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Overview of my expeditions and trips to Bulgaria, Israel, Jordan, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tailand and Cambodia HERE and HERE

Human civilization is millions of years. This is evidenced by my field and desk studies at the junction of geology and folklore

This website of Dr.Alexander Koltypin is the result of many years' research on the history of the Solar system, Earth and humanity. The sections "My explorations", "Images of unknown animals" and "Photo gallery" are from trips to different archaeological objects and cultural heritage monuments. During these explorations, I managed to see and study artefacts demonstrating that humanity is much older than the history and biology textbooks tell us. This site presents evidence that Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria and other ancient continents existed tens of millions to hundreds of millions of years ago, and the age of many megalithic, rock and underground structures is at least hundreds of thousands to tens million years old. Ancient legends say these monuments were built by giants, elves or dwarfs very long ago, and that they laid in ruins even before the creation of the world and the appearance of the sun and the moon in the sky. If you are ready to accept that the age of humanity comes to millions of years and to move into the depths of the Neogene and Paleogene periods as described in sacred texts and legends, this site is for you. Travel further, you will not regret it. I have posted less than half of the material available to me on the Russian site; the English part has much less. I intend to continue my expeditions and explorations. I encourage you to visit my favourite sections on Hyperborea, elves, the Golden AgeIslands of the immortal, and the ruins of  Middle EarthAlso discuss problems stirring you at the FORUM (in English)

My explorations in Russia, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka and other countries give reason to contend that widespread among historians and archaeologists opinion that people learned to build towns only 8-10 thousand years ago is wrong. In different regions of the Mediterranean and other areas of the Earth an underwater underground-terrestrial megalithic complex outcropped, the erection of which is separated from our time by millions years. Perfection of structures, fastenings and finishings of many constructions of this complex, unknown building technologies and its monumentality indicate the highest level of development of reasonable beings lived in that time. 
For passed millions years the complex endured one or several  global catastrophes, was affected by earthquakes terrifying on force, captured by huge fires storming on all Earth, and submerged with waters of floods. As a result of crust motions its significant part had plunged under a sea level and nowadays it is  on shelves (a bottom) of oceans and seas. However, the  underground-terrestrial megalithic complex withstood all disasters befell it and have remained up to now 

History of the antediluvian world and the modern ecology

Why do the site on the most ancient history of mankind give a lot of place to ecology problems? Because our civilization reiterates the mistakes of the previous civilizations which not one time before led  to their destruction... Read about my researches in this respect, and works of other authors in the section "Ecological and humanitarian problems. Connection of times"

Underground and terrestrial megalithic complex includes rock towns in the form of landscaped gardens, built on a type of towns from the movie "Lord of the Rings," "The Hobbit," "The Chronicles of Narnia" and often having the form of giant stone animals. The ruins of towns of elves and gnomes

My explorations

I invite you to visit the continuously expanding 'MY EXPLORATIONS" section. You will find in it the reports (with numerous quality pictures) of my trips to different archaeological sites and monuments of cultural heritage of the world.  I also invite you to visit the continuously expanding "PHOTO GALLERY" section. It contains a lot of made by me quality photos of national parks, temples, palaces, animals, and just beautiful places around the world (Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.)

Images of unknown animals

I invite you to visit the continuously expanding "IMAGES OF UNKNOWN ANIMALS" section. It contains a lot of photos and descriptions of sculptures, bas-reliefs, wall paintings and other images of unknown for science animals from my trips to various archaeological sites and monuments of cultural heritage, as well as from a variety of sources. In the unique "INTRAVITAL PORTREITS OF THE ANCIENTS" photo gallery you can see how living on the Earth reasonable beings looked

"Miss ancient perfection"
beauty contest

I invite you to visit the unique "MISS ANCIENT PERFECTION" BEATY CONTEST" photo gallery. You will see in it photos of sculptures, bas-reliefs and images of the most ancient women-inhabitants of the Earth, peculiar and unique beauty of which was embodied by sculptors and artists many years, centuries and millenaries ago. And though in the most cases they lived much more after the heroines who had excited them on the immortal creations, they, undoubtedly, had larger knowledge of them, than we have

