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Liaisons and Marriages of Nagas with People

Descendants of mixed marriages

In spite of that Nagas more often describe as one or several (two, three, five, seven, ten, thousand) headed snakes with blue, green, red, black and white skin (and here) with an upper part of a body of a cobra with one pair of legs or quite without legs from  the subterranean world, Patala, nagas-werewolves lived often enough in a human appearance among people. Similarly people sometimes lived together with Nagas in their world. And in that and the other case full-blown descendants were born from marriages of people and Nagas. The example to that is the wise man Astika (he stopped the great sacrifice of snake arranged by king Janamedjaya) -  who was born from the marriage of Vasuki sister, nagini Jaratkaru, and the wise man Jaratkaru and had left after himself children and grandsons. Women of Nagas - Nagini, famous for their beauty, quite often became wives of mortal tsars (kings) and heroes. So, the hero of the "Mahabharata" Ashvatthaman, the son of Drona, married the queen-nagini; tsarevna-nagini Ulupi has spent one night with other hero of the "Mahabharata", Ardzhuna, and nagini Kumudvati became a wife of Kusha, the son of Rama

Other examples of mixed marriages

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