L. Rampa. Sarcophagus with Giants of the Past and Machinery in the Caves of Tibet - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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L. Rampa. Sarcophagus with Giants of the Past and Machinery in the Caves of Tibet

Origin of gods and men
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T.Lobsang Lama Rampa in his autobiographical novel "The Third Eye" (chapters entitled "Potala Palace" and "Final Initiation") wrote about visiting the caves located beneath the palace residence of the Dalai Lama in the Potala in the Tibetan capital Lhasa (now claimed by China).
After going through the countless underground corridors, halls and stairways, he came to a huge niche. "In the center of the niche was a black house ... the walls of the house were covered with strange symbols and diagrams ...". Inside it were three open sarcophagi of black stone, decorated with drawings and mysterious inscriptions. One of the abbots, pointing to those who lay in the sarcophagi, said: "Look, my son, they lived like gods in our country, in a time before there were any mountains. They walked on this earth, when the sea washes its shores and different stars shone in the sky. Look and remember, because only the initiated have seen it."

My comment: the documented geological history of Tibet contained in my recently published book "Land of Immortals, Magicians and Sorcerers – Time of a Golden Age on Earth? " indicates that this time could only have been in the late Eocene - early Oligocene (ie, no later than 40-30 million years ago)

Read my article "What did the rest of Earth look like? Location of Continents and Oceans in the Paleogene" for more information.

Л.L. Rampa obeyed and saw " Three gold figures, nude, lay before us.  Two male and one female.  Every line, every mark faithfully reproduced by the gold.  But the size! The female was quite ten feet long as she lay, and the larger of the two males was not under fifteen feet.  Their heads were large and somewhat conical at the top.  The jaws were narrow, with a small, thin-lipped mouth.  The nose was long and thin, while the eyes were straight and deeply recessed. " He caught a glimpse of one of the sarcophagi lids - it was an engraved celestial map.

L.Rampa wrote about what he had seen on the walls of the caves: numerous figures, strange geometric shapes and figures of giants, strange machines unknown to him, and some completely incomprehensible stories. He also spoke about his journey through one of the longest tunnels in the underground lake that was longer than 60 km. It flows into a large river of Tibet, the Tsang Po, whose waters when approaching the lake are gradually transformed into a thick, viscous mass having a black color.

In another story "The Cave of the Ancients", L. Rampa told about two expeditions to remote areas of the lamas of Tibet, in one of which he was directly involved, and a study of their "ancient caves." Two spacious halls of the cave, lit by a soft silvery light that radiated from a number of globes hanging from the arches were filled with strange machines. Even from the ceiling hung strange machines and mechanisms. Some of them were covered with what looked like the clearest of glass. L.Rampa stepped on a small square platform with railings of about three feet wide and he rose up out of the blue high in the air to where the hanging globes were. Then, just as suddenly it descended back to the ground.
On the floor of the hall were a lot of pictures and some "characters". There was a wall mounted big black panel. As one of my companions stretched out his hand it turned, revealing a dark passage. A misty glow spread thru the cavern and we could see the chamber was filled to the limit of machines. There were statues, paintings and engravings on metal.

And in the first and second visit to the cave in the second room before the astonished llamas occurred sphere, as if woven of light. In it, as if on a screen, they saw pictures of life on Earth before the rise of Tibet, the creation of the Mediterranean Sea and the acquisition of the present shape of the continents, more than 30 million years ago.

According LA Rampa’s guide Mingyar Dontupa, there are exactly the same types of underground rooms with similar machines at locations in Egypt, South America and Siberia.

The section "Giants and titans"

© L Fitzpatrick, 2013 (translation)

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