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Life Underground. Creation of "New" People, Mixture of "New" and "Old" People and Formation of Metises Generation

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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As I already wrote, in the early Miocene epoch Earth was very strange and surprising world with light and dark sides. The dark half covered all North America and South America. Also the northeast part of Asia, Japan, Korea and the most east terrains of China, apparently, were in this half. On the light half there were Hindustan, Sumer, the most part of Asia, Africa, Arabia and Europe (see here). During the Early Miocene (23-16 million years ago) our planet rotated with small speed approximately equal to speed of its rotation round the Sun. As a result of it all living huge beings which were not lost during the catastrophe, had to go down under land and to construct there temporary refuges for themselves.

The basic underground settlement of that time, apparently, was Tulan-Chimostok or "Seven Caves". Myths of Indians of South and Central America and Mexico, geological and archaeological data almost definitely specify that this underground country was under  South America and it included the huge multilevel labyrinths stretched from modern Colombia to Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The majority of them were saved till now. Far ancestors of the Maya, Aztecs Incas and many other American people had found a shelter in these underground refuges. Various beings lived in them - from huge dragon-people, snakemen and multiarmed beings (Avilish, Hakavitz, Tohil or Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl were their representatives,) to black and white-skinned humanoid godhoods.
In the "Popol-Vuh" the attention is few times focused to a speckled compound of the population of Tulan-Chimostok which spoke many languages and dialects. In this story of the Maya wonderfully reached up to now also it is possible to find mention that in underground city or rather the whole country it was light and warmly unlike a surface of land which had been dipped in a gloom and over which rains, hailstones and snow were poured out by a ceaseless stream. Nevertheless, on land "people" who froze from cold and hunger continued to live too. Some of them, accepted ideology of old gods (here and here), had been accepted by inhabitants of the underground world, others were lost, without having found a temporary haven in it.

Containing in the "Popol-Vuh", "Annals of the Cakchiquels", Codex of Chimalpopoca, "Stories of Mexicans on their drawings" and other historical documents of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs information about continuously going rains, hailstones and snow in the season of darkness, is one more confirmation of the fact that after the catastrophe at the Oligocene - Miocene boundary irreciprocal destruction of water layer of terrestrial atmosphere had begun. At first it poured out on a surface of the Earth by rain, and then, in process of atmosphere cooling, by hailstones and snow. Judging by the description of this event in manuscripts of the Maya, it could correspond to the Biblical deluge.

Attention! As I wrote in my previous work, the destruction of the water-steam cover (envelope) began during the Eocene-Oligocene catastrophe (34 million years ago). Read also my new work, "Once again about the time of creation of the world and the biblical (Noachic) Flood. The amendments brought by geology and folklore"

As it can't seem paradoxical, the life in Tulan-Chimostok, apparently, proceeded during all Early Miocene, about 7 million years. And at this time - in the dark that is repeatedly underlined in the "Popol-Vuh" - "new people" - Balam-Quitze, Balam - Akab, Mahucutah) and Equebalam had been created. Judging by their description in the book, they were white-skinned, beautiful and perfect, created on image of adityas, gandharvas and daityas ("their figure was human") and possessed a divine insight or, as we say, the third eye. But gods disturbed by that they will be made even to them, "had occluded" their third eye by veil.

Without discussion of creation details (look the section "Five world epoch and its inhabitants"), I want to pay your attention that after the Oligocene - Miocene catastrophe, apparently, there was a necessity for reasonable beings of body build close to us to exit on mythological arena because giants could not live any more on surface of the Earth because of its slow rotation. Huge gods of the former world Avilish, Hakavitz, Tohil could not move independently and after coming on a surface, "they had turned to stones".
"New people" could be adityas - gandharvas (daityas?) or were cloned on their image and similarity. Most likely, it was the first because "the stuff for manufacturing" had been brought from the country of Pashil and Kayala in which the sun shone and many grasses grew (it is additional confirmation of existence of light and dark halves on the Earth during this period).
A bit different version of Creation is given in "Legend about the Sun" of Chimalpopoca Codex, "History of Mexico" and "History of Mexicans on their drawings". It is noticed in these documents that gods had created "such people what they were earlier". It supposes possibility of "creating" simultaneously with "new" people on adityas - gandharvas - daityas type also snakemen and multiarmed people who could differ much in the smaller dimensions from the predecessors. Most likely, such Creation was meant as slow evolutionary development of inhabitants of the Earth living in underground refuges which in the conditions of the big gravitation, absence of natural light and natural nutriment could lessen strongly during some millions years.
The majority of myths assert that creation of new generation of "mankind" occured in terrible torments, and some legends besides narrate that it had been created only from the fourth attempt. The "New people" Balam-Quitze, Balam-Akab, Mahucutah married girls - Kaha-Polune, Chomihe, Tsununihe, Kakishahe  - which names obviously specify their water nature. It can mean that their wives were the old snakemens of semiaquatic mode of life or dragon-people incomers. Their sons - Cocaib, Coacul, Coacutec, Coahau married "girls" from nations of "old people" who, most likely, were snakemen too.

"They had conceived people of small nations and big nations, and they were the beginning of ourselves, us - the people of Quiche ".

Thus, during life of the former inhabitants of the Earth in Tulan-Chimostok and after the ending of the period of darkness and cold not only creation of "new" people had took place, but also great mixture of races and formation of generation of metises from which far ancestors of Indians of both Americas led the family tree.

The beginning of the theme/Life on a light half of Earth. The terrains occupied by white and black humanoid gods, serpentine and multiarmed gods and demons in the early Miocene "

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