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Great Mixing and Formation of Human Races

Origin of gods and men
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The question about formation of human races - even more complex and intricate, than the question about creation of a man. We will be frank - there is no answer on it yet. Only hypotheses, the majority of which does not stand up to criticism even by not specialists. It is not surprisingly that after so much efforts expended on reconstruction of composition, appearance and quantity of the previous population of the Earth and tryings to explain the creation of a man I could not ignore this problem.

Formation of human races - the result of mixing of different types of space aliens and native inhabitants of the Earth, started in Paleogene (version 1)

Indian, slavonic and Irish legends speak that almost all former inhabitants of the Earth - both its native inhabitants, and incomers from Space - were werewolves. They gained various shapes including of a man, and quite often entered intimate relations and marriages with one another. Legends narrate about intimacy, ordinary and dynasty marriages between Fomorians and man and woman of the Danu people (Tuatha de Danann), between Adityas, Daityas and Danavas or their sons and Nagas, yakshas or Rakshaasas, between Adityas and Daityas and Danavas, between Apsaras and monkeys or Vanaras, between all numbered beings and people. It means that great mixing of different on their appearence "people" started from the moment of appearence on the Earth space troops of Daityas and Danavas  (about 25 million years ago), and, probably, and more earlier - from the moment of appearence on our planet Adityas and Gandharvas (?) (about 66 million years ago) - that is long before appearence on Earth of a man.
Reckoning with huge sizes of native inhabitants of the Earth and big height of incomers, the first interspecific marriages result in formation of races differing from people by higher height and strong constitution. It were the races of giants  about which many legends narrate. It were the races of heroes struggling with native inhabitants of the Earth and ruthlessly killing them.

Why  had descendants from miscegenation (mixed marriages, intermarriages, outmarriages) more often human appearance? Why do legends speak, that native inhabitants of the Earth espoused (get married) with Adityas, Daityas, Danavas and their human offsprings, receiving an appearance of a man?
I have no answer on this question too. Probably, they acknowledged that a man had the most perfect forms and was the true "Crown of creation".

Races of giants and their role in formation of human races

Anyway, by the time of appearence of the first people on the Earth there were isolated races of giants with human appearance, differing among themselves on racial attributes.
Whether it had played the main role during the formation of human races? Most likely, yes. Having escaped the Edenic garden, people could meet on their way giants with different appearance and get married them. Then on the basis of these alliances tribes, nations and states were created in which racial attributes hardened with the lapse of time. Gradually people became smaller - whether from changing condition on Earth (and first of all gravity), whether human genes appeared more strong than genes of their earth grandparents.

Marriages of people with giants

Interesting thoughts concerning marriages of people with giants was stated by the known French scientist - the philologist of the beginning of the XX-th century D. Sora in his work "Atlantis and a realm of giants" (2005). In his opinion, after increasing of gravity force on Earth in the result of loss of a former Moon by Earth, an epoch of giants ended. They became too heavy to move on the surface of our planet, and all their vital processes began to run differenly. To survive in altering condition and to save their genus, they made a decision not to marry to one another and to grant their women - giantesses at disposal of people. D. Sora gives many citations from works of known poets and writers (Byron, Hugo, Baudelaire, Powys, etc.) in which sexual  attraction to giantesses inherent to people is indicated:
"In ages, when, burn by fire, the Nature's chest
Bore countless multitude of children monstrous,
To live with giantesses I would become, carefree,
And to her as a passionate cat to legs of a princess, cling ….
I would furiously scramble on her,
Climb up her colossal knees;
When in stinging languor of summer days
She would lay down in fields under the power of laziness,
I peacefully would begin to sleep in a shade of her chests,
As cabins of villages sleep at a bottom of mounts "
("the Giantess", Baudelaire -  my non-poetical translation from Russian).
In other his work "Religion of giants and a civilisation of insects" D. Sora compares a giantess with the great Goddess-mother (the White Goddess) cult of which characterized "primary" matriarchal society at the stage of worshiping of giantesses by people. They were for them all the same that female spiders, bees or termites.
To my mind the supposition suggested by D. Sora is not such improbable. At least, it is according to many legends and, in particular, Old Slavic legends about Svjatogor:
"So Svjatogor is great, that Mother the Earth
Hardly wears the big fellow "
The Son of Viy, Svjatogor which lived on the Earth after appearence of space troops of Daityas and Danavas could not step on the ground as his legs fell up to his ankles or knees (according to different legends). This fact is quite good confirmation of that during described events giants could not live on land (perhaps, therefore they inhabited underground).

Formation of human races. Version 2

But it could be and differently. After all it is not surely (not obligatory) that people had been created only in the Edenic garden. Adityas, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas and many other reasonable beings - both incomers (aliens), and native inhabitants of the Earth, and representatives of crossbred (hybrid, mixed) races - could clone similar to themlelves beings for the purposes of continuation of genues because of alteration of conditions on Earth. So white people could appeared, the most possible farthers of which could be Adityas, Daityas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Charanas and Siddhs. So black people could appear, for the family tie to which Kalakeys pretend - one of species of Danavas.

Formation of human races. Version 3

One more supposition looks not less possible - existing races of giants (including Adityas and Kalakeys) became smaller because of alteration of the condition on Earth. Reduction of longevity of their descendants simultaneously occured. All approximately occured how V.Hugo wrote in his philosophical poem "End of the Satan":
"The world in former times from giants started,
Now from them only the human race remained.
One giant was as people a larger pile,
Then. As drips of rain a cloud radiates,
Giants diminished kin by kin (generation by generation)
And became by smallness, called by people.
Colossuses you have created at first, great My God,
And the anthill you have created much later".

However, last supposition conflicts again to existence in Ireland in II millenaries BC the People of Danu - Gandharas - elves. After all they have managed to save somehow cleanness of the genus, longevity and all their capacities in changing conditions? Or the dating of their life on the Earth given in the "Stories of seizures of Ireland" leaves much to be desired?

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