In many megalithic, rock and underground towns domed halls and bas-reliefs of the cross preserved, upon which they often date back to the Christian era. However, the cross and other sun symbols - signs of the sun gods who lived on earth since the days of Hyperborea

Cross-disciplinary research at the junction of geology, history, and folklore

I often think why many scientists do not see faint points of the existing theories of creation of the world and evolution of life. Do not pay attention that their basic postulates do not stand up to criticism. Also do not notice the numerous facts, contradictory to these theories. The answer has come after dialogue with specialists with world names. More often they, "from legs to a head" absorbed in their work, do not know at all about existence of alternative views on development of the Earth and mankind, and if and heard for a moment about them, do not guess, how much strong these views are grounded. The purpose of my site - educational. I wish to show that the time of reforms has come, that schoolboys and students should not prolong to study under old textbooks. The time has come to prepare new specialists on natural sciences which will know equally well astronomy, geology, archeology, history and folklore.  I perceive, how it is difficult to "break down" old views (read more...)

Statues of Easter island from the gallery "Intravital portrait of the ancients"
History of the Earth and mankind included two large epoch: the Paleogene period (65,5 - apprx. 25 million years ago) when white gods and snake-people lived in peace and consent, and development of civilization submitted to Divine regulations and Laws of harmony (as shown in the films of "Avatars" and "Dinotopia"), and the Neogene and Quarternary periods (apprx. 25-0 million years) when there were on the Earth two hostile ideological unions - adherents and opponents of Harmony and Divine order. It was the epoch of wars and global catastrophes following one after another with alternate ownership of the world by adherents and opponents of Harmony and Divine order (read more …)

One more serious reason for thought - is it necessary to people truthful knowledge of their true past and about their true grandparents? It is possible to give an well-defined answer on this question not at once. To get it, it is necessary to know very well the history from antique times up to our time, universal mythology and destiny of the modern finds which contradicted existing scientific concepts. I will start from mythology. In legends of different people the subject is widespread that people, received divine knowledge from Fallen Angels, Nephelims, Guards, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas, followers of Dennitsa and others, used them not with purposes of progress and advancing of society on the basis of the Divine principles, and with purposes of its destruction. For this modern mankind (and before it many other mankinds) had lost immortality and longevity, had been punished by the Flood and doomed in continuum wars, killing each other and sufferings (read more...)

In the Golden age there was warm on the whole earth and people lived together with animals. There were no predators
Many people saved the legends about the Golden age when there was equally warm on the whole earth, evergreen vegetation grew everywhere, all year long fruit, vegetables and cereals were blooming and ripening, all animals were herbivores, and people were never ill and lived long and happily. According to Hindu, Slavic, Aztec and other legends and Nicholas Roerich, at that remote period of our history white gods and serpent-people (dragons) live on the earth in peace and harmony. According to the translator of the "Bhagavata Purana" AC Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, then there was a single world state of Bharata-Varsha (read more…)
In the Paleocene and early Eocene tropical forests grew in the far north

