Intrusion of Snakemen - Amphibians to the Earth in the End of the Eocene Era. The Eocene- Oligocene Catastrophe - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Intrusion of Snakemen - Amphibians to the Earth in the End of the Eocene Era. The Eocene- Oligocene Catastrophe

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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In the end of the Eocene epoch (34 million years ago) the Earth was harried by space aggressors - amphibious or the reptiles lived in water, nivatakavaches - annedots led by Hiranyaksa, Hayagriva, Enki, Susanoo, Osiris, Tlaloc and other deities, and the great catastrophe occurred on - the first one after 32 million years. We finds reflexion of this event in the epos of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs - an episode of "collapses of heavenly monsters on terrestrial ones" (on expression of Miguel  Leon-Portilla), which had caused hurricanes, earthquakes and floods of unprecedented force. It also has evidence in the Chinese epos ("Huainanzi or Huai-Nan-Tzu" and later myths) - in an episode of fight of fire spirit Chzhuzhun with deity of water Gungun (collapse of heavens, destruction of the Earth and repairing of the heavenly arch by Nyuyva). According to " Huainanzi ", during this calamity gaps were formed in earth crust through which underground waters had rushed. Hostile to each other water and fire had united to destroy all population of the Earth. "Nine areas [of the manned world] had broken up into parts".
In my book "Earth before flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves" I have compared Hiranyaksa with the Indian water demon Hayagriva stolen Vedas, Gungun and Japanese lord of sea abysses Susanoo. Gungun was a being with a body of snake, human face and red hair on a head. About the same image of Hiranyaksa is embodied on bas-reliefs in Hindu temples. Codex Vatikanus also says about red-haired or ginger "people" lived during the Third epoch of "the Fiery dragon" or "the Red head" (34-24 million years), and eaten exclusively vegetative food (fruits of "cinokoakok" or grains "aciciutli", growing in water).

It means, in the end of the Eocene era our planet was attacked by reasonable amphibious beings or reasonable reptiles with semiwater-semiterrestrial way of life. Judging by the descriptions and images of Hiranyaksa, Gungun, red-haired "people" of "the Fiery Dragon", the son of Sumer demons of water Lahmu and Lahamu Anshar (with four eyes, ears and a mouth vomiting fire), Chinese "the divine farmer" Shendun (a huge beings with a green snake body, a human face and small small horns on a head), deity of Dogons Nommo (the semiperson-semisnake with a green smooth and sheen body, the red eyes, the doubled tongue and eight flexible limbs without joints), the Egyptian gods Osiris, Isis (two cobras with the bound snake tails) and, apparently, Uadzhet (Uajet) (a cobra twisted round a stalk of the papyrus) and some other gods and demons of the ancient world, most likely, they were reptiles.

The analysis of the Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Central-American, Sumer and Egyptian legends allows to assume that water reasonable reptiles (snakemen) were widespread on the Earth during the whole Oligocene epoch (34-23 million years ago). They occupied shallow shelf seas placed on considerable areas of continents.
This fact (wide development of seas in the Oligocene epoch) is proved by the geological data. In the Oligocene era shallow shelf seas filled the most part of Europe, the European part of Russia, Western Siberia (approximately up to the middle of Oligocene epoch) and northern part of Canada. Also that is surprising, in legends of different people it is noticed that unprecedented flood had coincided on time with appearance of water reptiles like Hiranyaksa and Gungun on the Earth. And the time of their life was in the period when areas of oceans and seas were  7/10 surfaces of our planet (the such situation could be only in the end of the Eocene and in the beginning of the Oligocene epochs).
So, my assumption stated in my work "Battles of ancient gods" that demons led by Hiranyaksa could put meaningly a crippling stroke on our planet to increase an area of shallow shelf seas necessary for their life, seems to be not such improbable, if especially to take into consideration the circumstance that during time of the Eocene-Oligocene catastrophe extinction had concerned, first of all, sea organisms.

Depression of extensive territories and their transformation into sea pools had begun in the Paleocene-Eocene  eras (different pools in different ways), but especially intensive it became in the end of the Eocene time. During this time (about 40 million years ago) spreading between Greenland and West Spitsbergen had begun and separating of Antarctica from Australia had begun too. This all allows to assume that snakemen with semiwater-semiterrestrial way of life, had arrived to the Earth in the end of the Eocene (about 40 million years ago).

The beginning of the theme/World structure and the population of the Earth in the Oligocene epoch

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