History of the Earth from the Middle Miocene till Christ - the History of Wars for World Repartition - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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History of the Earth from the Middle Miocene till Christ - the History of Wars for World Repartition

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist
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Calculation of gods and demons to increase speed of rotation of Earth, apparently, had justified and after some time, estimated in thousand, tens of thousand or hundreds of thousand years conditions for life were revived on our planet. However, the world was not such affable any more, as earlier. On the Earth there were distinctly expressed climatic zones with ice fields in Antarctica and seasonal ices and glaciers in Arctic region and extensive droughty areas - steppes and deserts (as result of change of position of the terrestrial axis from erect (or horizontal, according the latest data) to sloping and exhaustion of the water-steam cover).

In the Early or Middle Miocene the most part of the former inhabitants of the Earth, possibly, had lost immortality and longevity (in comparison with their life in the Paleogene). This fact is mentioned in the episode describing quarrel by Ninigi with his wife Yaha-Naga which prophesied that henceforth her children will be deprived eternal life, and it will become transient. Motive of creation of "people" of the new type similar to the modern person and deprived of immortality presented practically in all myths tells about this too. It is building of "new" people (Balam-Quitze, Balam - Akab, Mahu Cutah and Ek'Balam) in "Popol-Vuh". It is creation of "people" in "Legend about the Suns" of the Codex of Chimalpopoka, "History of Mexico" and "History of Mexicans on their drawings". It is salvage of pair of "people" after the catastrophe which had became ancestors of "the fourth human race similar this time to the modern person" in Codex Rios and Codex Telleriano-Remensis. It is creation of various monsters by Enki and  goddess-mother (the Earth?) Ninmah:
"Nammu had woken Enki up:
- Wake up, my son! Banish a sleep! Relieve gods of torments!...
… You have not made helpers, which would shoulder your cares …
… People … Let they will be similar to thy brothers by the form, but do not know immortality
It is creation of "people" by Marduk in the poem "When above" when after hungering and cold gods had come to him for help, and also creation of "people" by Quetzalcoatl (in some myths, with aid of the goddess of the Earth Cihuacoatl) in myths of Maya and "Legend about the Suns" of Aztecs. In last two events "people" were ostensibly created from bones of inhabitants of the previous epoch collected in the underground world.
Judging by listed above and some other sources, "people" "were made" different. A part of them which soon should dominate over the world (on prophecy of Tohil - Quetzalcoatl, Avilish and Hakavitz), were similar to the modern person, others reminded inhabitants of the previous epoch though, possibly, their height was less and body was not such strong.

On the basis of drawings on Ica stones, dated by me approximately 20-16 million years BC, it is possible to assume that in caves of Tulan-Chimostok any mediate group of the "people" similar to the modern man, but not of Homo Sapiens, had found a refuge. They differed from modern people by the big head (it correlates to other part of a body as 1:3 or 1:4 whereas at the modern person this interrelation is 1:7 - 1:6) with receding forehead and other proportions of body, other form of women chest and bigger genital organ at men, and also the character of coitus more characterising them as animals, than people.
Apparently, all these bunches of predecessors of the modern man had been created (were formed in the course of evolutionary development) in rather small time interval. All of them, undoubtedly, had left traces on a diversity of human races and types of people of the modern type.

From the Middle Miocene the population of Earth became diverse enough not only on composition, but also on lifetime. Togerther with separate bunches of its former inhabitants - both aboriginals, and incomers who were called as gods or demons and continued to play the leading role in the history, there were new beings - giants the majority from which, possibly, were mammals (yakshas, bhutas, pishachas, deevyi people (eccentric people with unusual look), cyclops, giants-etuns, etc.), people-monkeys (vanaras), and also "the people" of a new type similar to the modern men, which life was enough transient.  Except them various chimeras had been created (cloned) - kinnaras, kimnaras, kimpurushas,  garudas, sphinxes, centaurs, gryphons, and many other beings similar to them, combining signs of people, animals and birds which had different names at different people.
As a result of it population of the Earth began to grow with a prompt rate and history of our planet which was going on faster, from the Middle Miocene up to now (16 million years - to the Nativity), was a the history of world wars for repartition of terrains and domination over the world.

Mixture among different bunches of the population of Earth apparently was one of the factors of a decrease of lifetime.

The beginning of the theme/Rat-tat. The sun has ascended! Rat-tat. It is time to leave from under land! The life revival on the Earth in the middle Miocene

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