Geological explorations of land and drilling of the ocean floor showed that the only interval of time suiting under the Golden Age, was the Paleocene and Eocene epochs of the Paleogene period (65,5-34 million years ago). In that remote time there was equally warm on the whole Earth, in the Arctic and Antarctica tropical forests grew, mango, avocado, bananas ripened, and there were no carnivorous animals (in the Paleocene and early Eocene) - only herbivorous ones. Earth had a double-layer cover (envelop) - air and overlying it water-steam or water-crystalline, and the whole previous world represented a giant hothouse (read more...)
The "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", Puranas and other ancient Hindu and Buddhist books and Slavic legends narrate that during the "Golden age" in the north the huge mountainous continent of Hyperborea-Svarga-Jambudvipa was, which stretched from North America to Tibet, on the place of which then the Tetis ocean was. The city of gods of Amaravati was the capital of Hyperborea. It was drowning, as well as other similar cities, in greenery of gardens and parks with "lotus white, fragrant." This mythical continent corresponded to the northern supercontinent of Laurasia, for a long time known to geologists (read more...)
Catastrophe 23-16 million years ago. Earth embraced by fire
According to legends of the majority of nations of the world, earlier there was no moon in the sky (on legends of the people of Central and South America - and sun). The Moon appeared after a grandiose catastrophe on a boundary of the early and middle Miocene (15,9 million years ago), which was accompanied by the flame to heavens, earthquakes, collapse of heavens on the earth (in a form of deluge), an Earth's axis repositioning on 90 ° and leave the orbit by Earth. After this catastrophe the four corners of the earth were organised, the sky was coloured in blue colour, clouds appeared, winds began to blow, thunderstorms - to rattle, rains - to go and the sun - to heat, which began to rose in the east (read more...)
Earth from dark and light halves. Appearance of the Moon
To the catastrophe, which had led to formation of the polar world with climatic zonality and glaciation of the Antarctica and Arctic regions, the catastrophe on the boundary of the Paleogene and Neogene periods (23 million years ago) preceded. It was accompanied by falling of igneous bodies from the sky to the earth, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and great fires, in the result of which the surface of Earth (was) warmed to Venusian temperatures. After that it was flooded by waters of the "sprung a leak" water-steam cover. In the early Miocene (23-15,9 million years ago) in the result of shift of the Earth's axis or deceleration of the rotation, the Earth consisted of dark and light halves (read more...)
Creation of man
Conditions on the Earth, consisting of light and dark halves (23-15,9 million ago), deteriorated thus strong that gods began to "create" helpers - people. New people were created on light and dark halves of Earth (in subterranean settlements) after the image and likeness of gods. In the beginning of the creation their looks penetrated to the "vault of Heaven" and to the «interiors of Earth». But, gods dissatisfied with that people gained qualities equal to them, filled their "eyes" with shroud. Simultaneously they bequeathed them fast domination over the world and liquidation of "old" people, marvelous creatures. In the end of the early Miocene gods and people lived, worked and fasted together (read more...)
World epochs of Aztec
Legends of Bolivian Indians narrate that after the Deluge which coincided with the Epoch of Darkness (23-15,9 million years ago), Vira Cocha appeared who created the Sun, the Moon and stars. Vira Cocha come to a stop in the city of Tiahuanaco which was layed in ruins then... Legends of Hopi Indians narrate that remains of the third world of Kuskurza (15,9-5,3 million years ago) are concealed under the thickness of oceans... The explorations conducted by me in Israel and Turkey revealed widespread development of the underground-terrestrial megalithic complex which had age in some million years. This complex together with underwater ruins of Yonaguni and Ponape presented remains of the previous, antediluvian, world (read more...)
World epoch of the Aztecs
According to the corrected translation of the Book of Genesis, a number of Gospels of the New Testament and the Koran, the new world had been created on ruins of the old world, in which the Earth covered with a water-steam envelope, represented a large hothouse. The Indian, Chinese, Aztec ancient books, codes and legends and legends of the Maya and Hopi narrate that there were 2 or 3 worlds earlier. In the earliest world (the Golden Age) the lifetime of people was 100 000 years, in the second world (the Silver age) -10 000 years, in the third world the beginning of which coincided with the Biblical Creation (the Bronze age) - 1000 years, in the fourth world, which began after Noah's Deluge (the Iron Age) - 100 years (read more...)
Fairy Queen (Ain) and Merlin.  Tuatha De Danann
Separate groups of gods, which inhabited the Earth still to the early-middle Miocene catastrophe (15,9 million years ago), during the "Silver age", have lived almost up to now. The Irish, Wales, Scandinavian, Indian and other legends call them by Tuatha de Danann (or the Danu people), Tuatha de Anu, Valkyrias, Gandharvas and Apsaras. They were high and unusual beautiful beings with white skin, blue eyes and fair hair, which possessed by magic art and lived several thousand years. They were eliminating consequences of the deluge from 12 thousand to 6 thousand years ago, and then, between 1700 and 700 BC, have departured from Ireland to America where they were named by "white gods”. In the European folklore they began to be called by elves (read more...)
Gigant from the "Ramayana". The Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand
In Peru, Bolivia, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Ethiopia, India and other countries ruins of ancient megalithic buildings is discovered which consist of stone blocks from several tons to 1200 tons in weight, fitted tightly to each other. They belong to a part of an antediluvian underground-terrestrial complex. The large size of megalithic blocks and remoteness of quarries from ancient buildings gave the grounds to many explorers to count that they had been built by giants possessing unique technologies of building. Such point of view is affirmed by ancient legends of different people (read more...)
