Masonic Symbols – the Symbols of Sun Gods, Reflecting Monotheism - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Masonic Symbols – the Symbols of Sun Gods, Reflecting Monotheism

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Excuse me, dear readers, that I took too much time to acquaint you with Masonic symbolism and its comparison with the ancient symbols of different nations. I did this so that you could make sure for yourself how much all reasoned about what I am going to tell below.

So! Masonic symbolism is the symbolism of sun gods, and reflects monotheism, (as a basic principle of sun gods ideology).  It embodies the Higher Mind, the Cosmic Spirit, and intelligent energy as a higher power that pervades the entire universe and determines the development of all civilizations, and each person individually. This is the spirit of world harmony, carrying in itself inexhaustible knowledge and creative possibilities. The Maya called it Hunab Ku, the ancient Indian Brahman, the ancient Chinese Tao, and the ancient Egyptians - one and indivisible God.  This Supreme Being is a living nature, extending from some galactic center (figuratively mapped to the human brain), which the Maya called “Galactic Butterfly”, a continuous stream of energy or energy channels.

The Mayan Hunab Ku was not only God, but also one of the main categories of the universe. He is the center of our galaxy (according to other sources, the universe), a kind of “galactic nucleus”. According to Dr. Jose Arguellesu of Princeton University (USA), this is a dense pulsing body continuously emitting a series of signals corresponding to the matrix Tzolkin, the field of intelligent energy, creating the universe. The Maya knew exactly at what point of the sky is the center, and even had represented it symbol, which, according to the same Arguelles, called Hunab Ku, whose translation from the Mayan language means “Galactic Butterfly”. The Maya believed that the Creator Hunab Ku hundled everything that happened in the Galaxy (Universe) from the center, sending out, through periodic emission, emanations “of conscious energy”.
Thus, Hunab Ku represented for the Mayans all consciousness that has always existed in the universe. Some researchers call it “Fore-mather of all
s", which is constantly giving birth to new stars, including our sun and planet Earth. In this respect Hunab Ku reminds the Hindu gods Brahma and Prajapati.

Knowledge by the ancients of this great strength allowed them through long training to improve themselves and become an active part of this living super organism. As a result, they had many abilities that modern society calls witchcraft and magic, or belongs to the category of fiction: they could change their size and shape, out of the body, become invisible, and consciously control the nature of things and natural phenomena, to cause rain, storm, fire, etc. Of course, I'm still far from being able to understand all the intricacies of the mechanism, which “gives the following abilities in motion”. Moreover, I hardly have the right to express my guesses aloud (in fact, for the discovery of such knowledge to people fallen angels in their time were cast down into the earth), as all the previous history of mankind proves that people used divine knowledge opened them for selfish purposes.  First, to create a magical weapon, which, according to the descriptions in the Indian texts of the “Mahabharata” and Puranas, have much more devastating consequences than nuclear detonations.

Safe initiation of humanity into higher knowledge that “radiates” Supreme Being, is possible only in case of the existence of people of high consciousness and sustainable harmonious society.  This occurs when the person is connected in one piece with other people, animals and objects and phenomena of nature and is integrally formed with them. It should look something like shown in the movie Avatar. And in the modern world, man destroys. Destroys nature, separated from it and became essentially alien organism, something like a mosquito or leech who are “trying to suck the blood out of it” and whom Nature, as part of the Supreme One and Indivisible God, ruthlessly avenges for it.
That is why, in ancient times and today, dedicated to the highest sacrament priests and members of secret societies so zealously guarded and guard divine knowledge, and protected (protect) them from unworthy people. That's why finds left before the existed highly developed civilizations, completely disappeared (dasappears) - they could (can) lead people to the invention even more destructive weapons -, and in schools and colleges teachers explain to pupils and students, that man evolved from apes. That is why from time to time from the secret archives of Freemasons, Rosicrucian, Illuminati and other secret societies in different ways (a big role in the "release" of secret data  played capture of Masonic archives at the end of World War II) materials (such as the maps of Orontes Phineus, Mercator, Philip Bousher etc.) fall into the "big world" that completely overturn our understanding of history. Afterwards, desperate attempts to show that they are fakes are making, and in addition, most people do not even try to understand their true meaning.

The beginning/Part 6. Management the (Free)masons from Agartha and Shambhala. The secret government of the Earth

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©  J Gray, 2013 (translation)

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