Messages from the Remote Past. How did the World before A Flood Look? - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Messages from the Remote Past. How did the World before A Flood Look?

Remains of disappeared civilizations
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Known Tibetan llama T. Lobsang Rampa depicted in the autobiographical story "the Third eye" (the head "the Last initiation") visit of the cave which are deeply in land under the palace of Dalai Lama Potala in Lhasa. Having immersed for the whole three days in a status, close to death, he had seen in absolutely dark hall locked outside the vision of the remote past which had revealed before him the panorama of life existing in former times some old civilization:
Slowly the utter blackness enfolding me rolled away.  From somewhere came the booming of the sea, and the hissing rattle of shingle under the drive of the waves.  I could smell the salt-laden air, and the tang of the seaweed... From a nearby grove came the sound of laughing voices, voices that grew louder as a happy group of sun-bronzed people came into sight.  Giants!  All of them...  Countless ages ago Earth revolved nearer the sun, in the opposite direction.  The days were shorter and warmer.  Vast civilizations arose, and men knew more than they do now.  From outer space came a wandering planet and struck the Earth a glancing blow.  The Earth was sent reeling, out of its orbit, and turning in the opposite direction.  Winds arose and battered the waters, which, under different gravitational pulls, heaped upon the land, and there were floods, universal floods.  Earthquakes shook the world.  Lands sank beneath the seas, and others arose.  The warm and pleasant land which was Tibet ceased to be a seaside resort and shot some twelve thousand feet above the sea.  Around the land mighty mountains appeared, belching out fuming lava.  Far away in the highlands rifts were torn in the surface...".                            

Judging by geological data, this event could coincide with the Eocene-Oligocene (34 million years ago), the Oligocene-Miocene (23 million years ago) and the Early-Middle Miocene (16 million years ago) catastrophe.

Spiritual leader of L. Rampa, llama Mingyar Dontup, had told him even more strange story about visit by him and four other llamas "the Cave of the Ancients" in the distant mountain regions:
 "Slowly, almost imperceptibly, a misty glow formed in the darkness before us.  At first it was just a suspicion of

blue-pink light, almost as if a ghost were materializing before our gaze.  The mist-light spread, becoming brighter... Within the sphere of light we saw pictures, hazy at first, they soon cleared  and ceased to be pictures.  Instead we actually saw the events.  This is what we saw and heard, and you shall see and hear in the not too distant future.  Thousands and thousands of years ago there was a high civilization upon this world.  Men could fly through the air in machines which defied gravity; men were able to make machines which would impress thoughts upon the minds of others- thoughts which would appear as pictures.  They had nuclear fission, and at last they detonated a bomb which all but wrecked the world, causing continents to sink below the oceans and others to rise.  The world was decimated, and  so, throughout the religions of this Earth we now have the story of the Flood."  

Approximately in two weeks after that L. Rampa, M. Dontup and more seven llamas visited  "the Cave of the Ancients" again. When they had appeared in it, the flashing ball was formed in the middle one of halls. There were pictures, first fuzzy and vague. But in due course they became more and more bright and real, gaining a relief:

"This was the world of Long, Long Ago.  When the world was very young.  Mountains stood where now there are seas, and the pleasant seaside resorts are now mountain tops.  The weather was warmer  and  strange creatures
roamed afield.  This was a world of scientific progress. Strange machines rolled along, flew inches from the surface of the Earth, or flew miles up in the air.  Great temples reared their pinnacles skywards, as if in challenge to the clouds.  Animals and Man talked telepathically together... We saw oceans with great floating cities which moved from land to land. In the sky floated equally large craft which moved without sound.  Which could hover, and
almost instantly flash into stupendous speed.  On the surface vehicles moved some inches above the ground itself, sup-
ported in the air by some method which we could not determine.  Bridges stretched across the cities carrying on
slender cables what appeared to be roadways... The world was a divided camp in which each side coveted  the lands of the other...  As we watched we saw a vivid flash in the sky, and one of the largest bridges collapsed into a tangle of girders and cables. Another flash, and most of the city itself vanished into incandescent gas.  Above the ruins towered a strangely evil-looking red cloud, roughly in the shape of a mushroom miles high."
About all this L. Rampa has told in the other story "the Cave of the Ancients".

Judging by geological data, the descriptions presented by L. Rampa should define the world not later then in the Miocene (5-23 million years ago), most likely, not later than in the Early Miocene (16 million years ago)

Even if these descriptions are invented (L. Rampa stimulates an interest in that all it, except a route to the "Cave of the ancients", is the truth), they reflect in the best way possible the picture of that past world which could exist and disappear during one of the catastrophes, having happened on the Earth.

The section "Remains of disappeared civilizations"

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