Remains of an underground hall with sun symbols on the wall. Rock City Cavusin, Turkey
The huge size of subterranean halls of the undergroung-terrestrial megalithic complex and presence on their walls of bas-reliefs of a cross and other sun symbols supposedly testify that they were built by sun worshippers-giants. However, passages between halls were assigned for people of 1-1,2 m growth. For this reasons it is possible to assume that dwarfs, like gnomes from fairy tales and Ural's chudes, who lived in the north up to VI-XI centuries AD, were builders of the larger part of underground cities. In the historical time underground structures were used and extended by people of a usual constitution (read more...)
Amazonomahiya. Detail of the  frieze of the mausoleum of Halicarnassus (c. 350 BC). British Museum, London
Arrived to the Earth (according to the Indian, Slavonic legends and N.K.Rerih) in the end of Mesozoic and lived on Hyperborea, white gods, to whom elves belonged, brought with themselves religion of the sun gods, based on equality of men and women. A long time they divided the world with the moon gods and their followers - serpent-people, amphibian-people, multiarm beings, in society of which woman had a secondary role and polygamy practised. When the time of white gods ended, white goddesses left (went away) together with them. They became by leaders of amazons (read more…)
Ica stone  with the image of people and dinosaurs
The majority of scientists consider that dinosaurs died out at the Cretaceous and Paleogene boundary (65,5 million years ago). However, their remnants are known in the Paleocene rocks of 65-63 million years old. The dating of bones of dinosaurs from Laos by Japanese scientists gave the result of 17 million years. Existence of dinosaurs in the Cenozoic is affirmed by ancient legends, images of tyrannosauruses and diplodocuses on rocks in different places of the USA, a stegosaurus on the bas-relief of Ta Prohm in Cambodia... and pictures on the Ica stones known from burials of I millenary BC. Everybody can see on them that dinosaurs lived simultaneously with animals, which died out in the Paleogene and Neogene (13-5 million years ago), and people (read more...)
Megalodon, who lived in the Oligocene and Neogene - the main pretender for being tyamingila
Vedas, the "Mahabharata", "Ramayana" and Puranas, written, at least in the I millennium BC, describe the events of incredibly large remoteness. For example, covered with snow in winter India with bitter frosts and ice-bound rivers. Gods, demons, heroes and people, described in them, travel on the oceans, teeming sea monsters - tyamingilas, timitimingilas and makaras, similar by description to the Megalodon, Basilosaurus, Kronosaurus and Mosasaurus. All (of) these marine predators considered extinct on the borders of the Neogene and Quaternary (2 million years ago), the Eocene and Oligocene epoch (34 million years ago) and the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary (65.5 million years ago). Means, the plot of these book takes place at the same time (read more…)
Imprint of whee in Carboniferous sandstones.  Western Mine, Rostov Region
Contrary to popular belief, that rocks older 200,000 years have no material remains of reasonable activity, such remains (and, along with them fossil footprints of humans and other reasonable beings) meet in enough quantity. They were found in deposits of the Pleistocene, Neogene, Paleogene and older ages. One of them is imprint of a "wheel", found in sandstones of "Western" mine in Donetsk of Rostov region at the depth of 900 m from the surface, when driving layer of coking coal J 3 "Sukhodolsky" in 2008. Age of sandstone, which contains a find, is more than 300 million years. In the late Carboniferous coals, similar fossil remains are found often enough. Still more often they are found in the Paleogene and Neogene sediments (read more...)
Pehaps, flying apparatus of the ancients looked just so
Legends of different people are full of reminiscences about flying horses, chariots, magic carpets... Especially many descriptions of flying machines and apparatuses, resembling space stations and ships from Star Wars films, is kept in the ancient Indian epos. Gods, demons, heroes and people flied on them around Earth and Beyond. It was when the earth was inhabited by dragons, large multiarm beings, snake-people, amphibian-people, and the see was teemed by tyamingilas, timitimingilas and makaras - that is in the Paleogene and Neogene (65,5-5,3 million years ago) (read more …)
Star gate from the film and serials of the same name
Richard L.Tompson ascertained on the ground of analysis of the ancient Indian texts that space communications between the Earth and planets from other star systems and Galactics were carried out earlier along the "roads of siddhas". One of such road passed through the Aries, Pleiads, the Big Dipper constellations… Another - through the Scorpius, Sagittarius constellations and Kanopis star. Such travelings were fulfilled on the "Gandharva's horses", capable to fly with the speed of thought, and were analogous to travelings through the Star gate from the film and serials of the same name (read more…)
This crater in Sahara and other similar craters probably remain after the last nuclear war
Legends of many nations of the world saved information about world wars between gods, demons and people which shook the earth to its foundation. According to the "Mahabharata" and other ancient Indian books, far ancestors of people used in fights nuclear, laser, geophysical, climatic and magic weapons. Such legends are affirmed by geologic data. The last world nuclear war, which occured 12 000 years ago, abandoned a considerable quantity of craters and product of nuclear explosions - tektites, and was accompanied by terrible catastrophe with Earth's axis displacement (read more…)
Earth under the water-steam cover. Such it was in the Paleogene.
This artistic concept of Earth under the water-steam cover or envelop (in the Paleogene) is surprisingly similar to photographs of the planet of Uranus. The majority of people does not seriously reflect on the possibility of life on Uranus. However, such hypotheses exist. Uranus consists from the interior iron-stone solid core in size with Earth, the intermediate cover of unknown composition and physical properties and the exterior cloud layer which rotated irrespectively from the core. The temperature of its bottom, where water is, constitutes +40+50⁰ С. It looks like Earth in the Paleogene. All the more, according to legends, Earth was much further from the Sun then (read more...)
Relief map of Venus

