ancient underground tunnels, different people scurrying about, meetings with them, having "breakneck" unknown speed machines and that these underground tunnels beneath the oceans are drawn between different continents...

Read about the results of my research in the underground cities of Cappadocia (Turkey) (or final work in English) and Mareshah - Bet Gavrin  (Israel) (or final work in English)
Read also work S.Kashnitskiy "Underground birthplace of humanity," T.Bushbi "Ancient city under Giza desert" and G.Wilkins "Lost underground cities of Incas" (in Russian, I haven't found English texts)

And recently I came across an interesting article on the results of drilling Kola super-deep well, which reached a depth of 12 kilometers. And so, it appears, at the beginning of this opening that starts at a depth of 10 km the drill continually got in underground cracks and emptiness - as a result of which he was swinging like a pendulum, and deviated from the vertical axis....
And if you add to this the moon, which is found beneath the surface of the giant cavity, where for more than 300 years, the inhabitants of the earth watch the mysterious glow. A huge number of eyewitness testimonies about escaping from under the Earth, UFOs in Chile, Antarctica, in the Urals and in many other places, as well as coming from under the ground rumble, has a noise reminiscent of working machines.
It turns out that, in parallel with us earthlings; there is a mysterious underground and underwater lunar civilization, which consists of the former inhabitants of the Earth whom are called the gods in the stories. In the book "Battles of ancient gods”, I suggested that they left the Earth's surface due to the destruction of water, vapor shell (in English) that saved the planet from ultraviolet rays, the main sources of aging, and is likely to change other conditions that made it impossible to stay further on the surface for the long-lived and immortal . But the "gods" continue to watch us as we likely are their descendants, or, at least, the results of their cloning in the distant past. If earlier, when the human population was few, the inhabitants of the underworld from time passed to his representatives or did their best to appear among themselves.  Now, when human population has increased significantly, the gods firmly “shut ins and outs” to his underground kingdom and continues to influence the development of humanity through the Freemasons and other secret societies. After all, even in the Sumerian legends of Enlil (supposedly supreme sun god), it was said that it annoyed him, crowded and boundless fertility of people, and he tried to escape from them first in the underworld, and then the sky.


With Agartha things are more or less clear.  Well, with Shambhala, which according to Tibetan texts “Gzermig” and “Gzibrjid”, containing records of the Bonpo religion of the hidden land of Olmo Lung-ring (Shambhala), it is inhabited by the sages - Vidyadharas vigilantly follow the developments of all mankind.
In the Puranas, this sacred land is called "Earth vidyadharas beyond the Himalayas." Its inhabitants belong to a secret brotherhood of enlightened beings, possessing great knowledge, power and storing the Ancient Wisdom, revealed at the very beginning of the human race. Vidyadharas lifespan measured in millions of years, and this wisdom was originally brought from distant stars.
Shambhala is associated with many beautiful legends; it searched the Roerich family, occult society "Tula" from Nazi Germany, the NKVD in the formative years of Soviet power, and countless people who cannot specify. There are stories about visiting this mysterious country of individual historical figures, the accuracy of which is now impossible to verify. In one such story about visiting Shambhala, philosopher of the Pythagorean School Apollonius of Tiana (1st century AD.) says that he was shown the different miracles that could not imagine a single person performing who lives outside the country.
Philostratus (170-250 AD), reported in the biography of Apollonius: that
the inhabitants of the country perfectly mastered levitation, and when they sat there, the food and drinks were prepared for their sophisticated machines. Brightly glowing stones provide constant light and majestic columns of light filled the sky.
Much more widespread archaeological designs of Shambhala remain hidden from the majority of researchers. It is possible to get there only by the realized light, having clear vision, discovered the eye of wisdom, or at the invitation of their residents Shambhala. And for the rest of the country, it remains invisible or hidden mystical fog.
In recent years, few people could even get close to Shambhala. Perhaps because of this, the legend was born that Shambhala, features countries that exist simultaneously on the ground and the sky, and also in a different dimension. Although in my opinion, everything can be explained much easier remembering superhuman abilities of the inhabitants "golden age", and primarily sun gods. They could change their shape, out of the body, made invisible, and alter different subjects. Their spaceships could also become invisible. But the most important thing is that the sun gods have perfectly mastered Maya, or illusion of power, and could create all sorts of illusory forms.  So to hide from prying eyes on some part of the Earth surface, even from aircraft and satellites, would not be difficult.


Are Agartha and Shambhala two kingdoms controlled by different "gods", as they say in ancient legends?  Refer to them whether the mysterious underwater objects (stationary on the ocean floor and moving NGOs); from time to time manifest themselves in different parts of the world oceans? Extends whether civilization living in them "gods" to the moon, and whether we can speak of the existence of a global underground and underwater lunar civilization, watching people (as shepherds of the flock)?  Does this civilization consist of only solar gods or does it also include the moon or earth gods, different types of serpent people, many-armed creatures and those "old" people who have the appearance of Lucifer, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Baal Zebuba.
All this, we can only guess. Although at the expense of the latter, I will give my opinion a little later. Let me now consider two more topical issues related to Freemasonry, solar gods, Shambhala, struggle ideologies, and religion, particularly Christianity and ecology.

The beginning/Part 7. Freemasonry and Christianity - the ideology of sun gods

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Read my work "Origin of the Sun and Moon dynasties of Indian kings", "The White island (Beliy ostrov), "high gobi civilization" and Jambudvipa (Hyperborea)", "UFO, USO, ULO - flight vehicles of ancients. Whether the meeting with gods will take place? ", "Mysterious objects and appearances on the Moon"
Read also the work of S.Volkov "The search for legendary Shambhala", "Подземная страна Агарти в Тибете" and A.Ossendowski "Mystery of mysteries - the King of the World"

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