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Key Masonic Symbols and Their Origins (the Crosses and All-Seeing Eye)

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Crosses, swastikas and the ankh - ancient symbols of the sun, life and eternity

Very common signs of a Masonic symbolism are also different crosses: tau cross, equilateral, Greek or Roman cross, cloverleaf or Cabalistic Cross, six-pointed cross, cross or swastika (in its various versions), and the ankh, as well as their combination with other Masonic symbols:  the six-pointed and five-pointed star, triangle and snake.

Very curious characters, Rosicrucian’s, snake nailed to the Tau cross, which means that dark human nature (the snake) have to die, if the spirit will be able to fulfill his destiny. Another symbol of the Order, the cross and rose, considered the personification of fire and light. This is understood as a sign of the divine light of the Universe (the rose) and the earthly world of suffering (the cross), as well as a dualistic character (male and female).

As I have shown in the “Cross, ankh, swastika. Cross as a symbol of the sun”, crosses have been used since prehistoric times as symbols of the sun, as well as to refer to the elements of which the world was created: air, earth, fire, and water, which together constitute a symbol of life. Ankh, in addition carries the value of the symbol of eternity. In ancient Egypt, the ankh is also understood as the key that opens the gate to the divine knowledge, and at the ancient Scandinavians it was also a symbol of heaven. Cabbalists also designated cross the sky, comprehensive wisdom.  Swastika, like other crosses, is considered a symbol of the sun and the source of life, light, luck, happiness and creativity. It was perceived as the wheel of life and showed apparent motion of the Sun around the Earth and dividing the year into four parts.
Thus, the
cross, as well as other characters above, is inextricably linked with the sun, light, comprehensive wisdom, eternal life or immortality. It is an integral attribute of sun gods of Adityas, Svarogichs, Ahuras, Gandharvas and others. The origins of this symbol are lost in the mists of time, separated from us by many millions of years, and are closely associated with the ancient continent of Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa), where,  "at the beginning of time", white gods lived.
According to popular belief, the cross came from a schematic representation of a bird, which “Rig Veda” and legends of the Slavs, Celts, Scythians, Egyptians, Sumerians, Aztecs and other peoples repeatedly compared with the Sun.

Seeing Eye - a symbol of the sun and the Supreme Cosmic Mind

Another important and perhaps the most famous Masonic symbol is the all-seeing eye or radiant delta (it is also one of the most famous symbols of the Illuminati). Radiant delta is a triangle with an eye placed inside it - a sign of enlightenment or consciousness principle, or the all-seeing eye, which creates energy of presence of the Supreme Being and constantly radiate affirmation of being. By definition from the Masons themselves, radiant delta is a mathematical point which has no size, but is located everywhere, filling the immensity of space. It is also a symbol of awareness and attention that the Supreme Being manifests to each Mason, and which  every Mason must manifests to the surrounding world.

In Masonic symbolism, the eye - the holy symbol of the absolute, an emblem of construction beginning of all living things.

The triangle with an eye placed inside it may be present by itself or together with arranged around the golden rays, as if tearing the fog that hides the earth from God.
As in previous cases, this character is treated differently.  
In most cases, however, it seems the personification of the sun and the Supreme, Space, Mind. Thus, according to one interpretation, the all-seeing eye in the physical plane is the sun, whose body was taken by life and light, and spiritually, the Great Architect of the Universe. On the other, the all-seeing eye symbolizes clairvoyance, the ability to be visually intuitive.  The eye within the triangle represents all sun gods having fertilizing power of the sun, which is embodied in the One God (or his earthly incarnation - the king). In some interpretations of this symbol the Lord is likened to the sun as a source of light, and the way the divine vision - to the eye.

All-seeing eye in ancient Egypt. Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus
(see the images on the page)

A close relationship the all-seeing eye with the sun and permeating the universe divine knowledge (intelligence) is confirmed, at least 5-6 thousand-year history of the symbol, which was especially popular in ancient Egypt. He’s just been there in two guises, the eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra, which are sometimes called “Wadjet” (although this is not entirely true, as the goddess Wadjet was serpentine and more often depicted as Urey - Cobra).
Eye of Ra or Eye of
the Sun, symbolized power and authority, fire and light, alertness and reaction time and was able to burn any opponent. It is often portrayed as a Urey, cobra, often winged, sometimes with the sun disk and the eye, and was identified with Wadjet, Nehbet, Maat, Hathor, Tefnut, Sekhmet, Mehit, and other goddesses. In the book "Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves”, I have shown that all of them, except Wadjet, apparently, were apsaras and  included in the number of sun gods.
Urey was a symbol of royalty, power of life and death, and has the ability to edit and destroy (burn) the enemies of Ra (the sun).
The latter circumstance define another possible interpretation of this symbol (Eye of Ra), which I proposed in the “Eye of Ra - combat heavenly chariot in ancient Egypt”.
Eye or Eye of Horus, called
also Atshet or All-seing and Eye healing, symbolized hidden wisdom and vision of the soul (clairvoyance), performed the function of protecting and symbolized healing and resurrection after death. As the “Book of the Dead” narrates, "Eye of Horus rewards of eternal life, and he protects me, even when it is closed".
Eye of Horus is depicted in the form of eye with eyebrow and
spiral beneath which is interpreted by some researchers  as a symbol of energy and perpetual motion. Vents evil charms as Eye of Horus were worn by many Egyptians, from the Pharaohs to the common people. They were put in burial shroud mummies and dead allegedly resurrected in the underworld kingdom.
According to some researchers, the Eye of Horus was identified as
with the left eye of Horus falcon, Moon, which is “reborn” in the sky each month, and with his right eye, the sun, "died" in the west in the evening, and morning always "born" in the east (Sometimes it is also identified with the North Star). According to others, it matches only the left eye of Horus, the moon, while the right eye, Eye of Ra, represents the sun. In this case, their images were the same  (in the form of eye). There is also a view that the Eye of Horus (one or two), it is the Eye of Ra (one or two), passed to his son by Isis. And it is somehow linked with the secret name of Ra, wormed goddess at him.