Venus resembles Earth in the Archean (4-3,8 billion years ago) - before appearance of atmosphere, oceans, continents and life on it …. It also resembles Earth in the beginning of Neogene (23 million years ago) when, according to legends of the Maya, Aztecs and Hopi, its surface warmed up to Venusian temperatures. Principal difference of Venus from Earth is in slow rotation around the axis. But Earth in the early Miocene (23-15,9 million years ago) rotates in the same way. Then co-operated gods managed to force it to rotate more quickly, having torn the Moon from it (or by means of collision another planet with Earth). Therefore, it is possible to iterate the similar scenario with Venus (read more …)
Fluorescences in Aristarchus crater, dark side of the Moon
More than 150 years strange fluorescences watched from under a surface of the Moon, the total number of which amounts to thousands… At carrying out of deep-water geophysical explorations, strange dome-shaped constructions revealed at the bottom … In different places of Earth noise of operating mechanisms heard from under the earth… On grain fields pictures appear which no one from people can do … From under the earth, waters and surfaces of the Moon UFOs fly similar as like as two peas to fly mashines, discribed in the Indian legends. It is difficult to explain all these phenomena otherwise, than by residing parallel with us a civilisation of gods or demons - ancient inhabitants of the Earth (read more…)

Once I wrote the letter to one scientist (doctor in History, professor), the leading world specialist in folklore, and asked him to comment likeness of myths and legends of different people and some myths with geologic events. He replied to me that legends, all without exception, are fiction ("superstition and fiction of the devil" - the citation from a medieval text of times of inquisition) and there are no truth crumbs in them. I don't want to denominate the name of this scientist not to discredit him. Nevertheless, I can not also hide my surprise as such people can become by leading experts in folklore. Most likely, they compound skeleton of "committees on struggle with pseudo science". One of the main functions of which is struggle with the true knowledge. Reading and re-reading various miraculously escaped destruction during deluges, earthquakes, conflagrations, fires of inquisition and other natural disasters and acts of conscientious annihilation by people ancient books you strike every time, how much complete and deep they disclose (read more...)

