Statuettes of a Crab-man, Spider-man and the Statue of "Short-eared" from Easter Island in the section "Intravital Portraits of the Ancients" - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Statuettes of a Crab-man, Spider-man and the Statue of "Short-eared" from Easter Island in the section "Intravital Portraits of the Ancients"

Intravital portraits of the ancients
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The following two subjects discovered during archeological excavations of clay platforms of the pyramidal complex of Uaka Rahada near Sipan on the northern coast of Peru in 1988 are almost surely not intravital portraits of the ancients. They time to the most ancient tomb of the "old chief" of mochica in the basis of the pyramid which is dated by archeologists approximately 100 AD

and, most likely, only reflect notions of Indians about their far grandparents which belonged to reasonable insects. Nevertheless, I have placed their photos below,  because they - almost  the only images of people-insects, having reached our time, which Hopi indians name by their immediate ancestors.
Together with them I place the photo of one more

statue from Easter island, apparently, made from IV millenary BC up to XI millenaries BC (before expansion of scale production of gigantic statues of "long-eared"). The kneeling being, described on it, strikingly differs from "long-eared" and, perhaps, is an intravital portrait of black inhabitants of Easter Island (Danavas-Kalakeys?) lived on it before appearence of "long-eared".

60-sm gilt copper figure with 8 extremities (limbs) of a crab, two legs and a face of a man, discovered in the tomb of the"old chief" in Sipan
One of 10 copper plates (from the necklace placed on the chest of the "old chief") with the relief image of cobweb and a spider with a human face and a stomach sitting on it, environed by 9 "eggs". The spider has 8 legs and 2 appendixes similar to antenna which are not present at true spiders. According to M. Kotrell, it is somewhere in a middle between true spiders and other insects. Sipan, Peru
Mysterious statue from Easter Island, perhaps, portrayed one of living on it before appearence of "white gods" black-skinned Danavas-Kalakeys. However, it already were not those mighty incomers who over a period of many million years took the leading position on our planet

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