Throughout the dynastic period in the tombs, on sarcophagi and other attributes of sepultures peope painted or cut out “two eyes” of Wadjet (Ra and Horus) . They are also depicted on the bow of boats that they are not off course.

Quite often, the Eye of Horus was combined with one or two Ureys (cobras), the moon and the sun disk or depicted (one or two - the right and left eye of Horus) between the goddesses Wadjet (snake) and Nehbet (kite) that kept it with her claws, tail, or wings.

All-seeing eye in ancient Japanese, Iranian and other symbolism

Images of the all-seeing eye are found in many other nations.
In ancient Chinese and Japanese symbols, the left eye symbolizes the sun and the right eye, the moon. The ancient Indian
's third eye of Shiva (in the middle of the forehead) was a spiritual consciousness, transcendental wisdom, and Eye of Varuna - the sun. The same interpretation of eye is made (the third eye of Buddha) in Buddhism. In ancient Iran Good Shepherd Yima Shining (ruler of Iranians during the “golden age”) had a sun eye and the secret of immortality. In ancient Greece and the Roman Empire Eye symbolized Apollo, the sun, which is also the eye of Zeus (Jupiter). In American Indian it was the eye of the Great Spirit and omniscience. In Islam, the eye of the heart is the spiritual center, a place of absolute intelligence and enlightenment.

Mystical third eye, sometimes called the “eye of the heart”, symbolizes the spiritual vision, which binds in different religions with different concepts: in Hinduism, with the power of Shiva and synthesizing power of fire, in Buddhism, with the inner eye, and in Islam, with the supernatural clairvoyance . Third eye depicted on the forehead of Shiva is also called the inner eye.

Open eye in the triangle, otherwise referred to as the All-Seeing Eye, is also an ancient symbol of God of the Jews, Yahweh or Jehovah, and was a symbol of divine providence.

"In Christianity, the “All-Seeing Eye” is a non-canonical, although a stable image of Christian iconography,  met, at least from the 6th century on icons and religious buildings, both Catholic and Orthodox. This symbol is also called “Vigilant eye of God”.  It represents the image of the eye in the triangle (sometimes oval), which originate (sun) rays.
According to Peter Greif, the eye symbolize all-seeing God, omniscience, power, light. Light body - it is an eye (Matthew 6:22). The eye in the Triangle  embodies Head of God, and in the triangle, surrounded by a radiant circle, its infinite holiness.
Triangle (with the top facing up), framing the eyes, is interpreted in Christianity as a symbol of the Trinity.

The triangle and six-pointed star - a reflection of confrontation of the divine and demonic principles

Triangle (with the top facing up) is one of the most secret Masonic symbols.  Like the circle, it has no beginning or end; it is an endless symbol of divinity.  It can also represent the past-future-present time, wisdom-beauty-force, birt-life-death, light-darkness-time, etc.
Since ancient times, the pyramid was considered a symbol of divine spirituality, perfection, search
, the human desire for truth and light, liberation from the material, overcoming himself, going beyond his or her own limits, striving for top inaccessible and incomprehensible.  All this can be attributed to the Triangle.

According to Nilus, "... in Revelation, the devil imagines about himself that he like the Most High" (Isaiah 14, 14). So Kabalistic six-pointed star (hexagram) or Masonic “Solomon's seal” depicts the devil also an equilateral triangle, equal to the first, but facing the top down, rather than up, thus indicating the exact opposite of Satan to God, not without evidence that the enemy of God was cast down from heaven. The six-pointed star (hexagram), “Star of David”, “shield of David” ("Mohen – Dovid”) of Jews, “Solomon's seal” of the Masons is formed by two overlapping equilateral triangles, pointing up and down vertices, outlined circle or without it. Upper triangle symbolizes God (the Holy Trinity), the lower triangle, the opposing him the devil. Such symbols the devil would liken himself to God. A circle around the star means eternity of this opposition (sometimes not drawn).

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