Fragment of the world map of O.Fine (1531) with ice-free Antarctica
Fragment of the world map by O.Fine (1531) with Antarctica free from ice and connected to South America. Strong glaciation of Antarctica began in the early Miocene (23 million years ago), and to the middle Miocene (16-13 million years ago) ice shield forged most of it. 23 million years ago, South America separated from Antarctica. Hence, the original of this map was made not later than 23-13 million years ago. Like the originals of maps of P.Reis (1513), G.Merkator (1554), H.Ahmed (1559), P.Bauche (1737) and other cartographers and navigators (read more. ..)

One of the main "trump maps" of adherents of the theory of creation and evolution of a man from a monkey in the range of 5 - 2 million years ago is a lack of remains of reasonable activity in rocks of more ancient age. Whether is it indeed?  I will give citations from works of scientists with a world name (after M. Cremo).
"Existence of a man in the Oligocene … gets so strong and exact confirmation that it will be hardly possibly for someone to find in it though any flaw … We conflict with a serious problem - presence at the Oligocene of beings enough reasonable to make and use various types of tool".
The saver of the Royal museum of natural history in Bruxelles, A.Rutot.
"Objections concerning a capability of presence of people in the Pliocene and Miocene, most likely, are related to theoretical conclusions, rather than with direct observations ".
Professor the Parisian museum of natural history, the member of French academy of Sciences Artman De Quatrefages (read more...)

Creation of the world (according to the Bible, the Koran, and others), accompanied by the destruction of water and steam shell and the formation of blue sky, there was 16 million years ago. At the same time different types of people  were cloned and their separation on linguistic grounds occurred. Mixing between them led to the formation of human races. The Neogene was a time of unusually motley composition of population of the Earth and fierce wars

Research, the results of which are presented in three my books ("Book of the Lost Knowledge" series) and on the site, are cross-disciplinary research at the junction of geology, history, and folklore. Carrying out them, I have learnt mythology of many nations of the world: Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Sumerian-Babylonian, Iranian, Slavonic, Egyptian, Grecian, Skandinavian-German, Celtic, legends of the Maya, Nahua, Aztec, Inca, Hopi and other people. I was suprised to know, how much equally they describe reasonable beings resided on the Earth as well as events happened on it, and how much close was these events to events reconstructed on the basis of geologic data.  Studying the materials that are included in three my books and published on the website, you will find in them much evidence of incredibly ancient age of events described in legends. You will be extremely surprised to learn that the sacral geography and scenes of past life, seen by people far removed from geology, describe the topography and location of oceans, plains and mountains as they were in the Eocene, Oligocene or Miocene (50 - 5 million years ago).  That many ancient books, sculptures, bas-reliefs and pictures portray the beings (and here) which died out in the Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene periods. That in ancient books the description of  fly mashines and flyings, practiced on them round Earth and in other star system, are given, and also the weapon of gods comparable with modern nuclear and laser weapon... Everything, literally everything legends reflect actual events which took place on the Earth - I do not doubt it. It is splendid affirmed by an equal amount and features of catastrophes described in legends and testified in geological record of the Earth. It has allowed me to elaborate the universal mifological-stratigraphical scale of the Earth as well as to carry out the dating of esoteric scale of E.Blavatskaya and others authors

