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Liaisons and Marriages of Rakshasas with People

Descendants of mixed marriages

There are many enough descriptions of love infatuations, liaisons and even marriages of Rakshasas (both male and a female) with people. So, the sovereign of Rakshasas Ravana had the whole harem of concubines stolen by him in different parts of the world. His sister, the giantess - Rakshasi Shurpanaksi - "abominable, thick, heavy, with chinks of eyes [squint-eyed], red hair, frightening by sight, with a squeaking voice … with a hanging belly", in her turn, came to love with Rama. The hero of the "Mahabharata" Bhimasena (Bhima wolf-bellied) married on Rakshasi Hidimba.

Entering love relatios with people, Rakshasas gained rather seductive appearance:
"My nickname is Shurpanakhi. Well matched to a magician -
Art to change the appearance I possess from my birth ";
"Acquiring irresistibly charming female appearance, adorning with various jewelry of the most refined job and leading delightful talks, she [Rakshasi Hidimba] gifted enjoying to the son of Panda"

Descendants of rakshasas and people

Quite viable children were born from marriages or intimacies of Rakshas with people. Here that is speak in this respect in the "Mahabharata":
"Rakshasi in the long run has given birth the mighty son to him [Bhima]. With his oblique eyes, a large mouth and similar to shells ears the boy was a real fright. His appearance … was awful, lips - of a bright colour of red cuprum, similar to tusks teeth - very sharp. His power was great also. He was … the great hero endowed with great energy and force. He moved promptly, had a monstrously large body and a great mystic force and could conquer all enemies easily. Speed of his movement and power though he has been born from the man, were indeed superhuman. And he exceeded by his magic power not only all human beings, but also any wizardess and magicians ".
Children born from Rakshasas and people, could have and a human appearance, but inherently they always remained Rakshasas. Legends narrate about the most curious peculiarities of Rakshasas to give birth to children at the moment of conception.

Other examples of mixed marriages

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