Is there a Life on Mars? Dream on a Hospital Bunk - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Is there a Life on Mars? Dream on a Hospital Bunk

Messages from the Other world
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To my mother it is devoted

When my work "Mars before and after a catastrophe. Thought about a life on the Red planet" had been written, I visited  my mother in a hospital at the third day after the infarct endured by her. This event is nothing remarkable for you in itself  and I, of course, would not begin to focus your attention on it if it was not attended by one very interesting fact. My mother had told me about the sleep which she saw in the past night in bright coloured paints.
Without going into details of this sleep, I will tell to you the main thing (chief). The patient was visited by incomers from Mars which were very high - not less than two metres, as she said, and white-skinned. They invited her to their home.

When they arrived to Mars, my mother saw hilly lifeless wilderness. On her surprised question how do they live here, the Martians had smiled and had opened a thick door in one of hills. Behind it there was a passage and another door which they had opened too, then - one more passage and the third door.
When they opened the third door, my mother saw the beautiful country which rolled in verdure and flowers of pink, lilac and other paintings which she had described as paradise. Near to her herds of cows, sheep and goats pastured. Surprisingly beautiful palace was seen in the distance. To her question who posesses this palace, the Martians  answered that their governor lived in it. They lived in settlements which placed little bit further - outside of the review.
And here are two more important details of this unusual sleep. On my questions, whether there was in that subterranean country heaven, my mother had answered that she did not see a sky, but she had well distinguished the numerous lamps brightly shining on the high canopy. And on the question of the patient, in what language inhabitants of Mars talk, the Martians have told they spoke in English, French, Spanish, Russian, … For communication among themselves language was absolutely not necessary to them.
What was it? The usual dream caused by stuff hospital air, lamps shining over the head and impression from once read my article about Mars? - But I, after all, did not write in it about subterranean country and their inhabitants, becouse has never been assured in their existence. And a television receiver my mother did not watch many years - eyesight did not allow.
Or it was the prophetic sleep caused by recently endured infarct and drugs - something like clairvoyance?
The answer to this question can be received only after carrying out of manned expeditions to Mars and, first of all, in the case, if the place of investigation will be Sidonia. As they say "we will wait - we will see". Though, the news which have occured recently do not encourage - because of too high irradiation on a surface of Mars landing there astronauts can not take place at all.

© A.V.Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this reminiscence give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site is given.

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