Comparing the history of mankind periodization schemes at different peoples, it is impossible not to notice that they have nothing in common. None of them has a relationship to the real chronology. Bringing esoteric dating in line with current geologic time scale

About the author, his books and his site
In mythology of the majority of people living on the Earth and geological beds many evidences have accumulated which don't allow to doubt that reasonable beings similar and not similar to the modern people lived on Earth untill, at least, 65,5 million years ago. And they had much bigger knowledge of the world, than we, had flight vehicles and space stations, flighted to other planets and other Galactics, possessed just designed by our military specialists  weather, geophysical and incomprehensible for us magic weapon. They, these reasonable beings which legends name by gods and demons, have rendered the most direct influence on all the history of our planet during the Cenozoic period. And not to recognise or hide (that is even worse) this fact is inhumanly. After all without knowing of the true history of our grandparents we easily can repeat a lot of  mistakes made by them which not once before resulted in destroying of the previous mankind  (read more...)  

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Imagining themselves to be the descendants of monkeys, people stopped to think about their divine ancestors, to which they are obliged to existence as a human species, Homo Sapiens. I propose to commemorate and immortalize the Danu people, until recently lived in Ireland

"Avatar," "Dinotopia," "The Lord of the Rings" and other films of fantasy or history books? - 10:1 in favor of the former

Certainly, many of you watched the amazing spectacles, "Avatar," "Dinotopia," "The Lord of the Rings", "The Wizard of the Mediterranean", "Stargate", "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and other movies fantasy. And guessed, that their plots carried more than just a fantasy. I, too, to the depth of soul was shaken by their contents. Watching and rewatching these movies, I'm more aware of how close their plots to the really events happened in the world. Having looked (After watching of) these and many other movies fantasy, you can peep into the distant past of the Earth, and see what was on it in the Paleocene and Eocene epoch, 65-34 million years ago (the film of "Dinotopia"), at the end of Oligocene epoch, apprx. 25 million years ago (the film of "Avatar"), in the Miocene epoch, 23.5 million years ago (the films of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Wizard of Earthsea") (read about it here ...). It gave me the assurance to believe that the authors of the scenario of such films well knew of our true history and wanted in such unusual way to bring it to the masses. And that many movies fantasy bear in themselves knowingly more truthful information about the past than the books of history which are still taught on in schools and universities (read about it here ... or here in English). I invited you to join the discussion of "Movies Fantasy" at the Forum 

According to the published works and oral information from reliable sources, storerooms of Mexican museums some years ago were overfilled by bones of giants. Lack of their scientific systematization was the formal reason on which they were not exhibited in exposition. In this connection it is interesting to remind that existence of meteorites did not also longly admit by scientists, and hypotheses of their extra-terrestrial origin were considered as pseudoscientific. The Parisian academy of Sciences made a decision in 1790 not to consider reports on falling of rocks to the earth  as a phenomenon impossible. Many museums withdrawn meteorites from collections that "not to make a laughing-stock of museums"

Appeal to readers

The special value and relevance of the materials presented on the site is that they have been received or confirmed by my numerous expeditions. But my possibilities are slim. Appeal to readers who have an opportunity to help me, to facilitate in carrying out future little costly expeditions. Assistance options can be very different - from invitations in the financed expedition groups, joint field visits to archaeological sites to sponsoring of expeditions and presentation of its course on Internet sites, newspapers, TV. Write, cooperation should be mutually beneficial

This website exists thanks to the enthusiasm of the author. You can support it by translation or any donation for translation or expedition (read Appeal above)

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