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Life after Death Exists! Ring from the "World of the Dead"

Messages from the Other world
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In this section I will place stories from everyday life which are "behind a reality border", and cannot be explained by traditional materialistic ideology. I will start it from the story which happened with me two with small year ago. Perhaps, there was somethink like with you too, and you will share your memories and experiences with other readers.


The event about which I want to tell you, occured with my mother. It happened at 9 day after her death. Till last days of her life she was my most attentive and exacting listenerer and  critic. We sat together many times and I told her about my investigations of ancient civilizations, and that men does not die and go on to live after the death. However, she was educated  in the spirit of old materialistic traditions - when there was a persecution on Church and the idea almost since a birth "knocked" into  children heads that God didn't exit  and after physical death men fell (found yourselves) into a non-existence and oblivion.
My efforts to convince her in the counter (contrariwise) failed every time. She required unquestionable evidences from me. The "Tibetan book of the Dead", numerous events of reincarnation not  convinced her too.
What did I need to do? I began to ask her, if she would leave this world before me (after all, nobody can know in advance, in what succession the Lord will call for people ), to discover a way to give me news from the Other world.
And here the irreparable happened. She had left This life. It would seem - the individual had left, she was not more. Light memory to her for ever. What is it here still speak about? But it would be bad, if each time all occured as on a template. In the event with my mother deviation from the traditional scenario started at the Third day after her death.
I had arrived (to) my dacha (summer cottage). There was ordinary, nothing a remarkable summer day. But it concealed in itself something unforeseen. Five roving dogs had come close to our house and had layed near the  gate. They that lied, that rose, but did not move away from the fence. At first it was difficult to dare even to go out of doors. At last, hour through two, we nevertheless had risked and had went to a shop. The dogs had risen at once and had beared company to us  peacefully walking with us to the shop. Then they had suddenly disappeared in an unknown direction, as if having dissolved in a non-existence.
All it seemed strange enough - I had even counted that  quantity of the dogs exactly corresponded with the  number of my close relatives, who died in a recent time. But I would not begin to tell you about it if not events which occured at the Ninth day after the death of my mother.
We come to the funeral feast in memory of her on the dacha and invited relatives and acquaintances, many of which were atheists. Strangenesses began at preparation of funeral repast when we set and burnt fire. Some times mobile phones spontaneously rang at me and at my brother. The  numbers highlighed  (illuminated) on the both phones, indicating that one of us rang to other. But neither I, nor he did not dialed number and did not get (take) mobile phones from the pockets at all. And there was no need for us to do so - after all we were side by side to each other.
But it is still - the "prelude". The main events had happened then - in the evening and at night. It is possible to refer certainly that all of us had fairly drunk. But it was not so. Drinks were not much, and fresh air did not allow to appear drunk. Besides, there were non-drinking among us, and they became witnesses of happened too.
So what's happened? I myself surprise till now, how all it could happen. My brother, the professor, doctor of chemistry, physics and mathematics surprise even more. Before this event he  did not believe in the supernatural at all. And here. In a word, we had a children's (toy) mobile phone which had rusted still one year ago and was not going to work neither at old, nor at new batteries. It lied to itself and lied in the house. But suddenly, absolutly unexpectedly, he had begun to ring spontaneously (anybody did not touch it). I do not remember exactly now , how much time he rang - at least, I had heard it thrice. The most breathtaking and long-term ring had been originated among night - hour in two or three when all had already slept. I "dashed" from my bed and run to it. Without having had time to wake up properly still, I had been sweepped by the first impulse - to cut off the phone while its ring had not woken all inhabitants of the house. But, as I found out later, all heard it fine.
So, I had reached the phone, had taken it in arms, it proceeded with ringing any time, and then ring had suddenly stopped. And all. More rings from this phone never was. We did not manage to cause it to "start talking" again. Since then it lies as a mute relic among other things.
I and my brother began to consider and analyse all happened in the same night and had reached the conclusion that any quite real, but invisible (perhaps, energy) substance had managed to discover a feeble place "in a circuit" and to "abridge" the rusted contacts of the phone. And, it was no any external impacts on it. Night was silent - neither driving trains, nor cars. I had paid my attention to it at once.
And then I had recalled about my insistent request to my mother to give me a news from the Other world. Since then I do not doubt for a minute that she could (perhaps, with someone's help) execute it. My last doubts that life continue after death have scattered, as smoke. The brother has ceased to be the "militant" materialist. After all that, we have been happened and he witnessed, cannot be explained from materialistic ideology.
As I found out next day and more recently, other people felt even more clear presence of my mother that evening. She sat down on beds to them which slightly sagged from it and slightly touched the lyings. Perhaps, it cannot be done by died (who knows?), but after all I asked her about it. So it was not her fault (if it was at all). It is a pity only that I had not answer on night ring from the children's mobile phone. Lost my head then. Unfortunately, missed will not return any more.

© A.V.Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this reminiscence give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site is given.

And now, having recalled this surprising event from my life, I want to tell you one more story related with my mother which happened shortly before her death.

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