The Immortal Medusa Confirms the Existence of Immortal Reasonable Beings in the Past - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The Immortal Medusa Confirms the Existence of Immortal Reasonable Beings in the Past


Medusa Turritopsis Nutricula which is considered the only immortal being on the Earth, has been put under intent observation of scientists. According to British The Times, genetics and marine biologists actively learn the medusa to understand, how it manages to reverse back an ageing process.
Medusas of this genus are comparatively not great: only 4-5 mm in diameter. And unlike the majority of medusas which die after participation in a reproductive cycle, Turritopsis Nutriculas return to a juvenile phase (stage) after coupling.
Having attained ripeness, Turritopsis Nutricula can transform again into an juvenile individual and is capable to repeat this cycle perpetually. These beings, presenting a class of hydrozoans, die, only if somebody slay or eat them. According to one of the existing hypotheses, cells in organisms of such medusas convert, transforming from one type to another.
To take into consideration they do not die by a natural death, Turritopsis Nutricula are capable, under certain conditions, to propagate too quickly and to destroy the balance of the world ocean. The doctor Maria Miglietta from the Smithsonian institute of tropical investigations in Panama has told in interview to The Sun: "We watch silent invasion of these medusas throughout the world".
Medusas Turritopsis Nutricula originate from Caribbean region, however gradually they have penetrated through into other geographical zones.


My commentings: Existence on the Earth of immortal living organisms  - let even quite small medusas - is a very weighty argument in favour of the existence of  immortal reasonable beings, similar and dissimilar to a man, in the past, and perhaps even (underground, underwater and under a surface of the Moon) at the present. At least, it good coincides with legends of many people that people lived on the earth earlier, did not die, and casted off (shedded) from themselves old leather, became young and became to live as though at first.

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