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Long-ears as a sign of divinity

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Worldwide existence of "long-ears" in the past

In "Outcome of white gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island" (L.Fitzpatrick's title "Exodus of White Gods From Hyperborea to Easter Island”), I wrote that almost all existing descriptions and sculptures of Aditya, Gandharva and Apsara gods and demigods and Daitya demons and Buddhist saints depict them with long-ears, very often with large weighty earrings.
In the same article, I noted that the only surviving sculptural portrayals of white gods are the stone statues of the "long-eared" beings on Easter Island. Thor Heyerdahl was able to prove that the light-skinned statues of long-eared Hanau eepe on Easter Island depict white bearded men (I take them to be the Gandharva - elves). The faces of the statues have the characteristic features of the white race: a straight narrow nose and thin, sharply defined lips. They have pointed chins that protrude. Their hair is a specially selected red stone called "pucao".
Statues, bas-reliefs and pictures of "long-eared" beings are also often found in India, Indochina, China, Polynesia and Melanesia. The custom of artificially extending the ears has for a long time been practiced by many tribes of South-East Asia. It later became widespread among the inhabitants of Easter Island. Companion of Dutch Admiral Jacob Roggeveen, who discovered Easter Island in 1722, Sergeant Behrens wrote: "Some earlobes hung down to the shoulders, and some wore them as a special decoration with white disks." The same custom existed among the inhabitants of the Marquesas Islands and Melanesia, which lies a few thousand miles from Easter Island. Elongated earlobes were common among the ruling caste of the Incas, being caused by massive gold ornaments hanging off of them which caused a severe stretching the lobe, to which the Spaniards have given the nickname "orehones", meaning "long-eared".

All it says on the one hand, is the presence of a kinship between the "long-eared" islands of Polynesia, Melanesia and South America and the fair-skinned Indian gods, demi-gods and demons (Adityas, Gandharvas, give, etc.), and on the other hand, they show an enormous influence that white gods exerted on the surrounding population.

Long-eared - a way to over (beyond)- hearing and refined musical perception of the divine nature of music

The study of statues, bas-reliefs and images of long-eared white gods and demons (Indra, Varuna, Vishvakarman, Vaishvanara, Virocana and many others both named and nameless) demonstrates the artificial origin of the long ears, by pulling the large lobes with heavy earrings. Why did the "gods" and "demons" do this and why was this custom later widely distributed in many nations, who felt the influence of this long-eared attribute of divinity?  
Perhaps the most plausible answer to this question is given by M. Chatterjee and L. Hallovey in their book "Man - Fragments of a Forgotten History" published in 1887:
The extent of the power of hearing possessed by the third sub-race of the third-race men was so great in comparison with ours as to be hardly credible today. The spiritual ear had received its greatest amount of development and physical hearing itself attained a very high degree of acuteness.
Even the sound of the leaf budding greeted with its natural music the ears of these primitive habitants of our planet. As colour after colour was added to the early flower, its rhythmic dance was not unperceived by the yet unworn sense of hearing. It must have been with something of the exquisite delight with which we of today, who have the musical perception largely developed, hear the divine strains of a symphony or an oratorio, that they listened to this music. A new charm was added to life, and man viewed with ever-growing satisfaction and complacency the congenial world about him. The metrical motion of the heavenly bodies around us, which men call the music of the spheres, and which they believe is unheard by the mortal ear on account of its grossness, was to these elder-born children of nature an abiding strain of joy.”  (english quote from: http://www.numerologic.com/theosophy/ManFragments.htm)

In the “Secret Doctrine”, EP Blavatsky attributed the black Lemurian to the Third Root Race, which, in her view, is who the giant statues of Easter Island are depicting. This viewpoint is shared by NK Roerich in his "Lemuria", although he did not specify the skin color of the Lemurian. However, studies of T. Heyerdahl, who was searching for evidence that the stone idols of Easter Island belong to the Caucasoid race, contradicts this. He suggests that the statues of Easter Island rather depict the “Sons of Wisdom” who, according to the same NK Roerich, came down to Earth at the time of the early Third Race at the end of the Mesozoic.  I discuss this in my work "The Outcome of White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island "  

Creating artificial earlobe extensions is apparently a very old tradition used by ancestors of modern people (white or black gods Lemurians, according to HP Blavatsky. According to the biologist Belov, earlobes are intensified auditory centers in the crust and subcrustal regions of the brain used for feedback for sverhslyshaniya. Earlobes are also saturated acupuncture points, the impact of which controls the flow of vital energy in the body, and in this regard, they are the main areas of acupuncture in Oriental medicine.

It is believed that through these acupuncture points, the ears are continuously receiving (and sending out?) information, thus creating a mutual exchange of information between themselves and the outside world.

Belov also believes that the elongation of the earlobes has an influence on the internal organs and the body as a whole in order to prolong life. And I have repeatedly said that the long-eared white gods and demons were immortal or of great longevity.
The reason for the lengthening earlobes was for the development of supernatural hearing abilities. For example, the Irish tradition says that Fomorians could "hear" any talk in their own country, because the wind brought before them all these words, even those spoken in a whisper. In addition, the delay of the sound in the longer earlobes, probably served to enhance the sophisticated musical perception of the divine nature of the music, which is identified by Egyptian, Mayan, Indian, Chinese and other priests with a single omnipresent God. This is a probable explanation of how Aditiyas, Gandharvas, Apsaras and other super-beings (which I take to have been the white gods) were especially gifted musicians, poets, artists and other generally creative individuals including architects, builders, pilots of flying chariots and many other occupations.

This information may tempt some readers to try to extend their own (or their children’s) earlobes today. However, before you do this, stop to think what this would achieve. If all that is written above is true, then, upon reaching divine hearing, people in the modern world would clearly hear the noise of all the vehicles in the city streets within hundreds or thousands of kilometers of the city, the sounds of the passing of planes and helicopters overheard for many miles in all directions, the noise of all kinds of compressors, pumps, motors ... thus making unbearable. Divine hearing abilities today would not do us any good and would be very dangerous for our health. Cultivation of this ability can and should be done only after another destructive crash of our major civilizations (the proximity of which many of us now feel), after which there will be another revival of the Earth and people will live again, as in past times, in harmony with nature (hopefully without destroying its industry). And then, of course, the time will come again when man can enjoy listening to the creators of the divine symphony.

The section "Hyperborea, white gods and their descendants"/comment by Belov "How to extend your ears and hear what you have never heard" (L.Fitzpatrick's title)

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